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BOOK/COURSE The Flow of Abundance 5

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Living the Present
Start by living more and more in the Present moment. That is the great secret of fluidity, of time, of space and of money. Being in the NOW moment eliminates the tension of the past and the anxiety of the future. Actually – the future is the past healed in the Now.
Do all you do present in what you’re doing. Don’t disperse in unnecessary thoughts. That wastes your energy and doesn’t lead to the best results. They are distractions, just like children’s games in a big playground.
If your mind is a real traffic jam, start by practicing meditation. Learn how to quiet the mind, gradually. Use the precious tool of conscious breath.
Do all you do with real zest, with Love. If there are things you have to do, that you can’t avoid, but that you don’t really want to do, wait until you feel like doing them. You’ll feel like it sooner or later, don’t worry. And when you really feel like it, you’ll do it better, faster, saving effort and gaining time, then again – energy – for what you like to do. Anyway, when you’re in Love with you and your life you’ll feel like living it, all of it!
Let’s suppose you hate washing the dishes and you don’t have a dishwasher. Whenever you can, buy one, or accept to receive one. Until then, wash the dishes only when you feel like it. When you have no more space to put the dirty dishes and your kitchen looks like a madhouse, you’ll surely feel like cleaning up fast, but you probably won’t have to go so far.
If you hate your job and you only do it to earn money, you’ll be lacking money all the time, you’ll be lacking time, because you’ll be lacking creative energy, passion and desire to do your work.
 As you know, work creativity occupies a great part of your time, that’s why it’s essential for you to realise how you use that energy.
If you believe it’s impossible to have another job, that there’s nothing else you can do, that there’s a lack of work out there, that you’re good for nothing, etc etc, then it’s time for you to recreate yourself. No one is useless and the rest are also fixed beliefs.
Become fluid. No one can do it for you.

The Wheels of Change
Unemployment, all of the problems with world economy, criminality, everything mirrors the absolutely absurd way we have come to waste our vital energy, our time, our space and our money. It is such a deep lack that it seems almost impossible to remove, but please stop and reconsider.
Each one of us forms the social fabric and therefore the world we live in. If each one of us starts using energy fluidly, living all of the moments of one’s life in Love, Self-Respect, Peace, Creativity, Balance… that will surely permeate the whole, it will surely transform the whole that each one of us is, all together.
In the same way as the denial of change arises within you, until you assume it and lead it forth, so it is in society, in the whole world. Revolution is the only fuel for evolution – but may it be more and more an inner revolution, which will in turn motivate the outer revolution. This is in fact already in motion -  we can either accompany it or remain closed in our boxes, hiding, fearful of participating in life.
Turn yourself inside out, upside down. Your perspective can only change.
And time lasts, and space abounds, and money is more than enough and energy is overflowing. That’s how it is. It’s worth a try.
It’s amazing how all of our lives we have heard and said that “time is money”, and we have not understood the real scope of that affirmation – time is literally money and both are energy, so what goes on with time, goes on with money, because it has to do directly with the use we make of the energy that serves us. And time is also space, because it only exists in the context of physical space, which is measurable and recreated by all of us. In fact, the body we live in is the first space we contact right from the first instant of our birth!

What do you say?
Have a look at the type of affirmations you use about time. Do you waste your time or do you use your time? Is time never enough or is it more than enough for everything?
Is the time you use to take good care of yourself minimal or do you give yourself enough time?
Do you respect your time or do you waste it not knowing how, and not having a clue how to use it?
Do you curse about time, always complaining about it, or do you nurture it?
Do you feel like running away from time or does time walk with you?
Does your time move too fast, too slowly or in the exact right measure for you? Do you feel you waste your time?
Is your time yours or does it belong to everyone/everything else other than you?
Do you feel your time is fragmented, dispersed, senseless or unified and coherent?
You can easily substitute the word “time” for the word “space” or “money” in any of the questions… And thus your pattern of use of time, space, money – energy – becomes clear.
Change your vocabulary. Stop spending money, and start using it. Stop not having time and start assuming your choices as to how you use it, stop saying you spend it. If you don’t have time for some things that’s because you have chosen to use your time with other things. Assume your choices. Stop despising your space, using it like a mere deposit for your daily garbage – both energetic and physical – and make it your Temple.
Use the affirmation “time flies” in your favour. Flying is fluid, light and free. It has no bounds. It’s full of possibilities, of ample vision, limitless. Fly with time – that’s how it will stop running away and start being what you want to make of it – just like money – energy. If you substitute the word “Space”, when you are referring to a physical space, and the word “body”, by “Temple”, feel how that changes everything within you and around you. What’s a Temple for you? Words are just words. They can be void of meanings which mean nothing to us and filled with the meanings which serve us.
Actually Life, Time, Space, Love, Money, Creativity – are all forms of colouring the energy that fills existence.

Where there is Love, there is Time, there is Space, there is Money, there is Creativity – that’s Life existing.
The creative principle depends on the Love that bathes it, and therefore bathes all that is reflected in the reality we are experiencing.
If you would like to, try and substitute the word Time for Love, in the previously mentioned questions. Surprise yourself!
This is just like the difference between watching a TGV train passing by on the track or being inside it. When we’re sitting comfortably inside the train, enjoying the trip, we are not baffled by the wind of its passage at the train station. We can savour each moment of the journey, effortlessly and without expectations, because we know the train is going where it’s supposed to go and we’re not going to arrive any sooner for worrying about it.
Any mishaps on the way are just the journey happening, and the only way of being at peace and in balance, is by accepting these mishaps and living them, knowing that nothing is permanent, it is the journey happening each moment of the way. The experience of Being in physical reality.
We have a tendency to flee from the instants we deem as negative and to want to stay with the moments we deem to be positive – breaking time into pieces.
Each Now is a present, a gift, no matter what its package seems like.
Find the centre of that package and discover the present even in what seems unbearably painful. You can’t stay there even if you want to, therefore you don’t need to be saved from it. All you need to do is accept where you are, understand what purpose it serves, integrate it, dissolve it and move on, one step at a time. Time is already happening. It always has been… Fighting against it is a waste of energy and amounts to nothing.

Back to the issue of how you breathe – related to the Unity of time and the Singularity of Space.
It is obvious by now that Time is a unified Now in its present totality, not dispersed along a linear chronology. It is a spiral, circular, not a line. It is also not constant or fixed. It is completely moldable, like clay.
Space is not closed either. Air is everywhere, one way or another. Air is the fuel of life on earth.
Observe your breath. At first it seems separate, the in-breath and the out-breath. Pay more attention. One doesn’t exist without the other, they entwine, they complete each other.
Have you ever observed a pair of dancers?
The dance of each one of them would be incomplete without the other, just like the in-breath and the out-breath. It is circular.
The deeper your breath is, the more complete your life is – more filled with air, which is energy, and which in turn lights the fire of passion for life and produces a new dimension of time – space – and money!
And so it is that time is energy, and the breath also inspires and expands life – a complete breath is synonym of complete time – unified.
In the very same way, if space is full of energy, the way in which it is filled is fundamental to the way it is experienced.
Breathing only in the chest, keeps the intention away from the vital and creative centres, so it does not recreate, it disperses. And without recreating that which is diffused there is no breath, no expansive strength – therefore time is “weak” and “void”, without the passion of Being and Space is also limited.

It would also be interesting for you to review the way in which you separate your life in different roles you play. Either you live your family life, either you live your work, either you live your private time, either your collective time, feeling like many different people living different lives. What if you felt your life like a continuum, in which you are always authentic, a fulfilled being living different experiences, which stem from the complete unity of your Self and not only form a part of you? This will also surely change your time… and your space.
Furthermore, there has to be a balance between the time you use doing your daily chores and the time you use to nurture yourself, taking care of your space, of yourself, of your well being, of your harmony and integrity. It is the perfect balance between Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, active and receptive. If you can’t strike this balance on a daily basis, then do it weekly, but it is of utmost importance that you do it. This is how you ignite the passion for life, streaming from this point of overflowing Love and not in a permanent state of lack.
If you are always putting energy out, in an active state, there is no space to build foundations, to review results, to feel how you are flowing, to listen to the creative impulse and to listen to intuition so that it can guide your action effortlessly. And if there is no time for this, there is no time for anything, nor enough money to satisfy all of your desires and needs – for all of this stems from a point of inner lack and not from abundance.
In fact, there is no separation between giving and receiving, because when you assume the unity within you and you understand that giving and receiving are part of the same circle, of the same continuum, and that all is one and the same thing, one doesn’t annul the other – they complete each other.
Just like the Time/Space continuum, it is all one and the same thing.
See this: Space isn’t. It only is when you, the Divine/Human, manifest through physical form, in the physical world. Therefore Space is You. So, Time, which is the same as Space, only serves as a form of manifestation in the physical world – it’s You!!!
Let’s sum this up: Space is Money – it’s You, which is Time – which is You! You Being – GIVING and RECEIVING in a constant exchange of Creative Energy from the non manifest into the manifest – all one and the other – like Life and Death – it only changes form. But about Life and Death I shall not expand further – all I’ll do is ask – do you want to be Dead or Alive, irrespective of the Form?

Introspection Exercises:

Where are you placing your energy – your time, your Money?

How is your space?

Define what is really important, necessary, what are your priorities in your life.

When do you feel drowned by the anxiety of lack of time/space – and money?

Take note of the areas of conflict, tension, anxiety, stress, from you towards yourself and towards others.

Take a look at the anxiety and stress you generate with your supposed lack of time. How and when do they arise? Furthermore – why?

Are there any calm moments in your day?
Can you feel inner Peace at any given moment? When and how?

Do you feel your life is flowing or fixed?

How do you live your space? How are your drawers, your cupboards, your wardrobes… All of the rooms in your house, including the attic and the garage?
Is it all full of things you don’t need?
Is it tidy or untidy?
When you look around you what/how do you feel?

Take a look at the type of affirmations you use about time, and check how they make you feel – choosing what you prefer for yourself.

Do you waste your time or do you use it?

Is time never enough or is it enough for all of your needs and even extra?

Is the time you use to take good care of yourself minimal or do you give yourself enough time?

Do you respect your time or do you spend it not knowing how and not being able to manage it?

Do you curse about time, constantly complaining about it or do you nurture it?

Do you feel like running away or does your time walk with you?

Does your time move too fast, too slow or at the right speed for you? Do you feel you waste your time?

Does your time belong to you or to everything else but you?

Do you feel your time is fragmented, dispersed, senseless or unified and coherent?

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