quarta-feira, 20 de junho de 2012

Gifts Galore!

Gifts Galore!

Some days are so full of gifts that it’s just an ongoing sequence of “How much are you willing to receive?”
It is not just the tangible gifts. It is the people. It is the places. It is the feelings. It is the events. It is the experiences.
When these days come along I sit back and enjoy the ride and say to myself “YES, I CAN live this way, this is indeed MY LIFE”. Boundless gratitude overflows, filling my heart with a tender warmth of deep serenity.
This is it. The fact that I have worked long and hard to integrate myself enough to be able to finally appreciate all of this makes it all the more fulfilling.
Every step of the way has been worthwhile so far, and every step itself is all that matters, each moment. There is nowhere else to be but in the step itself.
Now some of the gifts of the day.
I was taken on a lovely visit through the main areas of the city of Stockholm and my senses were allowed to feast on the cultural movement of the Swedish people, which states that beauty should be a part of everyday life, everywhere.

Special care is taken with design, cuisine, nature, fashion, space, friendliness, health, well being, calmness, respect.

Children are respected, adults are respected, people in general are respectful and appreciative and there is much investment in taking good care of oneself as well. Handicapped people have all the facilities they need to move with independence too. It is a gift to be able to feel this.
Here success is not an aim to achieve, it is a fact. Creativity is stimulated and appreciated and the rate of achievement in music composition, singing and dancing is higher per capita here than anywhere else in the world. One can feel this. It is embedded in the streets, in the buildings, in the water, in the air. It is a gift to be able to feel this.

Playing the piano... with glasses and water!

Here people earn good salaries, pay high taxes but receive the reward of their contribution through free education, efficient health care and an overall organized system. It is a gift to be able to feel this.
Going down the Queen’s Lane, in the centre of Stockholm, one feels the royalty of the town in each person’s heart. It is a feeling of sovereignty that transcends the royal family. Everyone is royal, yet not arrogant. It is a gift to be able to feel this.

There is an inbuilt open mindedness that is felt in the way people relate to their bodies, to each other and within their family bonds as well. Children are educated in a non-violent concept, and it works – they are very well behaved!
Over half of the population are atheists, the other half are Lutherans and apparently this is a recipe for peace. No one is fighting over the best religion, the right God, they simply respect each other’s God within. It is a gift to be able to feel this.
Ah, and the economic crisis is an alien movie here! Sweden didn’t adhere to the Euro. So, a break from the crisis drama for a few days… :)
Don’t get me wrong. I am not comparing this society with any other, I am just pointing out what for me are its Aces – the victories that allow the whole system to function smoothly. All countries have their own treasures. All cultures are special. All people are gifted. Everywhere.
What I love about travelling is the pleasure of diving into each environment’s preciousness. It is part of my personal growth and it adds so much more to my life experience.
Once again I point out how grateful I feel.
Back to the day.
In the afternoon I had a book presentation in a dainty garden at a friend’s house. When we arrived he had prepared chocolate cake and coffee for all of us. Thank you!
It was also a special moment of sharing love amongst the whole group who turned up. I love sharing points of view with others. Listening to their words and meanings and bringing it all together as one, that is more than sum of its parts.
It was also a friend of mine’s birthday so they prepared a surprise for her! A nice cake, a cute card and… a butterfly! Beautiful moments.

She was so touched that she decided to buy dinner for all of us! That was another celebration. And to top it up, a friend who is a musician, composer and singer came along as well and filled the house with music and laughter.
When I finally went to bed, all I could feel was gratitude, love, complete serenity.
Yes, there are people suffering around the world.
But do you know that each time we gather together and share love, joy, laughter, we create a wave of balance that travels around the world, no matter where you are?
Being of service is also this – I would say it IS THIS: being Present, being Whole, being Fulfilled, being Love, being Celebration. It creates a template for everyone and anyone to access and be inspired by.
And so it is :)

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  1. :) Gostei de td...precisava de viver num sitio assim, xeio de condiçoes!! kiss

  2. :)vamos para lá as duas!!!heheh

  3. O teu testemunho vivido nessa maravilhosa cidade de Estocolmo, aqui singularmente reflectido,tem o "condão" de proporcionar sensações de transparência e de dádiva inarráveis, de bem estar, de alegria, de Amor e Paixão pela Vida, em nós, e com todos aqueles que nos "ligamos", em qualquer "lugar" do planeta!
    Já lá vão uns "anitos" em que senti, em Estocolmo,e em mais nenhum "lugar", essa sensação de liberdade total, de "pretender"Ser Amor/Paixão!
    Bem Hajas, Amiga por essa partilha, visceralmente sentida!!!

  4. Gracias amiga, pela sigeleza do teu sentir aqui tão sabiamente partilhado :) Bem hajas! Um xi coração com todo o AMOR!!!!