domingo, 6 de maio de 2018

Exceptional Women of Excellence Acceptance Speech

Firstly I would like to thank Dr Harbeen Arora for sharing all that she Is with us, for creating this platform with so much Love, and also Vinay for his expanded vision and consciousness, the entire ALL Staff and the Hotel Staff who have been taking such good care of us throughout this event.

I would also like to thank my mum because she is the reason I am here, without her I wouldn’t have been born and without her lifelong support I wouldn't be who and where I am today. I likewise thank my father, because though he was never present it takes two to tango...

Now about me: I am an English Language Learning Facilitator rather than a teacher, an Isness Mentor rather than a Coach, a Changeologist which I have coined to be a Conscious Explorer of the Science of Change, an Author and an Inspirational Speaker.

My purpose is to BE the effortless bliss of Isness and I will now share my Highway of Simplicity.

The theme I am speaking on is Empowering Potential by Celebrating Togetherness and Shared Human Values.

Togetherness starts within. When we end separation inside, it becomes manifest outside.

On the other hand, we do to others what we do to ourselves so respecting our time, our space and overall energy is essential to overcome victim consciousness and thus abuse and only by releasing these patterns can we empower everyone else's potential.

We are All Human and ALL Divine at the core – all hearts speak the same language. By communicating through this wisdom we access an eternal pool of sustainable values: FREEDOM, PEACE, LOVE, RESPECT, HARMONY, JOY... and so many others, thus eliminating the need for positive thinking or learnt values – they are naturally intrinsic qualities of the Divine Oneness that we already are.

I will now share a few practical examples of how I make these principles work in real life.

One is the Breakthrough project which I am honoured to be a part of, being a co-author of the number 1 Bestseller on Amazon named Breakthrough: Secrets of Growth, Happiness and Bouncebacks from Women around the World.

This is a joint project put together by lovely Sindu Sreebhavan and Anjali Aggarwal with the purpose of sharing Growth Mindset Inspiration with all, by joining nations and also spreading out abundance by donating the full proceeds of this book/project to charitable causes which benefit young girls and women anywhere in the world where access to better life conditions and education is not yet granted.

The second project I would like to mention is my book Be!... Love: Beyond Illusion through which I share how to just BE, so that All can find the Source of eternal Love Beyond Illusion.

Within this project I put aside 1€ per book sold and have the crazy dream of putting together a 1000000 euro fund by the end of this year and creating the Aeelah Foundation, to empower girls and boys, women and men to truly know and experience that anything is possible. I will be implementing micro-loans, scholarships and funds for educational projects around the world.
It is for both feminine and masculine because I believe that we cannot empower women’s leadership without honouring and acknowledging masculine leadership as equally valuable.

Both Breakthrough and Be!... Love can be found on my author page on Amazon: and are available in ebook and paperback version.

Lastly I would like to mention a Collaborative Project created at Linda's School in Tomar, Portugal, where I work. It is called The Bare Nomad: flat broke from Sweden to Portugal and it is a book by a Portuguese author named Ricardo Frade, which a group of students translated from Portuguese to English, with the help of our teachers.

It illustrates how Ricardo Frade got from the north of Sweden in freezing February to Portugal in just 13 days with no money, cards, phone or PC. He had planned to work for a few hours here and there but ended up having to stick only to his goal and trust his heart to get him back.
I proposed to have our students translate it, so that they could learn from him as well as practice their English, plus make this book accessible around the world. The funds for the translation would be raised by a crowd funding campaign and donated fully to Educational Projects around the world. And the campaign is now on Indiegogo and you can help it go viral by sharing and also supporting the project by contributing. The funds will be donated to The Kimberley Moore Foundation, namely an educational Project in Nigeria,  and Mundos de Vida, an Association which finds foster homes for children in Portugal. So remember – The Bare Nomad on Indiegogo:

We are All one Lifeforce.
We are All one Humanity.
We are All one Divinity.
We are, indeed, All One.
Thank you All.