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Trust is not just a Word... from Aspects to Essence :)

Aspects of Personality are created to interact with the world, be it the world of others or our own with ourselves. These are the parts of us that perceive reality and respond to it accordingly. They can be clear, in which case they are created for a purpose and diluted as soon as the purpose disappears. We use these clear Aspects for simple things like making tea or brushing our teeth, getting dressed or cooking a meal. Depending on our memories of these things, which at some point may have created a minor trauma, these Aspects come and go or remain fixed in their ways, thus being a bit less than totally clear. Aspects become stuck to the extent of our sensory memory’s recollection of emotional trauma and this could relate to a simple thing like getting burnt while frying an egg, thus generating a self-protective attitude towards this activity or something more emotionally charged like having a car accident and becoming afraid to drive in certain circumstances that might seem similar to that prior occasion.

The reason why it serves us well to break habits is the flexible flow of clear Aspects, as we practice becoming detached from a certain outcome and are able to experience and let go moment to moment. It shows us how to live an emotionally balanced stream of experiences, in total self-respect towards our integrity, in harmony with our expanded awareness, not giving heed to energy “gobblers” like worry or fear…. Yes, “gobblers” – all these Aspects do is gobble up your energy in order to keep on creating perceptions of fear and worry, leaving you feeling as depleted as a banquet after the guests have all gone home J And the largest “gobblers” are not the ones you notice, they are the ones you don’t even realise are there pulling all the strings and making all of the decisions, making you feel good sometimes, bad sometimes or somewhere in between, like for instance the Spiritual Mind or False Essence I have spoken about recently. It also stems from fear, of course, but keeps that well hidden.

As to these energy “gobbling” Aspects, what we call the stuck ones, these create the noise inside. The voices that speak to each other in our heads, that sometimes agree more than others and vice versa. They invariably become stuck as a self-protection mechanism, shielding us from possible pain through the fear trigger which withholds many different types of emotions, depending on the issue at hand. In other words, they are the need to have things under control, even if it ultimately can translate into panic attacks or whatever other reactions of loss of control may appear. The purpose is always self-preservation, which is in any case quite different from self-respect and requires huge amounts of our energy to sustain.

May it be clear that our purpose with life on Earth is to create (Aspects and all else to interact with form and the formless), experience and expand or transcend, which means to integrate into the infinite pool of Isness we ultimately begin and end to BE. Thus Aspects of Personality are necessary in all shapes and colours and their ultimate purpose is always to come back to the pool of Expanded Awareness, the God-Self that Is, adding to it the vast richness of experiences, free from the illusionary trappings of adversity, drops of pure Consciousness with no emotional affiliation. This is what happens when any Aspect integrates. Its “story” is dissolved and its Wisdom is added to the Whole Oneness of Essence, expanding it further – whatever this expansion truly means cannot fully be explained in words.

All of this to say that no matter how stubborn some of these Aspects of ours become, when invited to integrate, they will… eventually. And the reason I say eventually is because for this to happen you have to lead by example, meaning you have to trust that your Essence is All that Is, the Oneness that is God also, connected to the Whole of Isness. You have to prove that these Aspects are no longer serving a purpose in your Life. This is something Aspects hold very dearly - after all their purpose is to serve a purpose!!!! If you keep on falling prey to their ways of perceiving and acting towards situations they will still be fulfilling a purpose and cannot, therefore, integrate. So you see, with the Spiritual Mind that makes us feel like we are listening to Essence, creating a sense of expansion even, one doesn’t even feel like inviting it to integrate because it feels so good, necessary and appropriate – how is it ever going to come back home?... When you acknowledge its existence and decide to really want to feel and listen to the love of the Essence, becoming more and more aware of the difference between one and the other.

One of the most subtle traps with stuck Aspects is wanting to force them to integrate. This stems from judgement and creates a battle inside. A war against yourself. No matter how much you repeat that “it is enough” and that you no longer want this kind of behaviour/experience, you need to prove it by not reacting in the same stuck way when faced with the same types of situations which keep on coming and going – they are a gift, a blessing, not a misfortune! They are your opportunity to listen to your Essence and to learn a new way, to trust and let go of what you (your Aspects) knew to be true.

I have seen it happen so often that a person chooses to integrate a part they finally recognise as no longer serving a purpose according to what they are now choosing to experience, only to go ahead and do it all over again (act/think in the exact same way) without even being aware of it. And, some time after realising this and becoming rather angry and frustrated at themselves, lost in judgement and wanting to force things to change. This, in any case, rather than integrating Aspects makes them much stronger and much harder to discern, more subtle and manipulative.

Patience, Acceptance, Transparence, Humility… Compassion… Compassion… Compassion, Perseverance, Courage, TRUST, Compassion… Awareness, Letting go, Silence, Compassion…
Aspects need to feel, words will not convince them of anything. Your trust needs to be felt and no amount of controlling, manipulating, forcing, or analysing will do the “trick”. Much on the contrary, it will validate the Aspects because this is how they function and you cannot beat an Aspect at its game.

So it’s quite simple really! J Just get out of your own way and let you come back to You J
Just a footnote here to say that I refer to Aspect as “they” because they are parts, not the One and each one has a purpose, which is in other words “a mind of its own”, so it’s like a whole tribe with many different purposes, all performing to the best of their capacity. Quite a colourful party going on inside! hehehe

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