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BOOK / COURSE The Flow of Abundance 7


Health is one of the 4 areas in life which relate to Abundance. They are: our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with others, our physical health and our relationship with the material world.
It comes thus as no surprise that one of the favourite themes people use as a good luck omen to each other is Health.
I found an article a few days ago that said that in general we spend an average of 5 years of our lives worrying! See how much time (energy) we spend with something that is totally useless? Worry! And most of our worries are about our bodies (its shape, weight, health), closely followed by our financial worries. Money is the theme of our next chapter. Now the theme is the Body and its state of Health.
Everything in our lives is interconnected. There cannot therefore be health if there is imbalance. My concept of balance is inner balance, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. Lack of this balance leads us to behave in unhealthy ways. Actually our lack of conscious choice concerning our reality, which is a direct consequence of not using our expanded consciousness, leads to the random nature of our lives in all areas, including physical health.
When I mention Health in this chapter, I am referring to Health in general, be it physical or mental, since any kind of health imbalance has a direct reflection on our bodies, which is our main subject here.
Not being a doctor, it is not my purpose to pass diagnosis here, nor to advise medical healing solutions. I am, however, a Health and Fitness professional, and in this context I deem to offer a more ample vision of Health.
There are several pertinent issues to focus on.
The first issue to address shall be your current relationship with your body. Here are some questions for you to consider.

Please reply to these questions without reflecting about them. Simply give the first answer that springs to mind, without thinking about what sense the questions and answers make:

1.      From 0 to 100% how do you consider your relationship with your body?

2.      Are there parts of your body with which you do not feel entirely satisfied? Please answer just YES or NO.

3.      From 0 to 100%, what is your degree of Comfort with your body?

Is what others think about your body relevant to you? Please reply just YES or NO.

Please write a few sentences or key words/phases about the following questions:
1.       What do you do to take care of your body?

2.       Does what you do to take care of your body derive from your fear of becoming ill or from your pleasure in being healthy?

3.       Do you usually respect your body’s natural rhythms (for example: resting when you’re tired, sleeping when you’re sleepy, giving time to your body for it to regenerate naturally when you are ill, stopping when you feel pain and taking care of that pain… and so on?

4.       Do you listen to your body (do you feel what it tells you)?

5.       Is your body the physical shape / space with which you present yourself to the world, or is it the physical form you inhabit?

6.       Have you ever noticed that your emotions affect the way in which you feel your body? And if you have, do you allow yourself to feel them in your body or do you try and put them to sleep (through food, exercise, agitation, television or any other form of distraction)?

How to use these questions in a productive way? Firstly, these questions have given you the opportunity to make your position towards your body clearer to you, helping you to realize how you relate to it. The answers have probably shown you whether you relationship with your body is simple and fluid or otherwise, an area of “conflict” for you. If there are parts of your body that you reject, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, if you don’t entirely respect its natural rhythms, if you are not aware of the fact that your emotions and thoughts affect your physical well-being, or on the other hand you are aware but always use some sort of distraction in order not to feel your body’s calls – then it is natural that your health sometimes fails.
Please bear with me: if you didn’t have a body you would not be able to walk on the Earth. You would not be able to taste, smell, see, hear, feel all that surrounds you. Even if any of these faculties is not available to you due to a health/bodily condition, there is always much abundance to behold one way or another, on this bountiful planet.
Ok. Some people are born with birth or hereditary conditions, or other physical handicaps. We all bring our story with us, imprinted in our genetic pattern, in all of our cells, molecules and electrons.
The question is that the potential for transformation of anything in our bodies exists. And it exists equally for all of us. Some may be choosing not to transform what they have brought into this lifetime with them, because it serves a multitude of purposes no one can grasp totally. And so it is. Nevertheless, there are others who shall want to transform themselves, and even though outer physical handicaps are not always easy to change, the way in which we choose to live in the body we have is completely changeable.
Here are a few challenges to general western (and other) beliefs about physical health
·         There are simply no irreversible or incurable chronic, birth hereditary diseases.
·         There is, actually, no such thing as incurable diseases.
·         The body has its own healing processes.
·         DNA is in constant transformation, as we change our habits, belief systems, behaviour, thoughts. We can, therefore, remove hereditary diseases, be it from our own life, be it from our children’s lineage, if they have been conceived after the transformation has occurred in our own DNA.

Be it your physical health, or any other area of your life, what you believe in is what you see, understand and accept, thus, it is what occurs. 

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