segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2016

Death to Aspects and the Danger of Change

Aspects dread death – their own death… but only when we are so attached to them we fear losing them, in other words, losing identity. This fear is sometimes hard to discern, because on one hand we can be choosing to let go of the need for these Aspects, yet on the other hand, deep down, resides a lack of trust in our capability to steer our lives without their rudder to guide us. It always, always boils down to lack of trust, our own lack of trust. Therefore, these Aspects we have decided to invite back home do not trust our choice either. Of course.

Choosing to integrate requires change, and change is dangerous in the eyes of any Aspect, unless we are accepting change with no resistance whatsoever. Unless we are committed to change. In fact change is the only constant in Human life. Nothing stays the same, ever. Only the Essence, being formless, is immutable in its void. Its intrinsic Silence, Compassion, Joy, Freedom, Simplicity… none of this changes, though it assumes different dimensions when coupled with the individuated Soul’s experiences, expanding its expressed potential. This is how Human and Divine – the Divine Human – bring more to Essence than its everlasting nature.

Acceptance is key to transcending the Mind’s perceived loss of Freedom to control us, because only Acceptance allows change to do its alchemy of ressuscitation. Aspects can then safely die, letting go of their Freedom to control all details in order to keep us “safe” from death, knowing that they will still be serving us through their own death, by allowing us to be rebirthed.

The reason why Humans in general fear death is the very same reason why Human Aspects fear death – loss of identity, loss of control, loss into the unknown.

Once these perceptions of loss disappear gradually through consistent Trust in the equation of change through the footsteps of Essence, fear of death also disappears, as does the notion of danger.

Funny thing that we (our Aspects) may fear change and at the same time shy away from surrendering to Essence – which is the only Safe Space where Presence is Constant! Duality is a real comedy show J

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