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BOOK/ COURSE The Flow of Abundace - The End

Magic in Motion

Real examples
Abundance 1:

A few days ago I accepted my Essence’s invitation to give myself one full day and night, nothing to do, no one to take care of, no obligation, just loving being with me and enjoying each moment.

It was challenging at first. Don't think I've ever given myself so much time all at once, an entire day and night and most of the following day actually.

 I had some stuff to pay, credit cards and loans on Thursday, but my wisdom said "no, today is just for us, don't worry about absolutely anything, just BE". And so I did.

The following morning I went to the bank, to pay the loan (late) and the credit card (late as well). I went to the cashier to deposit the money and asked how much was necessary for the late payments. He says to me: "it's all been paid for, you have 1100€ in your account and the loan and the credit card have already been debited". I was dumbfounded! Apparently, a payment I had been waiting for for ages fell in my account on the very last working day of the year, so I wouldn't even have needed to go to the bank. On the same day, some other money I had had in a savings account and decided to move (savings accounts are stagnant energy) also fell in my account. I felt such a rush of energy all through my body, I can't explain. My Soul was right, again.

Abundance 2:

On New Year’s eve in the morning I went to the supermarket to get a few things I (thought) I needed. I thought I needed some ham, for people to eat for breakfast, I usually buy Turkey or chicken ham, there was none. I bought pork ham, my essence was  challenging me to understand it doesn't really matter. So I got that. No one needed it anyway, there was so much food we ate it for breakfast and lunch and dinner and still breakfast and lunch and dinner two days later...

Then I also thought I needed fruit. Later on, for the party, someone brought a whole bowl of fruit (all of the fruit I had bought and more varieties) with chocolate fondue...

Then I thought I needed champagne, my essence told me not to buy any because someone would bring it. And do you know what? I still have not one, not two, but three bottles in the fridge to open.

And then I thought I needed bread. My Essence also told me not to buy any. But I said, this time I'm going to make the human choice, and I bought some bread. Well everyone brought bread at night and there was so much bread that I have still got some in the freezer and about 4 or 5 people still took bread home for them and their families to have breakfast, they were jokingly saying my house was like a bakery, because there was so much bread!!!! It was as if I was being shown that even when I think my own human way, I get more than enough of what I thought I needed - there was bread to eat, to keep and to share!

Abundance 3:

The other day I was thinking I would like to have a new dress. A few days later a friend of mine brought me a present: it was a new dress. Actually this happens to me on a daily basis with all types of things, be it sensations, opportunities or actual material things.

Abundance 4:

I needed some new speakers for my computer. I thought about buying them. A friend of mine told me not to buy them yet because she might get some for free. As I was looking through some cupboards at my mother’s house, there was a new set of speakers there, they weren’t hers and she didn’t need them anyway.

Abundance 5:

A friend of mine needed to move to a new place. He went to see a really nice apartment at a really nice location. It was 750€ and he could only pay 550€. Nevertheless he told the owner this. He did not look for any other place. A month later the owner called him and said the apartment was for him.

Abundance 6:

My friend Luisa, the one who did the illustrations for this book, felt she needed to get away from everything for a while, because she had decided to put an end to the chemotherapy and radiotherapy she had initiated a few months earlier, irrespective of the consequences. She no longer wanted to live through all of the side effects and lose the quality of life she might still have.  A few days later a friend of hers from Brazil called and said she wanted to give her a trip to Brazil for 2 weeks as a birthday present. It included a place to stay and food as well. She eventually stayed over for a whole month because while she was there she facilitated a workshop and did some work which allowed her to pay for the extra expense of changing the flight. Thus she accomplished another of her dreams which was to go abseiling.

Abundance 7:

I needed to change my car because it was petrol and petrol’s prices are very high in Portugal. The car I had was also too big and powerful for my needs, and on top of it I had a loan on the car which was quite heavy to keep up every month.
One day my mother and I went to visit a friend, who in turn suggested that she buy a new car for herself. She considered the issue and decided to give me her car (which is the company’s car), turn my car in at the car stand in exchange for part of her new one’s price. The loan was extinguished and the car I have now spends half of the diesel, and I have no expenses with insurance, mechanics, circulation fee or toll because the company I work for pays for all of these expenses, since it is the company’s car!
My choice had merely been to Exchange my car for a more economic one and eliminate the loan, but I got much more than that. There is always more.
I could go on and on about practical examples of boundless abundance, for there are many in my life every day. Instead I invite you to visit my blog, which I keep up to date with the magic in day-to-day life: 


Bless you all J

This manual is yours. Please use it with consciousness, respecting the abundance it contains and the abundance in YOU, moment to moment. Thank you.


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