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The Power of Conscious Choice . Mother India's Magic Epilogue Part I

31st July 2017

Epilogue - Part I

About The Graceful Power of Conscious Choice

It has been a little over 2 months since I’ve been back and started this series, which I now intend to turn into a free e-book that has gained shape and dimension on its own, much like it has been writing itself through my hands.

My initial intention was to share the whole experience as I lived it through the power of conscious choice, to refer as many of the deeply inspiring people - women and men - and moments I encoutered on this journey of self discovery and to explore the far reaching consequences of a single event – yet only a very small glimpse of these consequences as I perceive them for myself and for those I had the privilege of interacting with.

In the same way that one cannot encompass or comprehend the grander purposes of our divine nature, being left with the choice to either trust and surrender to it or not – so it is that we cannot envision the whole expanse of this massive project called Women Economic Forum and All LadiesLeague. One can feel the purity of it and wonder whether there is any hidden intent behind it all, other than create meaningful bonds of sisterhood across the globe which connect women and men, reuniting feminine and masculine from within, like only the sweetly compassionate Feminine energy born from expanded consciousness can do.

 And there is no other purpose, no other intent, no hidden agenda. This is, for me, what makes this project so special and far-reaching. It excludes no one, praises freedom of expression in all forms, respects all nations, creeds and purposes just as long as ALL are equally respectful of ALL.

I once again take this opportunity to thank Dr Harbeen Arora for having founded such an organisation and believed that it could be done. As I shared with her a few days ago, only a woman from India could have created something like this. She responds by saying that it is the fruit of her upbringing, her guru’s teachings, of all that crossed her path up until this moment and adds that we all have a part of India coursing in our veins… and I feel it. Deeply. Gratefully.

Here is one of Rumi’s poems, that illustrates the Spirit of India – the Consciousness of Unitiy:

One Song

Every war and every conflict between human beings
has happened because of some disagreement about names.

It is such an unnecessary foolishness,
because just beyond the arguing
there is a long table of companionship
set and waiting for us to sit down.

What is praised is one, so the praise is one too,
many jugs being poured into a huge basin.
All religions, all this singing, one song.
The differences are just illusion and vanity.
Sunlight looks a little different on this wall
than it does on that wall
and a lot different on this other one,
but it is still one light.

We have borrowed these clothes,
these time-and-space personalities,
from a light, and when we praise,
we are pouring them back in.

After coming back much has happened and much has changed. I find myself completely focused on following my true passion: writing and coaching, ready to bid farewell to English teaching in the course of the next year and to embark on a new journey I have not yet fully explored and which does not have an outcome in itself, but is rather an open field of expansive potentials manifesting one breath at a time. I am ready to explore new ways of communicating and relating and as open as ever to just BEing, be it whatever it Is Now.

I have received Masingita Masunga who brough along her friend Thobeka for a short visit to Portugal which resulted in a powerful speech at the school I work for – Linda’s School and also in Thobeka’s interest in the house I have for sale – she is actually raising the funds to buy it! What an improbable thing, someone from South Africa coming all the way to Portugal and finding a place that fulfills her dreams. It is especially amazing because I myself was born in Zimbabwe. So let’s wait and see how it unfolds. They will be back In September with a committee representing South Africa at the Annual Tourism Fair in Lisbon. They felt so at home it seemed to them like Portugal is to be their second home for sure and I was very happy to have them here too. Thank you Masingita and Thobeka.

Jeanette Falotico also paid me a visit and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon together, sharing our experience in India and even recording an interview which Jeanette will share in due course. Thank you dear Jeanette, Sister at heart.

Sara Avedaño from Barcelona has come over for my InPassion Masters Workshop. I did not meet her in India but she came as a consequence of India because it was there that Lynn Hope Thomas intended to introduce us, which only happend afterwards via facebook. The wonders of technology! She happens to have just launched her second book of Poems called Breathe/Respira J I am very thankful for her in my life too - once again a Soul Sister encounter <3

Ula Collins is a friend for life as well as Anu Krishna and Carla Horta and I have had meetings online with Sindu Shreebavan and Claire Lyell creating productive synergies both ways. I have kept in touch with Michelle Araujo, Lynn Hope Thomas, Cheryl Collins, GG (Govind Gopal the Tour Guide), Sue Curr and so many others. I am on Anna Aberg’s Extended Freedom Academy to learn how to implement my online business creating passive income as well as other streams of revenue derived from my Passion. She in turn has referred me to other clients of hers. I have kept in touch with Luiza Palma as well, who is organizing WEF Portugal 2017, Sameer Somal, Phionah Musumba, Iman Kamel, Mahiema Anand, Shubham Dixit, Suman Shrivastav and still there are many others I intend to keep in touch with. 

I must share with you this comic situation where Ula decided to spend some time reading the book she had bought from me and that brought us together in the first place - Are you a Professional Worrier? Well she started reading but the lights seemed too bright so she just put on her hat and her sunglasses and made it just right for her :) We had a good laugh at this funny but effective solution. Once again a simple choice, between stopping reading because the light was not ok or choosing to read and thus finding a creative solution. Thanks for sharing Ula.

A few days ago Bharti Jain contacted me. I am very honoured to have received her contact and invitation to cooperate with her in her lovely project called Live Too. She was at my very short 3 minute speech (starts at 10 minutes and 15 seconds) on the last day of WEF, when I received my award and felt so inspired by it that she decided to contact me. Just goes to show that we don’t need much time to deeply connect with each other. Thank you Bharti. She has created the first free conslulting website, where she proposes to offer as many people as possible professional help and guidance with their issues at all sorts of levels. She has a passion for writing and a heart the size of an infinite ocean. I take my hat off to you Bharti, for the courage and determination to go ahead and materialise your outrageous dream. May its wings fly across all horizons. If you are interested in cooperating with Bharti please do contact her. 

Ambika Thakur, Michelle Araujo and Bharti Jain at WEF New Delhi

Bharti Jain

There are, in facts, no limits to what becomes possible when we allow life to cuddle its waves on our shore.

As to the way I see the world, I might convey the message that it is all a sea of roses and my glasses are bright pink, but I can assure you that much on the contrary I am completely aware that there are all flavours of black and grey as well as every other shade of unimaginable colours. What I am grateful to have realised is that it is not about the types of experiences that are possible here on Earth, which are a multitude even beyond the 8 billion people that walk its expanse together with all of the other zillions of life forms. It is about how each one of us interacts with this hypnotic soup, being able to observe, choose, perceive and attract rather than being sucked into the gravity of mass consciousness. It is perception itself that shapes each and every single reality – that makes it real, so to speak and we are entitled to our own and unique set of perceptions… or can just as easily be gobbled into everyone else’s beliefs about possible and impossible.

All energy seeks resolution and life is a constant and incessant flow – nothing stays stuck in the same mode forever. The one treasure that can destroy and recreate reality by directing energy wherever attention is placed is consciousness. This is why being just a Human – the Small Human Self – will bring about a completely different awareness and therefore completely different results from the ones possible by merging Human and Divine, right here, right now, in this same body, on this same Earth, observing through the compassionate lens of the God Essence within each and every Human Being’s core.

I have come to realise some time ago that only by surrendering completely to the guidance of my Essence, could I find the fulfilment I kept on seeking everywhere, could I fill the emptiness that no one ever managed to do for me, could I see beyond the multitude of illusions I created, saw and believed in – this is a daily exercise of clarity, surrendering the Ego’s wills and desires to the no-thing-ness of the Divine Wisdom that dwells in the Silent Sweetness of all that IS.

I do not need an agenda, goals to fulfil or thresholds to achieve. I can, however, dance through life, Present one step at a time, accepting my divinity’s invitations and discovering a whole new range of potentials, a whole new freedom, love, balance and joy. I can create today, let go and recreate because I know that it is not the things I seem to own, or the job I seem to have, or the money I seem to earn, or the projects I seem to create – it is none of this that defines me or that makes me happy. I have found the happiness I used to seek in all of these things already, sparkling and bubbling from within me, overflowing with each breath with each grateful heartbeat, so I can play the game of creation with ease, trust and simplicity. Anyone can, by letting go of the war inside, enjoying the silence and its whispering wisdom more and more.

I will share a few tangible examples of the fact that it is not what happens that determines our joy and gratitude, but the way we choose to perceive and experience it – either cooperating with or fighting against the gifts life bestows upon us, be they evident or in disguise. 

To be continueed...

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