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BOOK/COURSE The Flow of Abundance Part 19

Dreams, Hopes and Reality

We are all, indeed, excellent creators. It doesn’t really matter what it is that we are creating. Without judgment, please take a look around you and see what we are able to create.

Someone once said that dreams command life. It is said that we need to have dreams, that we have to believe in our dreams, go after our dreams, in order to live our dreams. In order to live.

The dream is therefore the desire, the creative passion that leads us to want to materialize something in our reality, the burning flame of life in action. Fantastic.  

So – we desire / we have a passion for creating something, and in joy and simplicity, with total trust in the statement that all is possible, we allow our creation to find a physical form and manifest in our reality, by bringing towards us the people, places and means for it to manifest. The dream does it on its own, if it is allowed to and you put your energy behind what you have dreamt for you!

The problem is that many times this is not the path that we choose in order to manifest our dreams. Many times we start by placing obstacles in its way right at the beginning, limits that might justify why that dream is hard to achieve. We get all tangled up in complicated ideas as to how we shall achieve that dream. We get swallowed by possible obstacles and many times about the final result. This is how we place the dream further and further from our reach. Anyhow, we still dream about making that dream come true, one day. However, that dream gets stuck, trapped in all of our limitations. It becomes more and more intangible, far far away, somewhere out there. And yet we keep on dreaming, until we even lose the notion of what the dream’s purpose was, what moved us to dream it in the first place? We lose it. But, we still keep on dreaming about it because we have to dream about something! We need it to feel some sort of motivation, something to chase after. We need it in order to justify or lives, our purpose, our daily toils.

This whole process takes up huge amounts of energy. Stagnant energy, yes, but nevertheless, a lot of energy. What if you were to dissolve that dream? Like that you would be able to set that stuck energy free and have it available to create something worthwhile, something you believe in. You could dream a new dream and trust it and let it happen in your life.

It is simple. All you need is a simple choice, a simple blow and… it disappears. And you feel an enormous weight lifting off of you. The weight that you put there yourself with the search to fulfill a dream you had made impossible. And you feel light and flexible and with renewed strength.

Well, since you’re at it, why not release all of them! All of the dreams that are somewhere out there in your castles of impossibilities. Ffffffffffff. Blow. Allow them to dissolve in the lake of all that you Are and feel yourself being reborn.

Now you can choose to trust what you choose to manifest and receive the result of your choices.

About Hope. What I have to share about Hope is that no matter how beautiful the concept may seem, it is just that… Hope. It is of the very same quality as those dreams you believe to be impossible. What if, instead of Hope you had TRUST? What are you waiting for? That’s what Hope is, after all.

Since we’re at it, why not also release all of the promises, vouches and votes you have made so far? The thing is that these intentions, which were created with extreme zeal and passion, have an enormous strength and the aspects you created with them influence your reality a lot. You can make a choice today for instance, but if by any chance the energy of a vouch or promise is lingering somewhere in your reality it blocks your choice. If there was a time when you swore that you would never do something again, if you promised something for ever and ever, if you made a poverty or chastity vote, for example, this stops the energy from flowing freely in order to serve you. There is a blockage which you have placed in your reality yourself, to stop anything to go against those votes, promises and vouches. So you will do yourself a great favour by consciously letting go of all of that. You don’t remember having made any promises, votes or vouches of any kind? It doesn’t matter whether you remember or not, because these actually linger lifetime upon lifetime. That’s why these votes, promises and vouches made in other lifetimes linger on, until you tell them that they are not necessary any more. You don’t believe in reincarnation? It doesn’t matter. You have nothing to lose by letting go of what is fixed, in order to make your energy more fluid, and consequently your life.

How do you do this? With much gratitude for the purpose these promises, vouches and votes have fulfilled (even though you don’t remember them, and with no need to specify), invite all of them to come back Home, to you, their creator, and allow them to dissolve within your Essence, thus allowing all of that energy to become available again, clear and pure. Do the same as you did with your dreams. Fffffffff, blow, and that’s it. Now you can choose and trust in you and your thoughts, behaviour, choices, not needing to place those limits of “forever after” and “never again” any more. After all, you are the one who is responsible for your choices, aren’t you? And you do trust yourself, don’t you? 

Your reality is right Here, right Now. It won’t be here only tomorrow. It is here today! Come on, don’t spend any more energy, that is time, that is space, that is Money, that is you – on what you expect things shall be. Live what is and transform what doesn’t serve you. Live what is and choose what serves you. Live what is and accept what you choose. Live what is and create your dreams NOW. Then get out of the way. Don’t squelch your dreams’ fulfillment with doubts, difficulties, limitations and so on.

Do you remember the formula? Choose, trust and receive. Simple.

No. You’re not going to lie around on your sofa, waiting. You’re going to live life completely. You are going to participate in your creations moment to moment, witnessing the magic in motion! You are going to see for yourself as the result of your creations comes forth. You are going to enjoy them. You are going to expand, play, dance with LIFE!

Have fun J

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