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BOOK/ COURSE The Flow of Abundance 15

Key Points – Reflection and Reconnection

Note: After each point there is some space for you to take note of your reflections. I suggest you consider each key point, one by one. Consider it at least for one full day, finding the connection between what is said in the key point, and what you feel and live in your reality. Like this it’ll be easier for you to relate these points to everyday life and perceive what use they can have for you. The points are divided by themes in order to make understanding and “digestion” easier J

·         Life on Earth is a very Real Illusion. In other words, it all depends on what we create with our beliefs and choices, and everything can change depending on that.

·         The Future is the Past healed… in the Now moment. In order to heal the past, it is necessary to accept it totally – Compassion. Perception, acceptance, integration and letting go. Accept that everything has a purpose, there is no such thing as failure. Forgiveness is really letting go, letting go of the attachment to whatever needs to be released, freeing you and whatever or whoever you have been keeping imprisoned.

·         When we become conscious creators of our reality, we go beyond the limits of Space and Time – we go past linearity and start undulating – like a dance.

·         Sequence of Life related to our development process as Human and Divine beings: to know oneself, to experience oneself, to reunite oneself, to express oneself and to expand oneself.

·         What we believe in is what produces manifestation in our reality – energy converges to bring us exactly what we believe to be “true”. Energy serves our intention, allowing us to experience what we are choosing or believing each moment.

·         Whatever we are willing to accept we deserve determines what we receive.

·         Fear of failure limits the result of our choices.

·         Keeping the “just enough” game active, motivates us to perpetuate the game itself, to perpetuate the search.

·         When one is in permanent search, one cannot be entirely present here and now.

·         Please consider: it is not only you that attract certain situations – you also feel attracted by them. Why do they attract you?

·         Please consider: do you really have free will – or are your aspects the ones who determine your choices, experiences, wishes and needs?

·         We are afraid of our own strength – we are afraid of being different from the crowd.

·         Choose not from a place of despair and need – but from a place of passion/desire, placing no limits, without trying to control and without creating expectations.

·         In order to be abundant one must feel abundant.

·         Being abundant requires being Present in the body, consciously in the now moment.

·         We are all intrinsically abundant, it is our birthright.

·     By removing limitation, we can create something totally new.

·         Old Energy was Vibrational – Dual; New Energy is Expansive. It is totally spontaneous and completely unpredictable.

·         Energy was born when we left Home and were seeking Who Am I?; How do I get back Home?; Where is Home? There was a need to seek. This need has brought us where we are right now and has allowed us to go through all of our experiences. Energy is Consciousness’ instrument to provide experience.

·         We are not Energy. We are Consciousness.

·         New Energy derives from the discovery and acceptance that we are already at Home, that I Am that I Am, that I Am God Also, from the Reunion of all of our parts and Expansion of what Was. Therefore it is Unified, not Dual.

·         All Energy seeks resolution – when it is not managed by our conscious choices, it manifests at random, depending on our belief systems, which are unconscious choices.

·         Energy is entirely at our service – all we need to do is choose and say in what way we wish it to serve us. If we do not choose, it manifests anyway – in obeisance to our beliefs.

·         The Infinite returns to Itself.

·         New Energy cannot be duplicated – it is unique, it always occurs in an original way.

·         If Energy is stagnant… shake it… literally! Move! Shake your body! Shake your money! Jump! Play!

·         Routine kills creativity and vitality because it stagnates energy – it stagnates you. If your life, or part of it, is routine, please observe in what way. Small changes in everyday life set energy in motion and lead you to create something new all the time. Try and see J

·         All possible potentials have already been created and are already available, all you need to do is access them and choose which ones you want to manifest – simply because potentials are just energy in its purest state.

·         In order to access those potentials it is necessary to expand our consciousness beyond the protective limits of what we deem to be incapable of producing, of feeling, of being, of creating…

·         How one manifests in the New Energy: Passion/Desire; Joy; Simplicity. Do not create plans and expectations – rather Be all that you can Be in the Now moment. Trust, Trust, Trust. Inner Unity.

·         How we try and manifest: from duality: by Strength, Power and Effort – hypnotic programming.

·         It is not the mind that creates – the Mind is not creative. The creative impulse comes from Feeling – it is deeper than the Mind. The Mind is only the instrument that mechanizes feeling. So it is useless to be afraid of one’s thoughts, for they are not the ones in command – YOU ARE – I AM THAT I AM.

·         The Law of Attraction has nothing to do with visualizations, prayers, invocations or any other type of mental programming. It derives from clear choices.

·         Many times, what we want does not manifest in this dimension due to inner conflict and lack of trust, but it manifests somewhere, interdimensionally.

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