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BOOK/COURSE The Flow of Abundance Part 14

Debt or Gift

While observing relational dynamics amongst human beings, I have understood that that which keeps us attached to what we call “destiny” is constant debt. Both, destiny and debt, are illusionary, but they keep us glued to the supposed fatality of our unchangeable destiny.
There are many seductions in the Earthly realm. The most basic are food and sex. The pleasure of both keeps us in a sort of addictive hypnosis which dictates our choices time and again. They are the primal seductions and they bring forth the first sensation of permanent debt. In the first case, debt towards ourselves, towards our health, image, pleasure and in the second case, debt towards each other. Actually, one of the great battle fields for supposed Power, also illusionary is the common sexual relationship, where, instead of a balanced energy exchange, there is generally always one that dominates over the other and creates a pattern of “debt”. As one gives the other what he/she deems necessary, that other keeps attached to that need and in order to obtain the sexual favours he/she cannot live without, permanent debt is installed.
Besides this more personal and more intimate side, we also have the social reflex, in all sorts of relationships – where there is always some sort of sensation of “debt”.
It also shows up related to the pre-conceived image of God – where the concept of permanently owing something in exchange for clemency and forgiveness, understanding and acceptance was created.
Have a look at how banks function in modern society. They use debt to keep their clients tied up, so that they can have their profits and invest them as they like.
 We also have the concept of karmic debt. In other words, whether we remember or not, we are always in permanent debt with someone and this determines the quality of our interactions and choices.
We are always in debt towards ourselves, towards others, towards society in general, towards God… debt, debt, debt, debt.
And what is the feeling that stems from permanent debt? Guilt!!!
Guilt keeps us attached to the repetitive and seductive wheel of the “Small Human Self”! Guilt generates some sort of need for punishment and redemption – which is what “Karma” means, but in another language – and in turn everything is reduced to DEBT.
Being in permanent debt is letting energy seep out through each pore, using our energy in a chaotic and inefficient way, and therefore having to get it from others instead of generating it ourselves.
What if we became efficient in our use of energy?
Yes, it is possible to leave the repetitive wheel of permanent debt – the so called karmic wheel.
By choice.
Yes, it is that simple.
But it also requires assuming responsibility for our humanness, accepting that everything is in perfect order, inviting our essence to finally integrate with us and trusting beyond limits. Trusting that there aren’t and never have been wrong choices, only different experiences. Trusting that our sovereignty is and always shall be, irrespective of experiences. Trusting that you are God also, and that though you have forgotten, that has been the basic motivation for all of your experiences. Trusting that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you say or do because sooner or later, everyone finds their own way back home – in other words, home always shows itself to whomever accepts it within themselves.
I know that this worries you. If you let go of debt you can become bad, incorrect, evil… Therefore you need to enter a deep state of Compassion. A Love which is so great, so vast, so unconditional that you finally accept everything in you, all that you have been and are, all that you have done and said, with no judgment. Then you understand the illusion of your Power games, of the game of debt, and you simply stop playing it. So you won’t go around killing anyone, or abusing anyone, or stealing from anyone. When you finally find out who you are and you fully accept that You Are That You Are, and you really begin a love relationship with your Essence, when you let go of the search, of the fight, of the need to be something you are already, and always have been – everything changes.
Now feel for you. What would your life be like without debt (of any form)? Which possibilities open up for you? Which new paths show themselves?
This is the gift of Isness, and when you Are, that Love that you spread around you is so intense that it fills everything around you. It is a permanent gift. Simple. Effortless.
 What if you didn’t need to make an effort in order to generate Money to pay your bills… etc… etc, what would you do with your life? What would you keep and what would you eliminate if you were totally abundant in all senses, free from debt?
Notice that debt does not necessarily relate to money but rather to the way we fell about it and the way we feel about ourselves. Therefore, we can have bills to pay and so called bank debts to settle but not feel we are in debt and this is what makes the difference. 
When you open up to receive what Life has to give to you, you are filled with that abundance and that’s what you give back to life, that quality of being abundant. You are the permanent YES, open to receive, open to create, open to give… just because: YES.
 Pssst… Have you had a look at your no’s?
Remember that even if it doesn’t seem so, everything is perfect in all of creation because everything simply… IS.


What would your life be like without debt (of any kind)? What possibilities open up? What new paths show themselves?

If you didn’t need to make an effort in order to generate money to pay your bills… etc… etc… what would you do with your life?  

What would you keep and what would you let go of if you were totally abundant in all senses, free from debt?

Have you taken a look at your no’s? What are they?

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