segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2012



Now take a look at this funny event :)
Yesterday I left my daughter at her grandmother’s and then went out to take care of my daily life…
Her grandmother was complaining that she had lost her tweezers, that’s the last thing I heard as I left.
In the meantime I found a friend of mine in the street and we were inviting each other for lunch when we saw my daughter coming down the street. She had no idea where I was or what I was doing. She had rung the bell at my friend’s house, but as she was with me, in the street, of course she was not home.
So she finally arrived near us and we both asked what she was up to. She said “I’m going to buy some tweezers for my grandmother”. But she had nothing in her hands! So we asked “but where is your money, what are you going to buy them with?”. She said “I have no idea!” Oh boy, we laughed out loud! My daughter had left her grandmother’s house to buy the tweezers she was complaining about but had no idea how she was going to do it! That’s why she had stopped by at my friend’s house – she might have had the money she needed, but even though there was no one home, she still kept on walking down the street, somehow knowing she was going to buy the tweezers!
Of course I took her to the shop and we got not one pair but two pairs of tweezers! And that’s it.
The amazing thing is she had no idea how she was going to do what she had set out to do, but she did know that she was going to do it somehow. What a lesson she taught me!!!
Do you know what trust is?

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  1. Mas que Maravilha!!!

    O "segredo" está quando ..."A confiança é o supremo tempero do Amor/Paixão de se Ser_Alma, de entre a grandeza de demais Seres_Alma" (Artemis)