quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2016

Spiritual Mind or False Soul versus Essence - Part 2

When some years ago, on my path of awakening, going through what I can now call “the dark night of the Soul”, my Essence clearly invited me to let go of all of my spiritual practices and to just breathe and learn to listen to my heart and follow it, I knew it was something I had to do in order to surrender to the loving arms of my Divine Presence. I also knew it terrified me to be left without any rituals to hold onto to keep me safe. What I didn’t know was why it had to be like this for me.

Now I know. I know it was because, having lived spirituality in so many shapes and forms in countless lifetimes up to now, I had created a very strong Spiritual Mind and I had of course misused this power – more often than not – in the name of God. It was therefore essential for me to let go of everything in order to find my true Isness. Nevertheless, the practices I came across and used in this lifetime all helped me open up my extrasensorial sensitivity, refining my intuition and clearing my body and mind enough for me to see it was time to release these practices in order to dive into the New Energy and discover my multidimensional senses.

Having said this I will now be bold enough to say that Religion, all Religion is one of the most powerful breeding grounds for the False Soul. I do not intend, with this, to say that Religion does not have its purpose for mankind and that it has not served many productive purposes. What I do intend to affirm is that it is within Religion that humanity’s shadows are shrowded most cunningly, thus hiding the Darkness under a cloak of makeshift Light that when uncovered is nothing more than a huge Power game, one of Control and Manipualtion that pretends to be nice and serve, when in fact coldly requires servitude and commands destruction of all that do not follow suit. The beautiful message that Religions convey has been so overlayed with the devious need for Power that when treading the footsteps of any religious practice, one needs to keep a clear heart in order to discern beyond words and rituals what really and truly speaks the language of love and remains untainted by control.

Further even, on this shaky ground, I will dare to say that Morality, Activism and being Good are strong warriors of the Spiritual Mind. Morality belongs to the realm of judgment, which in turn is the seat of the Mind. Essence is intrinsically pure. Following its discerning Wisdom never brings harm and there is no such thing as sin, shame or guilt in the Compassionate Embrace of Isness. Activism requires Power, Proof, Separation, Fight, an urgency to force people to see, to awaken, to change. Essence does not and cannot force. It is a flow and in this flow there is no righteousness.

Ok. We all know change is upon us. But no one can be forced to awaken. This is something done by Free Will and it works through Conscious Awareness. The more people who are Consciously Aware, the more accessible this potential becomes, the more people can see it, the more people can choose it. Fighting, no matter for what purpose, is a Power game and the only thing it can achieve, in the long run, is the same vibration, the same kind of consciousness that has lead the Cruzaders to invade Jerusalem, the Inquisition to burn “witches” on the stake, Muslim extremists to train suicide bombers, Irish separatism… and so much more…

Last but not least, being Good - which has a very tight bond to Morality and Activism. Essence does not need to be Good… or Bad… It IS. The Mind, however, the Spiritual Mind, has many ideas about what Good is and easily bans what is perceived as Bad. So a strong Spiritual Mind will always perceive itself as Good, which makes it, of course, hard to discern as not being the Real Soul. How can one’s Darkness seem Good? Do not be fooled. It is Darkness covered in Sugar and Light and its favourite dinner is getting us to stand up for a Cause, to morally fight for Truth, to actively wave the flag of Righteousness and follow a Purpose of Light, irrespective of the consequences.

To get rid of it in one go, have the courage to let go of Spiritual Practices – even if temporarily, just letting them come back to you as they serve your choices moment to moment. Have the courage to let go of a Purpose, to let go of a Cause, to let go of the Light, to let go of Morality, to let go of having to be Good in search of acceptance and recognition, to let go of a Fight for Justice, to let go of a need to Save humanity and the World, to let go of the Search for Home, to let go of God, to let go of Spiritual Diets and Rituals, to let go… to let go… to let go… until you feel so empty ( and hopefully not terrified J ) that the only thing to do is surrender completely to your Essence – to learn how to see, feel, BE.

Then it all comes back to you. No worries. No fight. No point proving.

By the way: not even Darkness is Evil. Evil is a concept. A Moral concept. Darkenss holds Light within it and disappears when it is exposed under the radiance of Essence. It comes back Home. It IS.

segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2016

Death to Aspects and the Danger of Change

Aspects dread death – their own death… but only when we are so attached to them we fear losing them, in other words, losing identity. This fear is sometimes hard to discern, because on one hand we can be choosing to let go of the need for these Aspects, yet on the other hand, deep down, resides a lack of trust in our capability to steer our lives without their rudder to guide us. It always, always boils down to lack of trust, our own lack of trust. Therefore, these Aspects we have decided to invite back home do not trust our choice either. Of course.

Choosing to integrate requires change, and change is dangerous in the eyes of any Aspect, unless we are accepting change with no resistance whatsoever. Unless we are committed to change. In fact change is the only constant in Human life. Nothing stays the same, ever. Only the Essence, being formless, is immutable in its void. Its intrinsic Silence, Compassion, Joy, Freedom, Simplicity… none of this changes, though it assumes different dimensions when coupled with the individuated Soul’s experiences, expanding its expressed potential. This is how Human and Divine – the Divine Human – bring more to Essence than its everlasting nature.

Acceptance is key to transcending the Mind’s perceived loss of Freedom to control us, because only Acceptance allows change to do its alchemy of ressuscitation. Aspects can then safely die, letting go of their Freedom to control all details in order to keep us “safe” from death, knowing that they will still be serving us through their own death, by allowing us to be rebirthed.

The reason why Humans in general fear death is the very same reason why Human Aspects fear death – loss of identity, loss of control, loss into the unknown.

Once these perceptions of loss disappear gradually through consistent Trust in the equation of change through the footsteps of Essence, fear of death also disappears, as does the notion of danger.

Funny thing that we (our Aspects) may fear change and at the same time shy away from surrendering to Essence – which is the only Safe Space where Presence is Constant! Duality is a real comedy show J

quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2016

Porquê tanto alvoroço em relação aos Aspetos? /So what's all the fuss about Aspects?

Não há alvoroço algum ;) É essa a questão!!!!

O Despertar é apenas um passo na nossa viagem de Integração. O primeiro passo, aliás.

O resto vem com tentativa e erro, onde o erro perde a sua profundidade e se torna apenas mais um passo, mais uma respiração.

A Integração – ou seja, tornarmo-nos nesse claro e transparente lago de infinitos potenciais sem nenhuma ligação específica a traços fixos de Personalidade – não é um concurso de medição de forças. É um fluxo livre de poder, conforme começamos a desfrutar da vida de formas novas, deixando que as nossas escolhas nos encontrem em vez de corrermos atrás delas, permitindo que os nossos Aspetos se dissolvam neste claro e transparente lago de Ser, apenas porque não lhes é dada mais atenção. Mudar hábitos conscientemente é algo que se faz sem esforço quando aceite inteiramente. Isto, só por si, integra Aspetos.

Mas o nosso lado Humano PENSA que isto é demasiado simples – bom demais para ser verdade – e lá vamos nós, por vezes presos na rede dos julgamentos, outras vezes em luta contra nós mesmos… Exceto quando nos permitimos saber que estas são apenas mais umas quantas estratégias ilusórias para nos manterem afastados da nossa Essência.

Para se poderem integrar, os Aspetos precisam da nossa Confiança na nossa Essência, precisam que fiquemos em Casa – Presentes – e precisam que deixemos de lhes dar fuel. Sem julgamento, sem argumentação, sem rejeição e certamente sem irmos atrás do seu engodo, deixando-nos apanhar na sua aliciante malha de propósito. E é só.

E porquê integrar agora em vez de deixar para mais logo?

Porque não há mais logo! Apenas parece haver. O tempo espirala sobre si mesmo. Quando ficamos conscientes de algo é porque chegou a hora. Se não fosse o momento apropriado não teríamos essa consciência.

Apenas um pequeno lembrete de que os Aspetos Humanos se integram na Vida Humana. Pode até acontecer às portas da nossa morte, com a nossa última respiração, mas não depois dela. Por isso, quer pretendamos ou não regressar a este belo planeta, quanto mais integrarmos agora, mais suave e alegre será o tipo de experiências que vemos e nos permitimos viver.

Com Amor


There’s no fuss ;) That’s the point!!!! J

Awakening is just a step in our journey of Integration. The first step, actually.

The rest comes through trial and error, where error loses its depth and becomes one more step, one more breath.

Integration – in other words, becoming a clear, transparent pool of endless potentials with no particular affiliation to fixed Personality traits – it is not a Power measuring contest. It is a powerless flow as we start enjoying life in new ways, letting our choices find us rather than chasing them around, letting our Aspects dissolve in this clear, transparent pool of Isness just because they no longer get any attention. Changing habits consciously is effortless when accepted fully. This per se, integrates Aspects.

But as Humans we of course THINK that this is too simple – too good to be true – so we get ourselves tangled up in judgement mode some of the time and in fighting against ourselves the rest of the time... Except when we allow ourselves to know that these are just more illusionary strategies to keep us away from our Essence.

In order to integrate, Aspects need our Trust in our own Essence, they need us to stay Home – Present – and they need us to stop giving them fuel. No judgement, no argumentation, no rejection and certainly enough not going after their bait, getting caught up in their enticing hook of purpose. That’s all.

And why integrate now rather than later?

Because there is no later! There just seems to be. Time spirals over itself. Once we are aware of something it is the time. Otherwise we would have no such awareness.

Just a small reminder here that Human Aspects only integrate in Human Life. It can happen on our death bed, with our last breath, but it cannot happen afterwards. So whether or not we intend to come back to this beautiful planet again, the more integrated we are, the more smoothly joyful the range of experiences we will perceive and allow.

With Love

segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2016

Sobre a Linguagem da Essência - Parte 2/ About the Language of the Essence - Part two

A few years ago I had the privilege of participating in Norma Delaney (Aandrah – the Doctor of Breath) and Garrett Annofsky’s (Ahn) Master Mentoring programme (mentors of the New Breath Poject) where I learnt much about Compassionate Isness, how to find my Essence’s name – sound vibration, how to discern between mind chatter and Soul wisdom and so much more I cannot define. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity on my path to expanded awareness. As goes a saying in Kwan Yin’s Divination Poems: “ … such a wise one, to meet him is luck itself! When you meet true richness, unbelievable wealth comes.”

Há alguns anos atrás tive o privilégio de participar no programa Master Mentoring (Coaching de Mestria) de Norma Delaney (Aandrah - a Doutora da Respiração) e Garret Annofsky (Ahn), ambos mentores do projeto New Breath  onde aprendi muito sobre Ser em Compaixão, sobre como discernir entre a conversa da Mente e a Sabedoria da Essência, sobre como descobrir o nome da minha Essência (vibração de som), e tanto mais que escapa a qualquer possível definição verbal. Estou profundamente grata por esta oportunidade no meu caminho de expansão de consciência. Como diz um dos milenares Poemas de Kwan Yin: "... alguém tão sábio que conhecê-lo é pura bem aventurança! Quando te cruzas com a verdadeira riqueza, sucede-se inacreditável abundância."

One of the things Norma taught us to do, and which I now share as often as possible, was a simple way of realising the difference between personality Aspect’s language and the Essence’s way of communicating. She invited us to divide a page into two halves (vertically) and write Mind on one side and Soul or Essence on the other. Then she asked us a few simple questions like: What’s my name?; Where do I come from?; Where do I live?; Where is my home?; What am I doing here?; Why did I come?; Who am I?... (to be asked to ourselves). Some answers seem quite obvious, others not quite so but the amazing thing is that none of the Mind’s answers match the Soul’s ones neither in length, neither in content. In general the Soul’s answers are much shorter and simpler and of course, deeper. In order to answer through the Mind all we had to do was reply straight away. In order to listen to the Soul’s reply we breathed deeply and softly, connecting with our Centre, staying in our space of Silence and letting ourselves not think the answer but perceive/feel it.

Uma das coisas que a Norma nos ensinou a fazer, e que agora partilho tão frequentemente quanto possível, foi uma forma muito simples de discernir a diferença entre a linguagem dos Aspetos da personalidade e a forma de comunicar da Essência. Ela convidou-nos a dividir uma página em duas metades (verticalmente) e a escrever Mente de um lado e Essência ou Alma do outro. Depois colocou-nos algumas questões simples (na primeira pessoa, como se nos perguntássemos a nós próprios), tais como: Como me chamo?; De onde venho?; Onde vivo?; Onde é o meu lar?; O que faço aqui?; Porque vim?; Quem sou eu?... Algumas das respostas parecem bastante óbvias, já outras nem tanto assim, mas a coisa mais espantosa é que as respostas da Mente nunca condizem com as da Essência nem no tamanho, nem no conteúdo. Em geral, as respostas da Alma são muito mais curtas e simples e claro, mais profundas. Para respondermos à questão através da Mente apenas tínhamos que responder de imediato. Para ouvirmos a resposta da Essência, respirávamos suave e profundamente, ligando-nos ao nosso Centro Vital, permanecendo no nosso espaço de Silêncio, deixando que a Mente se aquietasse e que a resposta fosse sentida e não pensada. 

At first, when the mind is very active this can be a bit tricky, but as with everything, consistent practice bears fruit and after a while the difference becomes clearer and clearer, also because the Mind becomes quieter and quieter since it starts to understand that we are choosing another Master.

A princípio, quando a Mente está muito ativa, pode ser desafiante, mas como com todas as coisas a prática produz os seus frutos e após algum tempo a diferença entre ambas as respostas torna-se cada vez mais clara, também porque a Mente se torna mais silenciosa, percebendo que estamos a escolher ouvir o nosso Mestre interno. 

Then we were invited to present our questions - any questions – we had in our daily lives first to the Mind, letting it answer straight away and writing down the answer and then to the Essence. The treasure behind this is that we are not trying to shut the Mind up, we are giving it its say. Then, once it has spoken, it becomes easier for it to quieten down for a while, thus letting us listen to the “voice” that is whispered from the Silence inside. Doing this several times a day brings such a level of clarity that sooner or later it becomes less and less necessary, because it becomes easier to discern without writing, though for the stickiest issues it always helps to write so we can get out of the thinking mode when listening to Essence and then read what we have written, because it often happens that we only grasp the Essence’s reply after having written it and reread it! And many times, rather than answering, the Essence asks us another question… and another… until we get deep into the feeling and eventually understand.

Depois fomos convidados a praticar com as nossas próprias questões sobre o nosso dia a dia primeiro à Mente, deixando que respondesse de imediato e escrevendo essa resposta, e depois à Essência. O tesouro por detrás desta prática é que não estamos a tentar calar a Mente, estamos a dar-lhe a palavra. Assim, uma vez que se tenha expressado, torna-se mais fácil que se aquiete para que possamos ouvir a "voz" que o Silêncio interno sussurra. Implementar esta prática várias vezes ao dia traz um nível de clareza tal que mais tarde ou mais cedo torna-se menos necessária, porque conseguimos discernir o que sentimos sem termos que escrever, ainda que quando se trata dos nossos desafios maiores seja sempre muito útil escrever para que possamos sair da cabeça e depois reler o que escrevemos. A verdade é que ocorre com frequência apenas conseguirmos realmente entender a resposta da Essência após termos tomado nota e relido! E muitas vezes, em vez de responder, a nossa Essência lança-nos uma outra questão... e outra... até que mergulhemos profundamente no sentir e eventualmente entendamos. 

So I wrote numerous “diaries” with these Mind and Soul conversations and would often ask my Essence to show me how to do/see things differently, how She (though with no gender :) ) would do/perceive a situation. It helped me in so many ways I can’t begin to enhance the value of this in my transformation – in my whole life.

E assim fui escrevendo numerosos "diários" com estas conversas de Mente e Alma e pedia com frequência à minha Essência que me mostrasse como fazer/ ver as coisas de forma diferente, como Ela (ainda que não tenha género :) ) faria/percepcionaria a situação. Isto ajudou-me de tantas formas que não posso deixar de salientar o valor que teve na minha transformação - em tudo na minha vida. 

Recently a friend of mine was having some trouble discerning how to integrate a recurrent issue, an Aspect she has invited home many many times and integrated, only to create it all over again out of sheer habit and because it’s one of those sticky issues that are quite cunning and hard to discern. So the exercise in this cases is, when we go through a given situation that involves these repetitive patterns and we become aware of it afterwards,  ask the Mind what it thinks about the situation and then ask the Essence how “She” would have behaved, what would have been Essence’s choice in that situation?

Recentemente uma amiga minha estava com alguma dificuldade em discernir como integrar um assunto recorrente, um Aspeto que ela já tinha convidado a voltar para Casa muitas vezes, e havia mesmo diluído e Integrado, voltando depois a recriá-lo por força do hábito e porque se trata de uma daquelas questões internas bem pegajosas e difíceis de contornar. O exercício neste caso consiste em perguntar à Mente o que tem a dizer sobre uma dada situação recorrente e depois perguntar à Essência como "Ela" teria feito, qual teria sido a escolha da Essência nessa situação?

This helps us become even more aware of the pattern and when a situation related to it occurs again we already know what the Essence’s choice would be so we can then choose to act accordingly, if what we want is to change the pattern and finally integrate it.

Isto ajuda-nos a ganharmos ainda mais clareza acerca do padrão e quando uma situação relacionada ocorre de novo já sabemos qual seria a escolha da Essência e podemos então escolher agir em concordância com esse plano de Consciência, se o que queremos é realmente mudar o padrão e finalmente integrá-lo. 

Another helpful tip is not to get frustrated and start judging ourselves as “incompetent”, “incapable” and so on. This not only does not bring any awareness at all, it gives strength to the already strong Aspect we have “been trying” to integrate. Trying is not enough! Trying is part of the defense mechanism that says “I’ll try, but if I can’t it’s just because I’m not capable…” and other argumentation strategies that are not, in any case, reflections of the Master’s full responsibility for all creations :) Either we do it or we don’t. No trying in between. And even if we have to show it to ourselves 50 times, we are doing it, not trying. This is what I meant with my last blog post “Your trust needs to be felt”. Trying is not Trust ;)

Outra dica útil é não ficarmos frustrados e começarmos a julgar-nos de "incompetentes", "incapazes" e por aí fora. Isto não só afasta o discernimento, mas também dá força a esse fortíssimo Aspeto que temos "tentado" integrar. Tentar não chega! Tentar faz parte do mecanismo de defesa que diz "eu vou tentar, mas se não conseguir é porque não tenho capacidade..." e outras estratégias de argumentação que não são um reflexo de tomada de responsabilidade por todas as nossas criações, em Mestria :) Ou fazemos ou não fazemos. "Tentar" não chega. E mesmo que tenhamos que mostrar-nos a nós mesmos a mesma coisa 50 vezes, estamos a fazer, não a tentar. É isto que quero dizer com o meu último post "A tua confiança precisa de ser sentida". Tentar não é Confiança ;)

sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2016

Trust is not just a Word... from Aspects to Essence :)

Aspects of Personality are created to interact with the world, be it the world of others or our own with ourselves. These are the parts of us that perceive reality and respond to it accordingly. They can be clear, in which case they are created for a purpose and diluted as soon as the purpose disappears. We use these clear Aspects for simple things like making tea or brushing our teeth, getting dressed or cooking a meal. Depending on our memories of these things, which at some point may have created a minor trauma, these Aspects come and go or remain fixed in their ways, thus being a bit less than totally clear. Aspects become stuck to the extent of our sensory memory’s recollection of emotional trauma and this could relate to a simple thing like getting burnt while frying an egg, thus generating a self-protective attitude towards this activity or something more emotionally charged like having a car accident and becoming afraid to drive in certain circumstances that might seem similar to that prior occasion.

The reason why it serves us well to break habits is the flexible flow of clear Aspects, as we practice becoming detached from a certain outcome and are able to experience and let go moment to moment. It shows us how to live an emotionally balanced stream of experiences, in total self-respect towards our integrity, in harmony with our expanded awareness, not giving heed to energy “gobblers” like worry or fear…. Yes, “gobblers” – all these Aspects do is gobble up your energy in order to keep on creating perceptions of fear and worry, leaving you feeling as depleted as a banquet after the guests have all gone home J And the largest “gobblers” are not the ones you notice, they are the ones you don’t even realise are there pulling all the strings and making all of the decisions, making you feel good sometimes, bad sometimes or somewhere in between, like for instance the Spiritual Mind or False Essence I have spoken about recently. It also stems from fear, of course, but keeps that well hidden.

As to these energy “gobbling” Aspects, what we call the stuck ones, these create the noise inside. The voices that speak to each other in our heads, that sometimes agree more than others and vice versa. They invariably become stuck as a self-protection mechanism, shielding us from possible pain through the fear trigger which withholds many different types of emotions, depending on the issue at hand. In other words, they are the need to have things under control, even if it ultimately can translate into panic attacks or whatever other reactions of loss of control may appear. The purpose is always self-preservation, which is in any case quite different from self-respect and requires huge amounts of our energy to sustain.

May it be clear that our purpose with life on Earth is to create (Aspects and all else to interact with form and the formless), experience and expand or transcend, which means to integrate into the infinite pool of Isness we ultimately begin and end to BE. Thus Aspects of Personality are necessary in all shapes and colours and their ultimate purpose is always to come back to the pool of Expanded Awareness, the God-Self that Is, adding to it the vast richness of experiences, free from the illusionary trappings of adversity, drops of pure Consciousness with no emotional affiliation. This is what happens when any Aspect integrates. Its “story” is dissolved and its Wisdom is added to the Whole Oneness of Essence, expanding it further – whatever this expansion truly means cannot fully be explained in words.

All of this to say that no matter how stubborn some of these Aspects of ours become, when invited to integrate, they will… eventually. And the reason I say eventually is because for this to happen you have to lead by example, meaning you have to trust that your Essence is All that Is, the Oneness that is God also, connected to the Whole of Isness. You have to prove that these Aspects are no longer serving a purpose in your Life. This is something Aspects hold very dearly - after all their purpose is to serve a purpose!!!! If you keep on falling prey to their ways of perceiving and acting towards situations they will still be fulfilling a purpose and cannot, therefore, integrate. So you see, with the Spiritual Mind that makes us feel like we are listening to Essence, creating a sense of expansion even, one doesn’t even feel like inviting it to integrate because it feels so good, necessary and appropriate – how is it ever going to come back home?... When you acknowledge its existence and decide to really want to feel and listen to the love of the Essence, becoming more and more aware of the difference between one and the other.

One of the most subtle traps with stuck Aspects is wanting to force them to integrate. This stems from judgement and creates a battle inside. A war against yourself. No matter how much you repeat that “it is enough” and that you no longer want this kind of behaviour/experience, you need to prove it by not reacting in the same stuck way when faced with the same types of situations which keep on coming and going – they are a gift, a blessing, not a misfortune! They are your opportunity to listen to your Essence and to learn a new way, to trust and let go of what you (your Aspects) knew to be true.

I have seen it happen so often that a person chooses to integrate a part they finally recognise as no longer serving a purpose according to what they are now choosing to experience, only to go ahead and do it all over again (act/think in the exact same way) without even being aware of it. And, some time after realising this and becoming rather angry and frustrated at themselves, lost in judgement and wanting to force things to change. This, in any case, rather than integrating Aspects makes them much stronger and much harder to discern, more subtle and manipulative.

Patience, Acceptance, Transparence, Humility… Compassion… Compassion… Compassion, Perseverance, Courage, TRUST, Compassion… Awareness, Letting go, Silence, Compassion…
Aspects need to feel, words will not convince them of anything. Your trust needs to be felt and no amount of controlling, manipulating, forcing, or analysing will do the “trick”. Much on the contrary, it will validate the Aspects because this is how they function and you cannot beat an Aspect at its game.

So it’s quite simple really! J Just get out of your own way and let you come back to You J
Just a footnote here to say that I refer to Aspect as “they” because they are parts, not the One and each one has a purpose, which is in other words “a mind of its own”, so it’s like a whole tribe with many different purposes, all performing to the best of their capacity. Quite a colourful party going on inside! hehehe

segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2016

Sobre a Linguagem da Essência/ About the Language of the Essence

Conforme já mencionei, trabalho com a Integração de Aspetos da Personalidade no mar infinito de Essência que todos Somos, ajudando as pessoas e reconectarem-se completamente com a sua Divina Essência, o seu Deus Interno, a sua Presença, a sua Alma, o seu Ser… tantas formas para dizer algo que não carece de palavras :) Desenvolvo este trabalho quer em Sessões Individuais de Integração, quer em workshops de grupo através das Constelações de Alma e Aspetos (e outras experiências de tomada de consciência). São ambas ferramentas absolutamente preciosas no caminho para a autodescoberta, mostrando claramente o caminho de retorno a Casa – ou… como perceber que a nossa Casa está e sempre esteve no seio de cada Um, Aqui e Agora. Mais uma vez algo que escolho não esmiuçar com palavras.

Tudo isto para dizer que uma das coisas que mais amo acerca do que faço é perceber através de centenas de diferentes pessoas que a Essência da Alma de cada um fala invariavelmente a mesma linguagem. Isto torna tudo tão simples! Nenhuma Essência difere na sua Compaixão Ilimitada, no seu Carinho Amoroso e Terno, no seu Silêncio e Equilíbrio, na sua Sabedoria Pacífica, na sua Graça e Beleza, na sua Alegria Borbulhante, na sua Inocência Transparente, na sua Clareza, na sua Perspetiva Ilimitada, na sua Liberdade… Tudo o que todos os que estão no seu caminho, despertos, sabem ser em cada um de nós Deus também. Esta é a tão aclamada Unidade a que muitos Humanos almejam regressar. Nesta linguagem não há esforço para compreender, quando ouvida Essência a Essência, e por isso não há também esforço para explicar. A comunicação torna-se fluida e abre os corações que se permitirem reconhecer e receber o Ser. É assim que todos os jogos de esforço, guerra e separação, dificuldade e dor, escassez, ódio e vingança… se tornam obsoletos, mas aceites e compreendidos como fazendo parte de viver na 3D e destrinçar as suas complexidades ilusórias. Torna-se possível observar, desapegar e escolher a Sabedoria Única da Presença, que não impõe uma nova realidade, apenas a mostra como potencialmente possível. Cria um novo Template, um novo “holograma” de possibilidades apenas porque ao vivermos uma realidade diferente a tornamos tangível. A Presença pode ser acedida pelo Um em todos, ainda que na sua maior parte não seja ouvida ou entendida pelas multidões.

Ninguém é forçado a ouvir a linguagem da Essência, não faz lavagens ao cérebro ou imposições. O que faz é limpar a mente, quando deixamos que assim seja :) Fá-lo para que a Mente possa estar ao serviço da Essência em vez de ser o Humano ao serviço da Mente. O Ser desconhece a intolerância e a sua Paciência não é abalada por quaisquer “guerras” que possam estar aparentemente em ação.
O interessante é que a linguagem da Essência também é assertiva e despe o abuso, mostrando-o claramente. Mas fá-lo com tanta graciosidade que nunca é agressiva e pode ser facilmente aceite. Quando não o é, não há tentativa de forçar o entendimento, porque a Essência não necessita de aceitação externa. A sua única afiliação é com a Verdade – sendo esta um conceito unificado muito muito vasto e mais uma vez para lá dos limites das palavras, que pode ser conotado apenas com a Unidade em si mesma.

É a particularidade de a linguagem da Essência ser tão simples e coerente que facilita o discernimento entre a verdadeira Alma e a Mente Espiritual ou Falsa Alma, à qual me referi no post http://inpassionpublications.blogspot.pt/2016/07/spiritual-mind-or-false-soul-versus.html.

Por outro lado, devido a esta mesma simplicidade, a Mente acaba muitas vezes por ganhar pois a linguagem da Essência é tão não-invasiva quanto assustadora para os Aspetos da Personalidade que têm o Poder. Isto faz com que seja por vezes mais fácil seguir as argumentações manipuladoras e muito convincentes da Mente, justificando sempre porque as coisas não podem ser feitas como a Essência sugere. E eis que os próprios Aspetos que querem ser integrados, ganham ainda mais Poder do que tinham antes, pois a nossa falta de verdadeira confiança e entrega à simplicidade da Essência leva a que esses mesmos Aspetos continuem a ser necessários.

Outra questão pertinente: então o que nos diferencia e nos torna únicos? Sendo que somos “todos iguais” na nossa Essência???

Não, não somos todos iguais, apenas derivamos da mesma Fonte Única de Ser. Na qualidade de Almas individuadas temos um vasto acervo de experiências e não há sequer duas Almas que possam ter tido uma existência exatamente igual, nem na forma, nem no conteúdo, nem na perceção e reunião da matéria com a anti-matéria. Isto significa que, ainda que sejamos todos este fluxo contínuo de Ser Deus, também somos Deus a Ser de inúmeras formas distintas. É a união desta reunião única de experiências que Somos com a Unidade que nos assiste que cria a possibilidade de transcendência das limitações da matéria enquanto Humanos Divinos, celebrando gratos por toda e qualquer experiência.
Somos simultaneamente os Um e os Muitos num embrulho Único de Vida expressa. O propósito da Integração é precisamente terminar a viagem de sermos apenas os Muitos, esquecidos do Um, para que o Um se possa expressar através dos Muitos, de uma forma completamente consciente, trazendo a riqueza da consciência expandida para a Vida encarnada.

É precisamente por isto que todos os Mestres Ascensos se expressam de formas distintas, cada um único em Si Mesmo, ainda que a energia consciente por detrás das suas palavras possa ser compreendida pela Unidade em todos nós, de uma forma que supera as limitações das palavras.
A comunicação através da consciência expandida é a dádiva da Essência que permite aos nossos corações falarem entre si sem o estorvo de perspetivas limitadas :) Isto leva a que muitas vezes as pessoas não se consigam lembrar do que se passou durante um dos meus workshops ou sessões de Integração (especialmente se forem pessoas muito ativas mentalmente) porque a Mente não consegue traduzir esta linguagem instantaneamente. A Mente leva algum tempo a converter as gotas de Sabedoria em dados que possam ser compreensíveis. Seja como for, algumas horas depois e nos dias e semanas seguintes, ocorrem imensos momentos de clareza, em que os botões do entendimento são ligados e de repente tudo fica simplesmente transparente.

A linguagem da Essência é uma pura dádiva da Unidade. Sejamos capazes de aceitar esta bênção e de a usar para dançar pelos salões de baile da vida :)

Deixo aqui uma nota de rodapé sobre o medo que os Aspetos da Personalidade têm da Unidade… um medo de tal ordem que conseguem imitar a Unidade para que não tenham que diluir-se nela! Na Unidade deixam de existir, voltando ao vazio amplo e pleno da Essência, onde não há ego, mas continua a haver experiência. Desta feita, os Aspetos mais teimosos podem ficar descansados porque a sua sabedoria será usada e a sua existência não terá sido em vão ;)


As I have mentioned before, I work with the Integration of (Personality) Aspects back into the infinite pool of Essence that we all Are, helping people reconnect completely with their Divine Essence, their God Self, their Soul Presence, their Isness… so many ways to say something that does not require words J I do this either in individual Integration Sessions or in group workshops through Soul and Aspect Constellations (and other awareness experiences). Both are absolutely precious tools in the path of self discovery, clearly showing the way back Home – or… how to realise Home is and always has been within each One, Here and Now. Once again, something that I choose not to envelop in words.

All of this to say that one of the things that I most love about what I do is coming to realise through hundreds of different people that the Soul Essence always and invariably speaks the same language. This makes it all ever so simple! No two Essences are different in their Boundless Compassion, Warmth and Loving Care, Silence and Balance, Peaceful Knowingness, Infinite Wisdom, Grace and Beauty, Bubbling Joy, Innocent Transparence, Clarity, Unlimited Perspective, Freedom… Everything that everyone who is on their awakened journey truly knows is GOD, and therefore each one of us Is GOD also. This is the much acclaimed Unity (many) Humans strive to come back to. In this language there is no effort to understand, when heard Essence to Essence, and thus no effort to explain either. It makes communication completely seamless and opens up all hearts that allow themselves to recognise and receive Isness. This is how all of the games of struggle, war and separation, strife, hardship and pain, lack, hatred and revenge… become obsolete, yet accepted and understood as part of living and unraveling 3D reality’s illusionary complexities. It becomes possible to observe, detach and choose the Unique Wisdom of Presence, which does not impose a new reality on anyone else. The only thing it does, when we accept it, is create a new Template, a new “hologram” of possibilities just because by living a different reality we make it possible. It can always be accessed by the One within all, even though many times not heard or understood by the multitudes.

No one is ever forced to listen to the language of the Essence, it does not brainwash by imposition. It does, however, clear the mind when we allow it to J So that then the Mind can be of service to the Essence rather than the Human being of service to the Mind. The Essence knows nothing about intolerance and its Patience is unscathed by whatever “war” might be apparently at play.

The interesting thing is the language of the Essence is also assertive and strips abuse bare. But it does so in such a graceful way that it is never harsh and can easily be acknowledged. When not, there is no intention to force understanding either, because the Essence does not strive for outward acceptance, its only affiliation is Truth – which is a very, very vast and once again wordless unified concept that could be connoted with Unity itself.

The fact that the language of the Essence is so simple and coherent is what makes it possible to discern the False Soul or Spiritual Mind I spoke about in my last blog post (http://inpassionpublications.blogspot.pt/2016/07/spiritual-mind-or-false-soul-versus.html). 

But it also makes it very scaly territory, since it often happens that the Mind wins. The language of the Essence is so non-invasive but on the other hand so scary to the Aspects who have the Power, that very often it becomes easier to just follow the Mind’s manipulative and very convincing argumentations as to why things can’t be done the way the Essence says they can. And thus the very same Aspects that have come forth for Integration are the ones that gain even more Power than they had before, for lack of true trust and surrender to the simplcity of the Essence.

And now another question: so what makes us all different and unique then? Since we are all “the same” in Essence???

We are not all the same, we derive from the same Unique Isness. As individuated Souls we have a vast ocean of experiences to our existence and no two Souls can have had the exact same experiences and the exact same way of perceiving them and using them to evolve the endless possibilities of matter coupled with anti-matter. This means that, though we all Are this One Stream of God Being, we are also God Being in all sorts of different ways and it is the reunion of this uniqueness with our Oneness that creates the possibility of Divine Humans transcending the limitations of matter and gratefully celebrating all of their experiences.

We are the One and the Many all together in a Unique bundle of Life expressed. The purpose of Integration is precisely to end the journey of being only the Many, in forgetfulness of the One, so that the One can express through the Many in a completely conscious way, bringing the richness of expanded awareness into Life.

This is precisely why all Ascended Masters express in different ways, each one unique to Oneself, but the conscious energy behind their words is understood by the Oneness within us all in a way that overcomes the limitations of words.

Communicating through expanded awareness is the gift of Essence that allows our hearts to talk to each other without the encumbrance of limited perspectives J This results many times in people not being able to remember what went on during one of my workshops or Integration Sessions (especially when they are very mentally active people) because the Mind cannot instantly translate this language, it takes time to convert the drops of Wisdom from the Essence into data that the brain can use. Nevertheless, hours later and in the following days and weeks, there are endless “aha” moments, when clarity clicks the buttons of understanding and all of a sudden things become simply clear.

Alas, the language of the Essence is a pure gift of Unity. May we be capable of accepting this blessing and using it to dance through life’s ballrooms J

Just a footnote about the fear Aspects of Personality have of Unity… such a fear that they even manage to mimick Unity so as not dilute in it! In Unity they cease being, to come back to the no-thing-ness of Essence. No-thing-ness means no Ego, but it does not mean no experience. So stubborn Aspects may rest assured that their wisdom will be used and their existence will not have been in vain ;)

sexta-feira, 8 de julho de 2016

Mente Espiritual ou Falsa Alma versus Essência/ Spiritual Mind or False Soul versus Essence

Mente Espiritual ou Falsa Alma versus Essência 

Em todos os meus anos de trabalho com Integração de Aspetos, tenho-me deparado com uma imensa variedade de estratégias subtis usadas pela mente/ego/personalidade para provar o seu valor, por outras palavras, para comandar as vidas das pessoas, a forma como se comportam, pensam e percebem a realidade. É verdadeiramente fascinante e única e não há receitas feitas. Sendo que este trabalho é feito Alma a Alma, o único requisito da minha parte é confiar completamente na minha intuição, deixando-me guiar momento a momento, sem expetativas sobre os resultados e sem sequer saber onde começar. Apenas sei o que fazer no exato momento em que a Integração se inicia e conforme ela se desenrola. O mesmo se passa com o trabalho feito com Constelações da Alma e da Personalidade.

Estou muito grata por poder fazer este trabalho, pois é uma escola de Compaixão infinita que requer completa flexibilidade da minha parte e me traz sabedoria constante sobre como lidar com Aspetos da Personalidade versus a Presença da Alma. A minha especialidade é, no entanto, trazer adiante a Sombra mais escondida nas pessoas, os seus Aspetos mais obscuros, para que possam ser finalmente reconhecidos, aceites e integrados no mar infinito de Essência que reside em todos nós, largando o apego a limitações ilusórias, libertando a enorme quantidade de energia que estes Aspetos mantêm refém. Todo o Aspeto de Personalidade usa energia para existir, e esta energia não pode ser usada para nenhum outro fim senão para manter vivo o Aspeto em questão, até que este seja diluído e a dita energia retorne de novo à neutra Essência. O que fica depois da Integração é apenas a magnífica beleza e sabedoria recolhida a partir de todas as experiências vividas por estes Aspetos ao longo dos tempos da nossa existência.

Posso seguramente dizer que um dos Aspetos mais difíceis de reconhecer e integrar, se não o mais difícil, é a Mente Espiritual ou Falsa Alma.

Esta Falsa Alma está presente apenas em pessoas que são muito devotas a práticas religiosas ou espirituais e estão bem cientes de que existe mais do que apenas o plano físico - ou seja, em pessoas espirituais. Este Aspeto desenvolve-se de uma forma muito subtil e enganosa, até se tornar tão semelhante à Essência/Alma que se torna impossível de o conseguirmos discernir sozinhos, ainda que pessoas e experiências exteriores venham ao nosso encontro para ajudar-nos a discernir… mais tarde ou mais cedo. É mesmo melhor que seja mais cedo do que mais tarde porque este Aspeto muito obscuro e poderoso tem tanto de Ego que conseguirá destruir a relação do próprio com a sua Essência bem como criar separação nas relações íntimas e  pensamentos e emoções conflituantes em relação ao mundo à nossa volta, gerando constante insatisfação, uma necessidade de algo mais, uma necessidade de “expandir”, que é nada mais nada menos que uma forma de remover a pessoa de si mesma.

Este Aspeto criará silêncio interno, mas não o mesmo tipo de silêncio criado pela Presença da Alma. É um silêncio que deriva do facto de todos os medos se calarem por terem medo deste Aspeto poderoso. Este último despreza esses medos, considera-os fracos e inúteis e tem sempre algum tipo de julgamento em relação a tudo e a todos. Estes julgamentos são muito subtis e parecem mostrar simplesmente como as coisas são. No entanto, criam separação de uma forma muito profunda – separação de si mesmo com a sua própria Essência e também com todos os outros Aspetos que anseiam por voltar para casa. Há uma espécie de dor constante no coração, uma espécie de desconforto e aperto que a seu tempo se torna tão habitual que deixa de se sentir.

A Falsa Alma dir-te-á que o que sabes nunca chega, levando-te a procurar mais e mais conhecimento, mas nunca mergulhando a fundo em nada. Dir-te-á que o mundo está a abusar de ti de muitas e diversas formas e far-te-á sentir em conflito, com uma zanga latente em relação ao dinheiro e a todos os assuntos materiais, tal como se pode observar em alguns Sacerdotes de vários credos e práticas, que se tornam severos, amargo, austeros e frios, bem como extremamente julgadores. Dir-te-á que és de alguma forma melhor do que o comum dos mortais e convercer-te-á que precisas de ser assim, que é a única forma de te precaveres num mundo inseguro.

Como discernir entre a Essência e a Falsa Alma?

A Essência é muito doce, alegre, não-invasiva, totalmente compassiva, simples e serena e o seu silêncio é de Presença. Não te empurra para chegares mais e mais alto, a lutares por algo que ainda não tenhas ou não sejas. Nunca te julga. Apenas mostra com tanto amor que por vezes nem se consegue ouvir, tal é a imposição da Mente Espiritual que cria uma camada de falso silêncio, impedindo a comunicação com o Coração Verdadeiro. Isto cria uma certa ansiedade, algo indefinido no entanto desconfortável.

Se observares este Aspeto em alguém é quase que inútil tentar explicar o que se passa, enquanto a Falsa Alma cria a sua Falsa Paz. De uma forma ou de outra saberás se e quando mencionar este assunto.

Quando te apercebes que é um Aspeto teu, a primeira coisa a fazer é decidir que não necessitas mais dele, se o que realmente queres é render-te genuinamente à tua Essência, fundindo-te com o teu Ser – aquele que Realmente És. Isto não será fácil porque adoras este Aspeto, faz-te sentir bem de muitas formas, acreditas nele, toda a tua realidade depende dele. Terás por isso que ter muita força e determinação para te libertares dele e integrá-lo.

Entretanto presta muita atenção, para que possas começar a discernir como age e manipula o que sentes, os teus pensamentos, crenças e ações. Começa a desconectar-te dele, observando-te e sendo suficientemente humilde para aceitares e reconheceres este Aspeto. Afinal de contas é o teu lado Negro mas pertence à tua Luz e foi criado por ti através do Medo. Medo de perder o controlo, que é também medo de perder a Liberdade (não a verdadeira Liberdade da Essência, claro, porque esta não pode ser perdida – é um dado adquirido. O medo é do Aspeto propriamente dito, que, se o integrares, perderá a Liberdade para te controlar :)). Também medo de não ser suficientemente bom, medo de falhar e necessidade de aceitação – acima de tudo por nós mesmos. Este medo terá nascido algures na infância e até mesmo antes desta vida. Medo de expressar a voz da Essência por termos sido perseguidos, torturados e mortos noutras vidas devido a essa expressão. Este Aspeto afeta claramente a nossa capacidade de nos expressarmos, criando inibições. Há uma desconfiança entre o feminino e o masculino interno, bem como uma grande zanga e até mesmo ódio entre estas partes. Estas emoções podem ser despoletadas por outros, por evento externos, mas tudo deriva da Falsa Alma. E convém referir que a Falsa Alma é excelente a camuflar-se, escondendo-se de ti para que não a possas reconhecer facilmente. A maior ameaça à sua existência é a Essência propriamente dita, ainda que também de certa forma a ame tanto que se criou à sua imagem e semelhança – naturalmente porque mais tarde ou mais cedo a ela retornará.

Como com todas as coisas relacionadas com a Vida Humana, o Amor é seguramente a resposta. Não o Amor da Mente. Não. O Amor que apenas a tua Essência real te pode mostrar. O Amor que realmente És… Esta é a maior ameaça à Mente Espiritual pois no Amor Verdadeiro ela morre…

Possivelmente escreverei mais sobre isto noutra ocasião, mas agora fico-me por aqui.

Com Amor,

T. C. Aeelah

Spiritual Mind or False Soul

In all of my years working with Integration of Aspects, I have come across an immense variety of intricately subtle strategies used by the mind/ego/personality to prove its worth, in other words, to command people’s lives, the way they behave, think and perceive reality. It is indeed fascinating and unique, there are no ready made recipes. Since it is a work done Soul to Soul, the only requirement on my part is total and complete trust in my intuition, letting myself be guided moment to moment, with no expectations of outcomes and not even on where to start. I only ever know what to do in the exact moment the Integration begins and as it unfolds. The same goes for the work I do with Soul and Personality Constellations.

I am very thankful for being able to do this for it is a school of endless Compassion which requires complete flexibility on my part and brings me constant wisdom on how to deal with Personality Aspects versus Soul Presence. My specialty is, however, bringing people’s most hidden Shadow, in other words, people’s darkest Aspects, to the forefront, so that they can finally be acknowledged, accepted and integrated into the infinite pool of Isness that resides within all of us, releasing all attachment to illusionary limitations, releasing the huge amounts of energy that these Aspects keep hostage for their own survival and leaving only the sheer beauty and wisdom retrieved from all of the experiences brought into play by these Aspects throughout the times of our existence.

I can safely say that one of the hardest Aspects to acknowledge and integrate, if not the hardest one, is the Spiritual Mind or what can be called the False Soul.

This False Soul is present only in people who are either very devoted to religious or spiritual practices and are well aware of the fact that there is more to existence than just physicality. It develops in a very devious, subtle way, until it becomes so similar to the Soul/Essence that one cannot, alone, realise it exists, though people and experiences from the outside will surely come in that person’s way to help discern sooner or later… better sooner than later. The reason why I say this is that this very Dark, Powerful Aspect is so full of Ego that it will manage to destroy the person’s relationship with its own Essence as well as create separation in intimate relationships and conflicting thoughts and feelings with the world around, creating a constant dissatisfaction, a need for something else, for more, a need to “expand”, which is nothing but a way of removing the person from Him/Herself.

This Aspect will create silence inside, but not the same kind of silence created by Soul Presence. It is a silence that derives from all of one’s fears keeping quiet because they are afraid of this Aspect. It despises them, considers them weak and useless and always has some sort of judgment going on about everything and everyone. These judgments are very subtle, though and seem to be “just the way things are”. They do, however, create separation in a very deep sense – separation of oneself with one’s Soul Essence and also with all of the other Aspects that are dying to come back home. There is a kind of constant pain in the heart, a sort of discomfort that in time becomes habitual and not even noticed.

The False Soul will tell you that what you know is never enough, leading you to always seek more and more knowledge, never actually diving deeply into any of it though. It will tell you that the world is abusing you in all sorts of ways and make you feel conflicting emotions, anger with money and all material issues, just like is seen in some great Priests of various creeds and practices, who become strict, harsh, bitter and immensely judgmental. It will tell you that you are somehow better than all common mortals and it will convince you that you need it, that it is the only one that can take care of you.

How to discern between the Essence and the False Soul?

The Essence is very sweet, joyful, non-invasive, totally compassionate, simple and serene and its silence is one of Presence. It does not push you to strive further and further for something you do not have or you are not yet. It never, ever judges you, it simply shows you with so much love that it sometimes cannot even be heard, for the Spiritual Mind will impose its presence over it, creating another overlay of silence which stops your communication with your Real Heart and this creates some sort of unease.

If you ever see it in another it is pointless to try and explain what’s going on while it is doing its magic pass of creating seeming peace. Somehow you will know if or when to mention this.
When you realise you have it yourself, the first thing to do is to decide it is no longer needed, if what you really want is genuinely to surrender to your Essence, merging with Isness – the ONE you Truly Are. This won’t be easy because you love it, it makes you feel good in many ways, you believe in it, so it will require great strength and determination to break free from it.

Then pay attention, a lot of attention, so that you can start discerning how it acts and manipulates your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions. Start disconnecting from it, observing and being humble enough to accept and acknowledge it. After all it is your Darkness but it belongs to your Light and it was created by you through fear. Fear of losing control, which equates with fear of losing freedom (not the real freedom of your Essence of course, because that cannot be lost – it is a given fact). Also fear of not being good enough, fear of failure and the need to be accepted – principally with oneself, but born some time in childhood and even before this lifetime. Also fear of expressing the voice of the Essence for having been persecuted, tortured and killed in other lifetimes for it – so it clearly affects your capacity to express yourself, creating inhibition. There is a mistrust of the feminine and the masculine towards each other also within this Aspect and a huge anger, hate even. This can be triggered by others, by outward events but it all derives from this False Soul. And it will be very good at hiding itself from you so that you cannot discern it easily. Its biggest threat is the Essence itself, though it also somehow loves it so much that it has recreated a makeshift Essence – of course, because sooner or later this is where it will return to.

As with all things related to Human Life, Love is surely the answer. Not Mind Love. No. The Love that only your real Essence can show you. The Love that you truly Are. The greatest threat to the Spiritual Mind, for in Real Love it dies…

I’ll probably write more on this on another occasion, but for now this will suffice.

In Love,

T. C. Aeelah

quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2016

Uma falácia global / A global fallacy

I have lately found myself musing about the fact that “life is short” is nothing but a fallacy.
Not only is it proportionate to each one’s experiences - and who are we to judge whether anyone’s experiences were enough or not – but it may also be full of deaths and rebirths, making it numerous lives in just one go.
It all depends on the age of the perceiver as well as on the extent to which he/she allows life to unfold, flowing with it or fighting against it. This in itself determines whether it seems too short, too long ir just right.
Being over 40 myself, I would go so far as to say that life is indeed very long and I am still more or less in the middle of my eventual lifespan! There are so many people that have come and gone, so many places visited and so many events, challenges, losses and gains, joys and griefs, so many perspectives, creative endeavours, so much learnt and forgotten… And I could say so much more to do, to create, to learn, to see… etc… etc… etc… But then again I am so fully grateful for all I have been given the chance to live so far that all the rest is just an unfolding of life’s natural abundance, one step at a time, one breath at a time, one moment at a time.
Life is long and bountiful in all senses and it deserves to be appreciated, lest we go by it in a mesmerised haze and wake up all of a sudden wondering where time has been hiding just to realise that in fact it has been there all along… it is us that were not in it.


Tenho percecionado ultimamente que o postulado de que “a vida é curta” é uma mera falácia.
Não só é proporcional às experiências de cada um – e quem somos nós para julgar se as experiências de alguém foram ou não suficientes – mas pode também estar preenchida de mortes e renascimentos, tornando-a múltiplas vidas numa só.
Tudo depende da idade do observador e também da forma como permite que a vida se desenrole, fluindo com ela ou lutando contra ela. Isto por si só determina a forma como se parece a vida: demasiado curta, demasiado longa ou exatamente na medida certa.
Tendo eu própria mais de 40 anos, diria que a vida é mesmo muito longa e ainda assim encontro-me mais ou menos a meio do meu eventual tempo aqui! Tantas pessoas foram e vieram, tantos lugares visitados e tantos eventos, desafios, perdas ou ganhos, alegrias e tristezas, tantas perspetivas, demandas criativas, tanto aprendido e esquecido… E poderia dizer tanto mais para fazer, para criar, para aprender, para ver… etc… etc… etc… Mas estou tão profundamente grata por tudo o que tive a oportunidade de viver até agora que tudo o resto é apenas um desenrolar da abundância natural da vida, um passo de cada vez, uma respiração de cada vez, um momento de cada vez.

A vida é longa e generosa em todos os sentidos e merece ser apreciada, se é que não queremos passar por ela numa névoa adormecida e acordar de repente perguntando-nos onde se tem escondido o tempo… chegando enfim à conclusão de que ele sempre lá esteve… nós é que não! 

terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2016

BOOK/ COURSE The Flow of Abundace - The End

Magic in Motion

Real examples
Abundance 1:

A few days ago I accepted my Essence’s invitation to give myself one full day and night, nothing to do, no one to take care of, no obligation, just loving being with me and enjoying each moment.

It was challenging at first. Don't think I've ever given myself so much time all at once, an entire day and night and most of the following day actually.

 I had some stuff to pay, credit cards and loans on Thursday, but my wisdom said "no, today is just for us, don't worry about absolutely anything, just BE". And so I did.

The following morning I went to the bank, to pay the loan (late) and the credit card (late as well). I went to the cashier to deposit the money and asked how much was necessary for the late payments. He says to me: "it's all been paid for, you have 1100€ in your account and the loan and the credit card have already been debited". I was dumbfounded! Apparently, a payment I had been waiting for for ages fell in my account on the very last working day of the year, so I wouldn't even have needed to go to the bank. On the same day, some other money I had had in a savings account and decided to move (savings accounts are stagnant energy) also fell in my account. I felt such a rush of energy all through my body, I can't explain. My Soul was right, again.

Abundance 2:

On New Year’s eve in the morning I went to the supermarket to get a few things I (thought) I needed. I thought I needed some ham, for people to eat for breakfast, I usually buy Turkey or chicken ham, there was none. I bought pork ham, my essence was  challenging me to understand it doesn't really matter. So I got that. No one needed it anyway, there was so much food we ate it for breakfast and lunch and dinner and still breakfast and lunch and dinner two days later...

Then I also thought I needed fruit. Later on, for the party, someone brought a whole bowl of fruit (all of the fruit I had bought and more varieties) with chocolate fondue...

Then I thought I needed champagne, my essence told me not to buy any because someone would bring it. And do you know what? I still have not one, not two, but three bottles in the fridge to open.

And then I thought I needed bread. My Essence also told me not to buy any. But I said, this time I'm going to make the human choice, and I bought some bread. Well everyone brought bread at night and there was so much bread that I have still got some in the freezer and about 4 or 5 people still took bread home for them and their families to have breakfast, they were jokingly saying my house was like a bakery, because there was so much bread!!!! It was as if I was being shown that even when I think my own human way, I get more than enough of what I thought I needed - there was bread to eat, to keep and to share!

Abundance 3:

The other day I was thinking I would like to have a new dress. A few days later a friend of mine brought me a present: it was a new dress. Actually this happens to me on a daily basis with all types of things, be it sensations, opportunities or actual material things.

Abundance 4:

I needed some new speakers for my computer. I thought about buying them. A friend of mine told me not to buy them yet because she might get some for free. As I was looking through some cupboards at my mother’s house, there was a new set of speakers there, they weren’t hers and she didn’t need them anyway.

Abundance 5:

A friend of mine needed to move to a new place. He went to see a really nice apartment at a really nice location. It was 750€ and he could only pay 550€. Nevertheless he told the owner this. He did not look for any other place. A month later the owner called him and said the apartment was for him.

Abundance 6:

My friend Luisa, the one who did the illustrations for this book, felt she needed to get away from everything for a while, because she had decided to put an end to the chemotherapy and radiotherapy she had initiated a few months earlier, irrespective of the consequences. She no longer wanted to live through all of the side effects and lose the quality of life she might still have.  A few days later a friend of hers from Brazil called and said she wanted to give her a trip to Brazil for 2 weeks as a birthday present. It included a place to stay and food as well. She eventually stayed over for a whole month because while she was there she facilitated a workshop and did some work which allowed her to pay for the extra expense of changing the flight. Thus she accomplished another of her dreams which was to go abseiling.

Abundance 7:

I needed to change my car because it was petrol and petrol’s prices are very high in Portugal. The car I had was also too big and powerful for my needs, and on top of it I had a loan on the car which was quite heavy to keep up every month.
One day my mother and I went to visit a friend, who in turn suggested that she buy a new car for herself. She considered the issue and decided to give me her car (which is the company’s car), turn my car in at the car stand in exchange for part of her new one’s price. The loan was extinguished and the car I have now spends half of the diesel, and I have no expenses with insurance, mechanics, circulation fee or toll because the company I work for pays for all of these expenses, since it is the company’s car!
My choice had merely been to Exchange my car for a more economic one and eliminate the loan, but I got much more than that. There is always more.
I could go on and on about practical examples of boundless abundance, for there are many in my life every day. Instead I invite you to visit my blog, which I keep up to date with the magic in day-to-day life: 


Bless you all J

This manual is yours. Please use it with consciousness, respecting the abundance it contains and the abundance in YOU, moment to moment. Thank you.