quarta-feira, 5 de julho de 2017

About Fear and Love

One only fully realises how much energy all survival mechanisms take up each time one overcomes a fear.

All fears serve one purpose: to keep us "safe". When we find our Safe Space inside, fears feel this as a life threat - it is indeed, a threat to survival mechanisms.

So fears will try as hard as possible to distract us from being Present, from feeling at Peace, from experiencing Joy, Freedom, Passion, Balance, Harmony, True Love, Ease, Simplicity, Trust...

Fears will lead a person to attachment, to compulsion, to obsession, to addiction, to depression, to frustration, to anger... just to keep him/her away from the eternal Essence that patiently resides in our core.

When we allow ourselves - even in the midst of all of this deliberate confusion fears cause - to surrender to Presence, to stay Home in the loving arms of Who we Truly Are, then Fear disappears and we become aware of a huuuuuge amount of Open Space where Time has no boundaries and potentials are infinite, where bliss is a fact and drama has no roots.

Though this is what most of us want, when we get it, it is so peaceful, so seamless, so perfect, so balanced, so harmonious, so loving, so smooth, so energy efficient... that our Mind starts questioning whether we deserve such a perfect life, such luck, such magic? And if we fall prey to this questioning and go along with it, we become tangled in entertaining confusion all over again.

The trick? The trick is to choose what we really want and remain in that Silent Presence of Isness that we Truly Are, no matter what doubts come up in our mind. The trick is for us to allow ourselves the solace of staying Home, no matter what noise tries to remove us. When we do this we show we no longer need the Fear to protect us, we have chosen a new level of Safety and the Mind cannot comprehend it because it cannot feel.

When we make a choice from our Core/our Heart, the trick is to stick to it until it is fulfilled, no matter how much our Mind tries to convince us that this is not what we want.

Interestingly enough, if we give up on our choice, we experience a moment of release that seems like Mastery, that is extremely relieving... just like when we take a drug. The hitch is that this is momentary and it is due to the fact that we have surrendered to the Mind so it finally shut up, pleased to have won, again! Shortly after the discomfort caused by all of our fears comes back, even stronger than before - knowing it is in charge and here to stay.

Stay true to your Heart, no matter what and sooner or later you'll get used to an amazingly abundant life, it will become the norm rather than the exception.

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