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Embodied Enlightenment in the "Real" World

Embodied Enlightenment in the "Real" World

These are some reflections about living as a fully realized Divine Human I recorded while driving peacefully through Portuguese countryside.

Written (the audio file is down below):

"Is it possible to be a fully realized Master and live a regular life without having to live out of society?

Yes, but with a high class challenge: to interact with 3D while living interdimensionally, creating our reality with access to all sorts of other realities, without the limitations of 3rd Dimension and with the regular challenges of leadership – being alone in a place where many times no one else around us is and nevertheless feeling comfortable, safe. Mastery is a lonely path.

Can anyone do it?

Yes, when the time comes, when one feels that calling, that’s the time and everyone has their own time. One does not need to be a fully realized Divine Human to be an example of Mastery. Mastery can be lived in a very simple way by being coherent, transparent, honest.

Being Fully Realized - Embodied Enlightenment

Being fully realized means that there is nothing to be said that hasn’t been said, nothing to be done that hasn’t been done, nothing to be accomplished that hasn’t been accomplished. It is a state of completeness. That’s being a fully realized Divine Human

It is having no issues to resolve, nothing hidden, it is to know exactly where we are each moment, to be totally Here and Now completely 100% of the time.

It is being fully responsible for our creations, it is creating in the moment and no longer being trigger driven at all, completely letting go of the fear mode. It’s being in another state of consciousness where it is not fear that determines our steps and so it’s not a question of courage, it’s just a question of response-ability - it is creating in the moment. 
There’s no question of positivity or negativity or having to take care of our thoughts, or having to redefine whatever. There is even no notion of harming, of competition or any of those things that define 3rd Dimension.

It is a state where death no longer defines life, so life is not dependent on the fear of death.

It is having no attachment to physical reality though being fully present in it, in order to create.

It’s releasing the Comfort Zone of being able to say “oh you know, I’m just another human so of course I make mistakes and do things and say things that I shouldn’t have done or said”, it’s releasing that need to have to have an excuse.

While in physical form there will always be limitations and there will always be challenges, that’s part of physical reality.

What goes away definitely is the effort, the struggle, the suffering, separation - those are fundamental illusions that disappear.

Being a fully realized Divine Human doesn’t mean that you can instantly cross walls or snap your fingers and things appear and disappear, instantly materializing anything you want. These are preconceived ideas we have created about it and those things are not… or levitate… those things are not necessarily important. What it means is that we relase all of the constraints of being in Human Form so it’s becoming One basically. There are no requirements, like you don’t become a magician, though you are.

Becoming fully realized then is a whole new process, it is also an evolutionary process. The process of evolution never stops and then it opens up a whole new range of extra-sensorial capacities of feeling capacities, but it does so gradually. It opens up new possiblities but it doesn’t open everything at once. It’s a process, it’s a learning process as well. It is a BE coming."

T. C. Aeelah


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