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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 12

Day 10 - 16th May 2017 

Pure Magic

Life never ceases to amaze me with its abundance. At this very moment I am in such a state of Peaceful Awareness that even writing about this purely magical day seems strange.

It might be because of the Rose essential oil I have on a tiny swab of cotton tucked into my ear. 

Or because of the beautiful places I have visited and the permanent aura of Peaceful Grace they exhude. 

Or the fact that just having my feet on the sacred ground of India is a blessing in itself that seeps in through the soles of my feet, through the air that I breathe, through the sun and the breeze that both delicately kiss my skin. 

Or the fact that I am respecting myself so much that there is not one instant of rush. I am in a  permanent state of allowing myself to absorb this experience fully and completely in this precious now moment. 

Or the feast my senses were offered this morning while visiting Jaipur - a harmonious and intense blend of magnificent architecture, bright colours, flavours, herbs, spices, oils, melodies, sounds, precious and semi-precious stones, gold, silver, people, elephants, monkeys, goats, pigs, cows, dogs... as if the Essence of Isness were joyfully feasting in every single mollecule here.

Palace on Water

It is all of this plus this quintessential choice of mine: I consciously choose to connect with the consciousness of enlightenment and the energy it creates here in India, I choose to be here in this energy and to absorb and spread it.

Have I told you how people have kept on mentioning that it is very hot in Jaipur? Well believe it or not, today it was wonderfully mild. There was a soft soothing breeze, the sun was warm and though we only came back to the hotel at about 2 pm the temperature was very comfortable. In fact we had been warned that Jaipur was hotter than Agra but it just so happened that today it was the mildest day of all since arriving in India! So much for not buying into other's preconceptions and going along with my own choice of being here anyway.

I have been treated in such a royal manner here in India. People go out of their way to serve to the best of their capacity. It even feels awkward to be so pampered. But wonderful too. And figure that it is the masculine serving me everywhere I go. The cooks, the room service and cleaners, the drivers, the receptionists, the pool guards, the shop and stall owners and assistants, the train service staff, the underground staff, the airport staff, the guides, the travel agents, the musicians, the photographers, even worshipping numerous feminine goddesses... everywhere here it is the masculine manifesting for the feminine. A reality I would not be able to allow myself to receive some years ago.

And thus we were picked up by a driver and a guide - GG he calls himself, diminutive for Govind Gopal which means the Good God (or the Protector). Let me tell you that men in Indian cities work about 12 hours a day and sleep an average of 6 hours per night. Also they know nothing about having a holiday or resting and work at weekends, national holidays, they work all the time in order to get by in life. Jaipur for instance is the capital city of the Rhajasthan area and has about 4,5 million people and everyone is trying to survive. It is a country of entrepreneurs, from the Tuc Tuc owner to the fruit stand owner, to the driver and so on. 

Well GG is different. He first says "I am a millionaire" and really is very abundant. He hasn't worked for the past 3 days because he didn't feel like it. He was receiving calls every day to escort groups of people but he refused because he didn't feel up to it. This is virtually unheard of around here. No one passes up opportunities. He chooses. Today he chose to accept the agency's invitation to guide us. We are very thankful for this also because GG is joyful and completely satisfied with his life but when I mentioned I am a Life Coach he wanted to know how he can become one and asked me to coach him for one year in order to become this that he has wanted for a while. Don't know how I'll go about that but I suppose I'll figure it out step by step. Anyway he took us to lovely places and we really enjoyed it. Trust us to get a guide that is not only fully enjoying his life and respecting himself but also willing to share his wisdom with us! :)

The bazar streets here are an exquisite experience. Each market place has its own dominant theme so there are places for fabrics, for jewellery, for food, for perfumes, oils and incense, for houseware, for leather, for herbs and spices, for sweets, you name it.

The pink city it is called. Because they painted it pink back in the 19th century when the Prince of Whales came over for a visit. That's the extent of these people's servitude and openness to please. GG says that this Indian way of being is what lead India to be used by the Portuguese, the English, the Dutch and a few others - this receptivity and willingness to please. Nevertheless it is one of the things that makes anyone feel so special. Whenever we pay for something we can be sure to receive much more than what we paid for. There is always a gift waiting, some sign of appreciation and gratitude. And open doors.

Hawa Mahal - Palace of Wind: high screen wall for Royal women to observe the street

I know I've said this before but I'll repeat it: since I've arrived in India several people who didn't know me from a bar of soap have invited me and my family and friends to come and stay at their house for holidays.

This is possibly why everyone is expecting a tip. It is ingrained in the culture and customs of the country.

And all of this time my beautiful friend Ula is going through such a process of awareness, gaining perspective into the patterns she came to India to change that each day she uncovers more and more layers that are ready to Integrate as she embraces who she truly is. A magnificent flower whose petals are unfolding more and more into the sun of her Isness.

She has decided to stop taking the medicine she has brought with her on account of her mum being a doctor and showering her with reccommendations of vaccines and what not that she absolutely needed in order not to get ill in India. All of a sudden she feels that this is stifling her experience and making her feel sick more than not taking anything. I share with her that I not only did not take any medicine but do not have my tetanus vaccine, or any other to that matter. And I feel perfectly safe. Other than consciously choosing to steer clear from drama, I know my body asks for what it requires when necessary and it sure did not require all sorts of remedies before coming here. Health insurance and Chemist's are not very lucky with me because I do not relate to fear based argumentation and take full responsibility for this perspective of mine. 

I know I mentioned yesterday how good this hotel is, but I will repeat myself. Regis Park is its name and it is majestic. They have been in my room twice in one day to clean and tidy, breakfast was deliciously abundant, it is very clean and has a beautiful decor, a pool and nice green garden. I do feel like a Queen and never expected this much. Maybe the secret is in not expecting.

I am honoured and blessed and open to receive it all now, in the same way that I share my entire passion wherever I pass.

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