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BOOK/COURSE The Flow of Abundace - 11

Money - 2

Now some new suggestions about money:
* Money isn’t good or bad, it is what you make of it. It is what you are.
* Having a lot of money isn’t bad or good, it’s what you make of the experience.
* Creating money in your life is unlimited, both in its form and in its flow.
* You are as deserving as you allow yourself to be.
* Even if you have a lot of money, it doesn’t have to be saved from other’s envy, or is it you that envy other people’s money?
* If you don’t want others to see you, to know you, to recognize you, etc … why is it? What is the true reason for your shyness?
* Heaven and Earth are right here and wherever you choose to be. Unless you need to and want to be in Hell. That’s what your life will be like.
* Being good will elevate the ego, which likes recognition, and being considered noble – even if it’s just pretending. Like that people will appreciate you, will value you, and you’ll get praise and attention. After all, the one in need is you. Stop! Give yourself the recognition, praise, respect and love which you long for.
* Everything can be simple, even generating money.
* In order to be arrogant all you need to be is human and choose to be arrogant, it doesn’t really matter how much money you have.
* Open up to receive and give yourself to life without thinking that you’re doing it, just because. Just because you love to be alive so much that there is no way you couldn’t overflow and radiate that wherever you go, whatever you do.
* Unless you open up space to receive you cannot give! The quality of what you’re giving will always be scarce, until you’re receiving fully, overflowing.
* You are the one who makes your own luck – it is what you put into it – and what you believe it is limits it – set it free!
* After all, is the world a place of sin? Isn’t the world a magnificent place? And mundane, which is of the world … isn’t that magnificent too? Why are you still here then?
* Do you choose to have a pleasurable life or a life of suffering? Can anyone say that feeling pleasure is bad? And it doesn’t have to be momentary – you can allow the pleasure of life to envelop you in such a way that each step, each breath, each look is an authentic and complete pleasure.
* In fact, what you put into life comes back to you because it is you. If you are always removing from yourself, how do you expect to receive?
* What is “normal” and why do you want to be normal?
* The future is today.
* Whenever you are ready to let go of that drug called adrenaline, your worries will dissipate. Drama exists because you light up the fire in order to warm up and check if you’re still alive. As you are sleepwalking you have to constantly remind yourself that you are still here…
… Wake up! Pinch yourself! Do you still need drama?
* Do you still want to be a victim? Why? Better even: what purpose does it serve?
* Do you still want to experience lack in your life? Once again: what purpose do these experiences serve?
* Even if you have a lot of money, if you keep it like a vintage piece, it’s because you feel scarce. There’s something missing.
Everything, absolutely everything has a purpose. It may be useful for you now or not, but it has a purpose.
To finalize, just a side comment about abundance.
Abundance isn’t just money. It’s everything, everything you want it to be.
Do you want abundance of limitation or abundance of free and unlimited possibilities?
Think about it! Limits keep you in your place, in your small place, I would say. And that which is unlimited is beyond understanding. Can you accept to be boundless?
Create the space to be… abundant. You are the abundance that you seek.
And do you know something else? You already have everything in your reality! You really do! Take a look at all of those points where you feel more lacking. Please consider: all of creation has its reverse potential within itself. Change the way you live that abundance of lack into abundance of prosperity. How? By choice and in complete trust. Et voilá.
Too simple?
Try it. After all you have nothing to lose… J

 Introspection Exercises:

Firstly please look at all of the beliefs about money which are outlined in this chapter and check if you have any of them yourself and whether you choose to keep them. In other words, does/do it/they still serve you?
Secondly please check if you have other beliefs about money that haven’t been mentioned here but which you feel also have a limiting influence on you and your abundance. Please note them down here.

 Thirdly, please reread all of the new suggestions about money (pages 112 to 114) and consider them, by also answering the questions they pose.

Stop, take a deep breath and choose: how do you want to be now?
How much are you willing to BE?
How much are you willing to love?
How much are you willing to receive?
Can you believe?
Can you trust?
Can you be simple?
Do you want abundance of limitations or abundance of free and unlimited possibilities?

Can you accept to be boundless?

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