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BOOK / COURSE The Flow of Abundance - Part 18

How does the Magic happen?

Here it is.

Simple. Actually, simplicity is the key. That’s why it seems so hard to BE: we like to complicate!

First: Have you made your choice about LIFE? In other words, have you truly chosen to LIVE?

Don’t take it lightly, please. Stop. Look within you and see. Have you ever really chosen to LIVE?

We tend to move through life because we are here, not because we truly want to be here! It is called survival and the shift from just surviving to actually living is the first greatest shift towards the magic in life… The thing is, life can’t give you anything if you aren’t accepting to live it… to be in it… to participate in it… to tell it what you choose… to play with it...

And choose to live not because your children need you, because your husband or wife needs you, because your friends need you, because your parents need you, because your work needs you, because the Earth needs you, because you have a Mission, because you’re going to save the World… Just because you accept to finally receive this magnificent gift you have been given, and have been rejecting, pretending not to have! Because  you finally choose to respect life and all that it contains, including taking care of your body – the Sacred Temple that you inhabit – otherwise LIFE cannot inhabit you!... And you cannot receive what you choose… and you cannot give the SPECIAL ONE that you are back to LIFE – you cannot share your unique treasures and all in all, you cannot BE… if you´re not at HOME.

The hitch is when you truly choose to LIVE, death cannot save you! You can no longer wish you would die or disappear whenever the going gets tough! You finally assume yourself, your body, your space, your time, your place in the perfect orchestra of existence. No more running away – it’s time to PLAY!

Once you choose to live and accept you are alive – you realize you have all you have sought for, all you will ever possibly need – it’s there in you in all forms and sizes. That’s where you start seeing the miracles and living your PURPOSE.

Second: Each moment you have the choice to FIGHT against or to COOPERATE with… What do you choose?
The law of survival obeys the “fight or flight” principle. Either you fight against what you consider endangers your survival, or you run away from it, pretending it can’t hurt you – so you alienate from feeling love and believe in the illusion of fear – actually, you alienate from LIFE, because it seems too painful to bear at times. The thing is, when you build your walls, keeping feeling out, you close up to everything – the so called good feelings as well. And then you sleepwalk, and sleeptalk, believing you are living – but you are just surviving.

Cooperating with life is opening up to it – all of it, not just the parts you consider are worth opening up to. It is being bold enough to dive into it, even when you have no idea what you’re going to find! I mean, you know all about surviving, you know the results it usually brings… but if you haven’t chosen to Live, you realize you know nothing about living, so you fear what you will find. There’s no way to know but to jump! Go on… it’s ok… and it's worth it. Really!

Third: But before moving on, consider – DRAMA or SIMPLICITY? In fact, it is the same as FIGHT of COOPERATE? Do you choose to live in a battlefield or a playground?

Adrenaline is a very addictive self-made drug. It costs no money but it costs you your LIFE and all that it could contain!!! Drama is the main source for adrenaline and it works wonders to remind us that we are alive…surviving the hardships, the struggle, the strife, we are strong, we are still here! Well if you are still here, why not use the precious time you have making things simple for a change, and see what results that brings you? Afraid of becoming bored? I can assure you when you choose to LIVE and open up your FEELING sensors full blast, life is INTENSE! Very intense! Non dramatic is much more intense than dramatic! It’s full screen, High Definition, total Surround System, the Highest Technology you can possibly access! And you will have more energy available than ever before, because you’re not wasting it in the struggle for survival, which is pretty hard work, I must say.

Fourth: YES or NO?

Take a look at your daily mind chatter. How much rejection is there in it? How many no’s do you say? How many impossibles can you find? How many doors do you close? How many opportunities do you deny yourself? How many people do you exclude?

This is not about a mind game of substituting YES for NO! That might seem to work at a more superficial level, but deep down the “shit” (sorry about that!:) remains!! Saying YES, means shifting from rejection mode to acceptance/cooperation mode – saying YES to LIFE. “Yes, I choose to Live” could be a mantra, initially, just for you to consider it long enough, until it becomes a real, firm choice, from deep within you. That’s when the shift truly happens.

Fifth: WORRY or PLAY?

Yes, that’s it. You can either worry and get lost in it, or you can play with each experience as it comes to you and find yourself (and let the solution show you its own way). When you worry, you hinder your magical “problem solving” capacities! And since you are a master problem creator, you are also a master problem solver, one could not exist without the other. Now, do you want to concentrate on the problem or on the solution? 

SOULUTION, I like to call it.

Sixth: Last but not least – Shhhhhhh… SILIENCE!

Stop polluting your world with worry, stress, anxiety, drama, fear – SMALLNESS!!!!

Yes. SILENCE allows you to see your GRANDNESS – and you are so grand it might be frightening to accept at first. But sooner or later it’s inevitable that you assume your grandness. That’s just the way it is. It’s WHO YOU TRULY ARE! You can keep on playing the pretend game for as long as you like, eternity never ends – it is the compassionate breath of ALL THAT IS, watching your film, no matter what it is, and knowing all is well in all of creation, simply because who you are can never be taken from you – IT IS – YOU ARE!

Breathe SILENCE and discover your TRUE SELF.

And that’s it. This is how the MAGIC HAPPENS.


Introspection Exercises:

Have you ever truly chosen to LIVE?

 Each moment you have the choice between FIGHTING against or COOPERATING with… what do you choose? 

 DRAMA or SIMPLICITY – do you choose to live in a battlefield or a playground?

 YES or NO?

Please look at your daily mind chatter. How much rejection is there? How many no’s do you say? How many impossibles do you find? How many doors do you close? How many opportunities do you deny yourself? How many people do you exclude?

 Do you choose to concentrate on the problem or the solution?

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Life is Long / A Vida é Longa

BOOK / COURSE The Flow of Abundance Part 17

The Formula Beyond the Formula

So it goes like this: choose – trust – receive. Right?

Yes, it is true. It works and it is very simple indeed.

When you start allowing this to happen, seeing how it works, having definite proof of it, you invariably fall in love. No, not with someone else, though that might be an added bonus – but with YOU!!! With your Essence, with your entire Self, with your Divinity, with your Humanity, with Life itself, with everything, with everyone – you slowly but surely become LOVE, you release judgments, shames and guilts, you stop bickering and complaining. You stop wishing you were somewhere else living a different life because you start living the life you are actually choosing to live!

Note: while you feel fed up, while you are complaining about your life, while you wish you were somewhere else living a different life, everything will remain exactly the same because your insatisfaction validates itself with your being fed up – keeping you in that state and perpetuating it.

Back to the moment when you fall in love… for yourself. You respect yourself as never before, and therefore respect others as never before, and that becomes the place where your choices stem from – not from your victimness – from your grandness, and you see it in you, you see it in everyone.

Grandness doesn’t fit into smallness, you see. When grandness moves in, smallness instantly disappears. It’s like a drop in the ocean – when it falls into its vastness, it is no longer a drop, but the entire ocean!

So Love. You are Love. Love is step number 1.
When you Are and you Love – you ARE LOVE -there is this never ending fountain of youth bubbling from within you, TRUST becomes natural.
What is there left not to Trust?
When you are Love, Fear disappears.
It’s like entering a dark room where you seem to see shadows and then switching on the lights and realizing the shadows were nothing but your overactive imagination telling you stories of fear.
And fear fosters doubt. And doubt leads you to believe in smallness, in impossibilities, in limitations.
When you switch on the Lights of Love all of that – “pooft” – disappears!

Step number 2: TRUST.
You choose in Love, you Trust, and then you simply enjoy it all! The receiving part is a given fact, since there is no doubt. That’s why all that remains to revel in is the guaranteed result of your choices – 100% of the time! No energy wasted at all.

Step number3: ENJOY.
How does this benefit the world?

Firstly you spare everyone from spending energy fostering your victimness and you spare yourself the energy spent on struggling to keep the victimness game active in your life – and in everyone else’s life. Can you figure just how much energy is saved and used appropriately for the greater good of each one and therefore of all?

Secondly, you lead by example. If you can do it, anyone can do it. And if one chooses to, they can live like this – no matter how dire their reality seems to be. But is that what everyone wants? You have no idea, and you have no right to interfere with other people’s realities.

Therefore just live and let live and all shall fall into place of its own accord and in its own perfect rhythm.

Thirdly, as you live your life, honouring each living creature, in gratitude for everything and everyone that crosses your path, in simplicity and respecting the natural flow of existence, you open up new doors of consciousness and lay new tracks that bring in a whole new array of potentials for the entire planet – an infinitude of possibilities which stem from Love, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Joy, Bounty, Purity, Serenity… Now you tell me: can you think of any greater gift to give the world?

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BOOK/COURSE The Flow of Abundance Part 16

The Passion for Life

Many human beings complain that their lives are monotonous, routine and uninteresting. Others, on the contrary, spend their time staggering from one drama to the next, totally numb by suffering, hating their lives nonetheless.
Some do have interesting lives, but there is always something missing. They are not as free as they wished to be, or so… as they would like to be, the list could go on and on.
There is, however, a minority of human beings who are completely satisfied with their lives, living the fulfillment of being here, in total satisfaction.
Once our basic needs for food, shelter and some sort of comfort have been satisfied, I would go so far as to say that everyone would like to be part of this last category of human beings, and the recipe is quite simple, much simpler than everything else.
First: CHOOSE!
Choose what you really want in life… Yes, yes, you’d like to but you can’t because this and that and the other. Please stop! I didn’t say “think about how you’re going to get what you’ve chosen”, or “think about all of the obstacles and limitations between you and what you want”. I said “Choose” – CLEARLY AND FEARLESSLY.
Second: TRUST.
Without expectations or doubts. Doubt kills the possibility. Expectation kills creativity.
What changes are you ready to make in your life in order to finally trust? In order to finally choose?
To what extent are you willing to receive what you have chosen?
If you are believing in all sorts of limitations, thinking that life is something that happens to you and not something you make happen, that you don’t deserve to receive, that you have to take care of everyone except yourself… your life will always be something tasteless or a bit bitter, sometimes bittersweet but rarely very sweet.
Invite passion to enter your life. Allow yourself to taste it, to feel it, to nurture it. Allow yourself to let go of what no longer serves you with gratitude for the experiences you have had with what you are letting go of and allow yourself to choose and create something new in your life… willingly, with courage, determination, focus, freedom, joy, for the pleasure of playing the unique melody which is the DANCE OF LIFE.

Introspection Exercises

What changes are you willing to make in your life, in order to trust totally? In order to choose?

To what extent are you open to receiving what you have chosen?

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Seeds of Creativity / Sementes de Criatividade

BOOK/ COURSE The Flow of Abundance 15

Key Points – Reflection and Reconnection

Note: After each point there is some space for you to take note of your reflections. I suggest you consider each key point, one by one. Consider it at least for one full day, finding the connection between what is said in the key point, and what you feel and live in your reality. Like this it’ll be easier for you to relate these points to everyday life and perceive what use they can have for you. The points are divided by themes in order to make understanding and “digestion” easier J

·         Life on Earth is a very Real Illusion. In other words, it all depends on what we create with our beliefs and choices, and everything can change depending on that.

·         The Future is the Past healed… in the Now moment. In order to heal the past, it is necessary to accept it totally – Compassion. Perception, acceptance, integration and letting go. Accept that everything has a purpose, there is no such thing as failure. Forgiveness is really letting go, letting go of the attachment to whatever needs to be released, freeing you and whatever or whoever you have been keeping imprisoned.

·         When we become conscious creators of our reality, we go beyond the limits of Space and Time – we go past linearity and start undulating – like a dance.

·         Sequence of Life related to our development process as Human and Divine beings: to know oneself, to experience oneself, to reunite oneself, to express oneself and to expand oneself.

·         What we believe in is what produces manifestation in our reality – energy converges to bring us exactly what we believe to be “true”. Energy serves our intention, allowing us to experience what we are choosing or believing each moment.

·         Whatever we are willing to accept we deserve determines what we receive.

·         Fear of failure limits the result of our choices.

·         Keeping the “just enough” game active, motivates us to perpetuate the game itself, to perpetuate the search.

·         When one is in permanent search, one cannot be entirely present here and now.

·         Please consider: it is not only you that attract certain situations – you also feel attracted by them. Why do they attract you?

·         Please consider: do you really have free will – or are your aspects the ones who determine your choices, experiences, wishes and needs?

·         We are afraid of our own strength – we are afraid of being different from the crowd.

·         Choose not from a place of despair and need – but from a place of passion/desire, placing no limits, without trying to control and without creating expectations.

·         In order to be abundant one must feel abundant.

·         Being abundant requires being Present in the body, consciously in the now moment.

·         We are all intrinsically abundant, it is our birthright.

·     By removing limitation, we can create something totally new.

·         Old Energy was Vibrational – Dual; New Energy is Expansive. It is totally spontaneous and completely unpredictable.

·         Energy was born when we left Home and were seeking Who Am I?; How do I get back Home?; Where is Home? There was a need to seek. This need has brought us where we are right now and has allowed us to go through all of our experiences. Energy is Consciousness’ instrument to provide experience.

·         We are not Energy. We are Consciousness.

·         New Energy derives from the discovery and acceptance that we are already at Home, that I Am that I Am, that I Am God Also, from the Reunion of all of our parts and Expansion of what Was. Therefore it is Unified, not Dual.

·         All Energy seeks resolution – when it is not managed by our conscious choices, it manifests at random, depending on our belief systems, which are unconscious choices.

·         Energy is entirely at our service – all we need to do is choose and say in what way we wish it to serve us. If we do not choose, it manifests anyway – in obeisance to our beliefs.

·         The Infinite returns to Itself.

·         New Energy cannot be duplicated – it is unique, it always occurs in an original way.

·         If Energy is stagnant… shake it… literally! Move! Shake your body! Shake your money! Jump! Play!

·         Routine kills creativity and vitality because it stagnates energy – it stagnates you. If your life, or part of it, is routine, please observe in what way. Small changes in everyday life set energy in motion and lead you to create something new all the time. Try and see J

·         All possible potentials have already been created and are already available, all you need to do is access them and choose which ones you want to manifest – simply because potentials are just energy in its purest state.

·         In order to access those potentials it is necessary to expand our consciousness beyond the protective limits of what we deem to be incapable of producing, of feeling, of being, of creating…

·         How one manifests in the New Energy: Passion/Desire; Joy; Simplicity. Do not create plans and expectations – rather Be all that you can Be in the Now moment. Trust, Trust, Trust. Inner Unity.

·         How we try and manifest: from duality: by Strength, Power and Effort – hypnotic programming.

·         It is not the mind that creates – the Mind is not creative. The creative impulse comes from Feeling – it is deeper than the Mind. The Mind is only the instrument that mechanizes feeling. So it is useless to be afraid of one’s thoughts, for they are not the ones in command – YOU ARE – I AM THAT I AM.

·         The Law of Attraction has nothing to do with visualizations, prayers, invocations or any other type of mental programming. It derives from clear choices.

·         Many times, what we want does not manifest in this dimension due to inner conflict and lack of trust, but it manifests somewhere, interdimensionally.

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BOOK/COURSE The Flow of Abundance Part 14

Debt or Gift

While observing relational dynamics amongst human beings, I have understood that that which keeps us attached to what we call “destiny” is constant debt. Both, destiny and debt, are illusionary, but they keep us glued to the supposed fatality of our unchangeable destiny.
There are many seductions in the Earthly realm. The most basic are food and sex. The pleasure of both keeps us in a sort of addictive hypnosis which dictates our choices time and again. They are the primal seductions and they bring forth the first sensation of permanent debt. In the first case, debt towards ourselves, towards our health, image, pleasure and in the second case, debt towards each other. Actually, one of the great battle fields for supposed Power, also illusionary is the common sexual relationship, where, instead of a balanced energy exchange, there is generally always one that dominates over the other and creates a pattern of “debt”. As one gives the other what he/she deems necessary, that other keeps attached to that need and in order to obtain the sexual favours he/she cannot live without, permanent debt is installed.
Besides this more personal and more intimate side, we also have the social reflex, in all sorts of relationships – where there is always some sort of sensation of “debt”.
It also shows up related to the pre-conceived image of God – where the concept of permanently owing something in exchange for clemency and forgiveness, understanding and acceptance was created.
Have a look at how banks function in modern society. They use debt to keep their clients tied up, so that they can have their profits and invest them as they like.
 We also have the concept of karmic debt. In other words, whether we remember or not, we are always in permanent debt with someone and this determines the quality of our interactions and choices.
We are always in debt towards ourselves, towards others, towards society in general, towards God… debt, debt, debt, debt.
And what is the feeling that stems from permanent debt? Guilt!!!
Guilt keeps us attached to the repetitive and seductive wheel of the “Small Human Self”! Guilt generates some sort of need for punishment and redemption – which is what “Karma” means, but in another language – and in turn everything is reduced to DEBT.
Being in permanent debt is letting energy seep out through each pore, using our energy in a chaotic and inefficient way, and therefore having to get it from others instead of generating it ourselves.
What if we became efficient in our use of energy?
Yes, it is possible to leave the repetitive wheel of permanent debt – the so called karmic wheel.
By choice.
Yes, it is that simple.
But it also requires assuming responsibility for our humanness, accepting that everything is in perfect order, inviting our essence to finally integrate with us and trusting beyond limits. Trusting that there aren’t and never have been wrong choices, only different experiences. Trusting that our sovereignty is and always shall be, irrespective of experiences. Trusting that you are God also, and that though you have forgotten, that has been the basic motivation for all of your experiences. Trusting that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you say or do because sooner or later, everyone finds their own way back home – in other words, home always shows itself to whomever accepts it within themselves.
I know that this worries you. If you let go of debt you can become bad, incorrect, evil… Therefore you need to enter a deep state of Compassion. A Love which is so great, so vast, so unconditional that you finally accept everything in you, all that you have been and are, all that you have done and said, with no judgment. Then you understand the illusion of your Power games, of the game of debt, and you simply stop playing it. So you won’t go around killing anyone, or abusing anyone, or stealing from anyone. When you finally find out who you are and you fully accept that You Are That You Are, and you really begin a love relationship with your Essence, when you let go of the search, of the fight, of the need to be something you are already, and always have been – everything changes.
Now feel for you. What would your life be like without debt (of any form)? Which possibilities open up for you? Which new paths show themselves?
This is the gift of Isness, and when you Are, that Love that you spread around you is so intense that it fills everything around you. It is a permanent gift. Simple. Effortless.
 What if you didn’t need to make an effort in order to generate Money to pay your bills… etc… etc, what would you do with your life? What would you keep and what would you eliminate if you were totally abundant in all senses, free from debt?
Notice that debt does not necessarily relate to money but rather to the way we fell about it and the way we feel about ourselves. Therefore, we can have bills to pay and so called bank debts to settle but not feel we are in debt and this is what makes the difference. 
When you open up to receive what Life has to give to you, you are filled with that abundance and that’s what you give back to life, that quality of being abundant. You are the permanent YES, open to receive, open to create, open to give… just because: YES.
 Pssst… Have you had a look at your no’s?
Remember that even if it doesn’t seem so, everything is perfect in all of creation because everything simply… IS.


What would your life be like without debt (of any kind)? What possibilities open up? What new paths show themselves?

If you didn’t need to make an effort in order to generate money to pay your bills… etc… etc… what would you do with your life?  

What would you keep and what would you let go of if you were totally abundant in all senses, free from debt?

Have you taken a look at your no’s? What are they?