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BOOK / COURSE The Flow of Abundance Part 20


Your mind is going to tell you you must have gone insane! It will tell you that it doesn’t understand a thing about this way of creating. Actually, it doesn’t understand a thing about this entire Manual! It will ask you how! How does this all happen in practice? It’ll defy you to prove that this works. Your mind will feel confused and somehow put to the side, because this simple way of creating is non-mental, it is intuitive. It comes from the heart, not the head.

As you gradually silence the mind through the practice of Conscious Breath/Meditation, it feels more and more ignored. All of a sudden you don’t need it as much as you did before. All of a sudden it isn’t the mind that’s in charge, it’s you that does the choosing. All of a sudden its warnings don’t move you and its fears don’t scare you anymore. All of a sudden it speaks, but you ask it to silence, it gives advice but you aren’t listening to its advice anymore.

The mind becomes worried. How are you going to live without its guidance?

Invite it. Invite the mind to express itself, without entering a conversation. Listen to it. And then invite it to live in a new way, to be useful to you in a new way, which is in fact the way that indeed fulfills its purpose. To organize, to make lists, to make accounts, to learn theoretical concepts which have some form or practical application in day to day life, remembering the essential, making charts, filing… The mind is and shall always be very useful when it is placed at your service – you, the creator of your life. Do not underestimate it. Do not reject it. Accept it and invite it to participate in this new YOU that is born while you use all of the exercises suggested in the Manual in everyday life. The changes occur naturally. They are an intrinsic part of your greater awareness, as you keep on questioning yourself about what is appropriate and what no longer serves you… and about all the rest that is proposed here. Your life changes on its own, as you observe yourself and your reality, making conscious choices.

It is a natural change process and it can be as simple as you allow it to be.

This is how it all happens. This is how this Manual “happens” in your life.

I repeat: have fun! J There is no way you can go wrong because everything is always right, even when it seems to be wrong. And life happens in zillions of different ways. Celebrate its diversity.

Another thing: please always remember that the choices you make are for you. You cannot choose for others. They are their own Masters, or shall be whenever they feel motivated to recognize so.

Nevertheless, and knowing we live in this world with each other, how do the people who are on the same wavelength as you stay in or come into your life and the ones who aren’t move out? It is very simple. You choose what it is that you want for you, and all the rest just falls into place by itself, according to your choice. For example, if you choose to experience serenity, after having looked inside of you and having seen and transformed what took you out of your serene space, everything in your reality will then be according to that choice. All of the situations, all of the people, all of the place. It is really as simple as this.

When it comes to your interaction with others, you can even choose which part of each person you choose to relate to. It could be the creative part of a person, or the confident and honest part of another, and so on. You can choose that because all people have different parts and you can choose not to play certain games and rather create productive relationships, by addressing the parts of each person which best serve productive purposes. The benefit, of course, is for both, but you were the one who made the conscious choice.

Play with your choices. You can always transform a choice that you conclude does not serve you after all. Play with your choices on a daily basis, defining how you want to live your days. Not in detail, just the broad strokes. For example: “today I choose to experience Joy and Spontaneity in my day”. Keep on choosing and experiencing the practical results of your choices…

Of course you can also play with specific choices like for instance “I choose to eat this”, or “I choose to have_____”, whatever. A pair of specific shoes, clothes, a car, a house, etc. “I choose to do _____”, “I choose to have _____ experience”. Try choosing in detail and also try leaving your choices more open, whatever you feel like in the moment. For example: “I choose the car with this brand, colour, model, horsepower…” or simply “I choose an economic car, with 5 seats and 5 doors, new (or semi-new)…” Then see how the materialization unfolds. It is not necessary to write everything down, to draw everything or to stick it on the fridge. Choose and that’s it! Then let go and trust. But really trust. Boundlessly. How is it going to materialize? I have no idea. Neither do you. It’s no use thinking about it. Meanwhile LIVE, CREATE, CELEBRATE, LOVE, SMILE, BE THANKFUL, just BE!

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