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Spiritual Mind or False Soul versus Essence - Part 2

When some years ago, on my path of awakening, going through what I can now call “the dark night of the Soul”, my Essence clearly invited me to let go of all of my spiritual practices and to just breathe and learn to listen to my heart and follow it, I knew it was something I had to do in order to surrender to the loving arms of my Divine Presence. I also knew it terrified me to be left without any rituals to hold onto to keep me safe. What I didn’t know was why it had to be like this for me.

Now I know. I know it was because, having lived spirituality in so many shapes and forms in countless lifetimes up to now, I had created a very strong Spiritual Mind and I had of course misused this power – more often than not – in the name of God. It was therefore essential for me to let go of everything in order to find my true Isness. Nevertheless, the practices I came across and used in this lifetime all helped me open up my extrasensorial sensitivity, refining my intuition and clearing my body and mind enough for me to see it was time to release these practices in order to dive into the New Energy and discover my multidimensional senses.

Having said this I will now be bold enough to say that Religion, all Religion is one of the most powerful breeding grounds for the False Soul. I do not intend, with this, to say that Religion does not have its purpose for mankind and that it has not served many productive purposes. What I do intend to affirm is that it is within Religion that humanity’s shadows are shrowded most cunningly, thus hiding the Darkness under a cloak of makeshift Light that when uncovered is nothing more than a huge Power game, one of Control and Manipualtion that pretends to be nice and serve, when in fact coldly requires servitude and commands destruction of all that do not follow suit. The beautiful message that Religions convey has been so overlayed with the devious need for Power that when treading the footsteps of any religious practice, one needs to keep a clear heart in order to discern beyond words and rituals what really and truly speaks the language of love and remains untainted by control.

Further even, on this shaky ground, I will dare to say that Morality, Activism and being Good are strong warriors of the Spiritual Mind. Morality belongs to the realm of judgment, which in turn is the seat of the Mind. Essence is intrinsically pure. Following its discerning Wisdom never brings harm and there is no such thing as sin, shame or guilt in the Compassionate Embrace of Isness. Activism requires Power, Proof, Separation, Fight, an urgency to force people to see, to awaken, to change. Essence does not and cannot force. It is a flow and in this flow there is no righteousness.

Ok. We all know change is upon us. But no one can be forced to awaken. This is something done by Free Will and it works through Conscious Awareness. The more people who are Consciously Aware, the more accessible this potential becomes, the more people can see it, the more people can choose it. Fighting, no matter for what purpose, is a Power game and the only thing it can achieve, in the long run, is the same vibration, the same kind of consciousness that has lead the Cruzaders to invade Jerusalem, the Inquisition to burn “witches” on the stake, Muslim extremists to train suicide bombers, Irish separatism… and so much more…

Last but not least, being Good - which has a very tight bond to Morality and Activism. Essence does not need to be Good… or Bad… It IS. The Mind, however, the Spiritual Mind, has many ideas about what Good is and easily bans what is perceived as Bad. So a strong Spiritual Mind will always perceive itself as Good, which makes it, of course, hard to discern as not being the Real Soul. How can one’s Darkness seem Good? Do not be fooled. It is Darkness covered in Sugar and Light and its favourite dinner is getting us to stand up for a Cause, to morally fight for Truth, to actively wave the flag of Righteousness and follow a Purpose of Light, irrespective of the consequences.

To get rid of it in one go, have the courage to let go of Spiritual Practices – even if temporarily, just letting them come back to you as they serve your choices moment to moment. Have the courage to let go of a Purpose, to let go of a Cause, to let go of the Light, to let go of Morality, to let go of having to be Good in search of acceptance and recognition, to let go of a Fight for Justice, to let go of a need to Save humanity and the World, to let go of the Search for Home, to let go of God, to let go of Spiritual Diets and Rituals, to let go… to let go… to let go… until you feel so empty ( and hopefully not terrified J ) that the only thing to do is surrender completely to your Essence – to learn how to see, feel, BE.

Then it all comes back to you. No worries. No fight. No point proving.

By the way: not even Darkness is Evil. Evil is a concept. A Moral concept. Darkenss holds Light within it and disappears when it is exposed under the radiance of Essence. It comes back Home. It IS.

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