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BOOK/COURSE The Flow of Abundance 10

Money - Part 1

 “Money”, just like “God”, has been used and abused for all purposes, according to the user’s convenience.
We have, therefore, observed, believed in and created a whole lot of beliefs about money.
And just like many have chosen to destroy the belief in “God”, whatever form it may have, so have many others chosen to do the same with money. And of course, if you deny something in your life, it isn’t welcome.
This is how most of humanity lives with much less money than they would like to, not understanding that it is them who keep it away from themselves.
The belief in limitation, no matter what it may be, sets the possibility out of reach, as well as the opportunity of its realization.
You may believe that money is vile, and that it produces fighting and suffering, envy, and thus it is bad.
You may believe that if you have a lot of money you will become “bad”, insensitive, selfish, unscrupulous.
You may believe that somehow you don’t have the capacity to manage a lot of money, because you’re weak, irresponsible, limited, incompetent.
You may believe that you don’t deserve to have a lot of money, because you’re a “sinner”- you’re not good enough for that.
You may believe that money is “dirty” – therefore, if you have it, you shall be “dirty” too.
You may believe that if you have a lot of money, there will always be someone who doesn’t, because it’s not enough for everyone, so you prefer not to have any. Like that you don’t prevent others from having it.
You may believe that if you have a lot of money many people will want to steal it from you, and so you prefer not to have any!
You may believe that in order to have a lot of money you need to work a lot – and either you don’t feel like working so much, or all you do is work and you don’t even need money because you don’t have any time to spend it, and you wouldn’t even know how to spend it because you have never stopped to love yourself. So maybe you think that the real reason why you work so much is for your children … or something like that. You have a very “noble” reason for being a “workaholic”.
You may be shy and feel that by having a lot of money you will attract a lot of attention, so you prefer to have no money and remain unknown.
You may think that in order to go to Heaven you have to be poor and nice and help everyone without getting any money for it, in no circumstance. Like this God will be happy and find a nice special place for you on the other side. It doesn’t matter what you live on this side!
You may believe that it’s hard to have, to earn or to generate a lot of money, it doesn’t really matter why.
You may see rich people as arrogant, not helpful or hard to deal with, and as you don’t want to be like them you prefer not to have money.
You may believe that the more you give, the more you get, and so you are always giving money and whatever … and you always have little anyway.
You may believe that what goes around comes around, and you spend your time putting it all out there: money, energy, time … and does it return? Or do you become unhappy and exhausted with your bad luck in life?
Ah, you may also believe that having a lot of money is a question of luck, and as you don’t have much, you don’t have much money either … and you never will!
You may believe that money is necessary, but bad anyway, and as it is bad, you don’t need much, only enough to survive, enough so that you don’t become bad as well.
You may consider that having pleasure in life is wrong, a sin, so, as money can bring you many mundane pleasures, you prefer not to have it, because having pleasure is negative.
You may believe that the thing we call money is nothing but money, it is outside of you and it has nothing to do with the way you think about it and with the type of energy you put into your life.
You may think that it’s good to be “normal”, and as most “normal” people have limited salaries, you also have to have a limited salary.
You may believe that someday you’ll have money, but for now you have to worry about how to pay the rent. And that day never comes. Have you ever thought how your life would be if you stopped worrying? Maybe you feel it would be boring, and so you create that entertainment, that adrenaline of being busy all the time, of worrying about how to pay your bills.
You may also believe that if you have a lot of money you’ll be abused – so it’s best to have little of it.
And more and more beliefs. Do you remember any other one? Fill in the blank space: ___________________...
Would you be prepared to dismantle all of those beliefs? To throw them in the recycling bin? Would you be prepared to review and recreate the way you understand, see and feel money within you and in your life?
This is the invitation. Just like time, money can be different, more, better for you, much more than you have ever allowed yourself to imagine possible.
But for that you have to have enough courage to let go of the parachute of beliefs and jump into the void, into the new. You have to want to really look at this honestly, straightforward and fearlessly. You have to be ready to release your beliefs and see them as just that: beliefs, not truths.
Absolute truth doesn’t exist outside of you, it’s yours, just for you, it lives in you and it can be recreated moment to moment by you, the creator, the one who chooses his/her own life. Choose how you want it to be and how you want to live it and go forth and BE.
It is no longer being the passenger but the driver. It is about having the horse obey your orders, because no one can be your horse’s commander.
Well let’s assume that the answer is “yes, I finally want to look at this eye to eye, fearlessly and respectfully inviting this horse to calm down and dance with me. Yes, I want to finally lead the dance of my life.”
And you ask: “What does money have to do with all of this?”
Money has everything to do with this. Because, though there are those who have a lot of money and nevertheless feel lacking, always feeling there is something missing, they are unhappy and they feel that they always need more of whatever - you definitely don’t want to be one of them.
You want to have a simple and abundant flow of money to live, not to survive.
You want to have a simple and unlimited flow of money to be happy, to be free from worries. But if you are the main worry, or better even, the main worrier, no matter how much money you have, it will never be enough. You will always be lacking something.
First stop creating problems, stop vomiting problems, spitting out nonsense from your thoughts and from your mouth all the time!
Stop. Take a deep breath and choose: how do you want to be now?
Do you finally want to jump into your life, awake, conscious, or do you want to keep on stumbling around in the senseless dreamwalk of survival?
Secondly understand this: you are your money! Take a look at it. Everything you believe about it is you, just like your time – it’s you!
Can you believe?
Can you trust?
Can you be simple?
Can you surrender to the beauty of life?
You are your life.
You are your time.
You are your money.
Sorry to disappoint you…  it’s no one’s fault. Not even yours! You didn’t even know that you were your money. You didn’t even know who you truly are! Actually, some of your beliefs may be so subconscious that only when you stop and observe clearly, within that space of inner silence, can you find them.
The time has come for you to discover yourself, to feel yourself, to believe in yourself and to love yourself.
How much are you willing to Be?
How much are you willing to love?
How much are you willing to receive?
By the way: do you still believe the world needs to be saved and that you have to save it?
That distracts you. Throw it out. The world doesn’t need to be saved and it doesn’t need you to live in lack in order to do so. What the world really needs is people who are totally alive and fulfilled, living life in total respect!
And do you still believe you have to change the world?

The good news is that you can do it, step by step, and the bad news is that you have to change first!

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