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BOOK / COURSE The Flow of Abundance Part 17

The Formula Beyond the Formula

So it goes like this: choose – trust – receive. Right?

Yes, it is true. It works and it is very simple indeed.

When you start allowing this to happen, seeing how it works, having definite proof of it, you invariably fall in love. No, not with someone else, though that might be an added bonus – but with YOU!!! With your Essence, with your entire Self, with your Divinity, with your Humanity, with Life itself, with everything, with everyone – you slowly but surely become LOVE, you release judgments, shames and guilts, you stop bickering and complaining. You stop wishing you were somewhere else living a different life because you start living the life you are actually choosing to live!

Note: while you feel fed up, while you are complaining about your life, while you wish you were somewhere else living a different life, everything will remain exactly the same because your insatisfaction validates itself with your being fed up – keeping you in that state and perpetuating it.

Back to the moment when you fall in love… for yourself. You respect yourself as never before, and therefore respect others as never before, and that becomes the place where your choices stem from – not from your victimness – from your grandness, and you see it in you, you see it in everyone.

Grandness doesn’t fit into smallness, you see. When grandness moves in, smallness instantly disappears. It’s like a drop in the ocean – when it falls into its vastness, it is no longer a drop, but the entire ocean!

So Love. You are Love. Love is step number 1.
When you Are and you Love – you ARE LOVE -there is this never ending fountain of youth bubbling from within you, TRUST becomes natural.
What is there left not to Trust?
When you are Love, Fear disappears.
It’s like entering a dark room where you seem to see shadows and then switching on the lights and realizing the shadows were nothing but your overactive imagination telling you stories of fear.
And fear fosters doubt. And doubt leads you to believe in smallness, in impossibilities, in limitations.
When you switch on the Lights of Love all of that – “pooft” – disappears!

Step number 2: TRUST.
You choose in Love, you Trust, and then you simply enjoy it all! The receiving part is a given fact, since there is no doubt. That’s why all that remains to revel in is the guaranteed result of your choices – 100% of the time! No energy wasted at all.

Step number3: ENJOY.
How does this benefit the world?

Firstly you spare everyone from spending energy fostering your victimness and you spare yourself the energy spent on struggling to keep the victimness game active in your life – and in everyone else’s life. Can you figure just how much energy is saved and used appropriately for the greater good of each one and therefore of all?

Secondly, you lead by example. If you can do it, anyone can do it. And if one chooses to, they can live like this – no matter how dire their reality seems to be. But is that what everyone wants? You have no idea, and you have no right to interfere with other people’s realities.

Therefore just live and let live and all shall fall into place of its own accord and in its own perfect rhythm.

Thirdly, as you live your life, honouring each living creature, in gratitude for everything and everyone that crosses your path, in simplicity and respecting the natural flow of existence, you open up new doors of consciousness and lay new tracks that bring in a whole new array of potentials for the entire planet – an infinitude of possibilities which stem from Love, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Joy, Bounty, Purity, Serenity… Now you tell me: can you think of any greater gift to give the world?

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