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BOOK/COURSE The Flow of Abundance 4


First of all we need to be ready to assume that our lack of Time/Space and Money are mere beliefs, very well rooted beliefs, I must say, but then again, mere beliefs. Furthermore, we have to be ready to admit that most of what we believe to be true about the world, about life, about society, about us, are mere beliefs. That’s exactly it. They are thoughts, attitudes, opinions, learnt values, which we believe to be true. Doesn’t it seem strange to you that all of those fixed behaviour and thought patterns vary from society to society, from group to group, from family to family and even from person to person? Where is truth in all of this? Does anyone own it? The actual idea of owning the truth removes the possibility of its existence, because no one can possess that which Is, in the same way that the air cannot be possessed. Anyhow, this theme of ownership is a subject for another book. Let’s stick to Time/Space – Energy… for now.
What I propose here is a new point of view.
Have you ever thought that time is energy? That space is energy? That money is energy? And that each human being is the consciousness that uses that energy? In other words: Time, Space, Money and everything it can buy are limited by the energy we put into manifesting them.

The idea that time is not linear had already been proven by Einstein through his Theory of Relativity, which we all know very well from our own experience. It is common sense that when we do something that we like, such as going on holiday, for instance, time seems to go by too fast and when we do something we don’t like, such as waiting in a queue, time seems to stand still. The same 10 minutes of fun at an amusement park and of waiting in a queue, seem infinitely different. The strange thing is that we have managed to invert the apparently natural order, which would be that the 10 minutes of fun should logically last longer than the 10 minutes in the queue!
We have come to believe that “that which is good ends fast”, that work requires effort and that we can get nowhere without work – this is, without effort, and therefore that which takes up more of our time is effort and not “what’s good”. What if work were to become the good stuff, not needing to end fast?
We have also come to believe that in order to deserve “that which is good” and “ends fast”, we need to put in a lot of “time”, in other words ENERGY, which in this case represents EFFORT. That’s why that which is dull, uninteresting, burdensome, hard, seems to last a lot, and that which is nice, simple and fluid seems to last very little.
So, if energy is effort, and time, space and money are energy, then time/space are an effort as well as earning money and keeping it in your wallet!
What if energy isn’t that tiresome, jittery thing? What if it’s soft, sweet, flexible and loving?
And what if instead of painful electric shocks, energy is Light that sheds light, warms softly, embraces and supports?
Remember: whatever you think energy is, is what you think about time, space and of course, money!
We have all witnessed that the amount of effort we put into work doesn’t mean quality of life. For many, it doesn’t even mean economic comfort, and for those who do have it, most of the time it doesn’t mean living life in Joy, Fulfillment and Balance.
What are we putting our energy into then? Where are we putting our time, our money? How is our space?
We have come to believe that laziness equates with not working, in other words, not making an effort. But please bare with me here: isn’t laziness not wanting to see that effort doesn’t work, and not wanting to have a look at everything else that doesn’t work and choosing to change that?
None of this is linear. So, as the concept of time/space is illusionary, just like all illusions it can be manipulated, transformed, recreated…
Have you ever imagined the possibility of living your life with time for everything that is truly important to you, with the space you really want and with money for everything you really need, without any stress at all, no worries, no anxiety?

Redefining Yourself
First, define what is truly important to you, what’s truly necessary, what are your priorities in your life. It entails a bit of work at first, I must admit, which only proves how much futility and unnecessary worry you carry around!
Too much for you? Ok, then keep your lack of time, space and money, but please don’t complain. The choice is and always has been yours. Nevertheless, please allow me to show you a bit more of this new point of view. Don’t feel obliged to try, though J
Let’s proceed…
First we need to separate what really matters form what doesn’t matter at all. When we eat a yoghurt we don’t keep all of the empty cups, unless we are going to use them for something useful, isn’t it so? When we clean our mouth at the table we don’t keep the dirty napkins either, do we? And when we grow up we don’t keep on dressing the clothes we used as children, they don’t fit us, do they?
As we awaken, mature, grow up, we adopt new habits, new perspectives, new ways of perceiving smell, or hearing, of feeling and tasting the world. That’s why never and always are just words, impossible to achieve in physical existence. Nothing is impossible in the world, in the same way there is no always or never.
After this very burdensome task for the ego, which hates to be questioned – I am referring to the task of eliminating that which serves no longer and clearing that which is really important – we open up the doors to new possibilities. The New can only be born when the old has left a vacancy, by removing itself. Otherwise the new just stands at the door, waiting patiently.
When you have finally x-rayed your life, realizing when you feel suffocated by the anxiety of lack of time/space and money – then you will have realized what you need and what you don’t need. As it is a huge task, you can take note of what you discover about the way you have been living your life. This way you can reread and eliminate what doesn’t serve you anymore, by erasing or scratching out each line you want to. Start paying attention to your day, from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Watch yourself living your life, see how you perform your work, your relationships, your leisure.
Write down the areas of conflict, tension, anxiety, stress, either from you to yourself, or from you towards others.
If you don’t really want to go too deep into this rediscovery of your life, at least look at the amount of anxiety and stress generated by the supposed lack of time. When and how are they generated? Further even, why? Is there a moment of peace in your day? Can you feel inner Peace at any given moment? When and how?
If your answer to most of these questions tends towards tension, then time is certainly never enough, space is tight and money is scarce.

Flowing or fixed?
Time, space and money are nothing but the energy we put into them. Energy is infinite, it’s what moves the physical Universe and we can either use it in our favour or waste it. If you want to know how to use your time better, have a look at the tons of energy you waste in anxious and conflicting tasks, situations, thoughts, attitudes. Energy is fluid, it can’t be segmented or contained. Do you feel your life is fluid or fixed?
If you feel it’s fixed, and since energy is not fixed, and since time is energy, that’s very simply why you lack time – you lack flow.
If you want to change the way in which you live your space, have a look at it. Have a look at the drawers, the shelves, the cupboards, the wardrobes… All of the rooms in your house, including the attic and the garage. Is it all full of stuff you really don’t need? Is it tidy or untidy? When you look around you what do you feel? All of this has energy in it, either fluid or stagnant – feel…
Ah, and money is also fluid, just like time and space. It’s all just energy.
Whenever you say “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have space” or “I don’t have money”, you are saying “I don’t have energy”. Not having energy is not using it fluidly, flowing with it. It’s like rowing against the tide, it’s tiresome, useless, you never seem to get anywhere. It’s like being caught up in a stagnant swamp, with so much mud and water around you that it’s hard to get to the shore.
How can I become fluid, just like energy which is time, space and money?
The first step, I repeat, is to observe and consciously define where the tension, stress, anxiety, conflict are, so that you can then establish priorities and throw out that which is useless. Actually, before anything else, establish priorities. Only after you have a look at what is really important in your life, can you understand if there is tension and where it is. This means that after defining what’s important for the first time, this needs to be repeated, after realizing where there are points of inflexibility and anxiety – which means waste of energy.
All of this shall surely be repeated several times, as we have a look at the real reasons for our lack of time and the way we live our lives. This is what allows us to gain clarity as to what we want and what we don’t want anymore.

Though being fluid may seem easier to begin with, we have much more practice at being rigid, many lifetimes of training! So be patient with yourself.

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