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Why giving up is the way through

The cliché phrase “never give up” rings in our ears and minds every so often, reminding us to keep on searching for whatever we classify as Happiness. Nevertheless I have come to realise that giving up is the only way to Freedom, Expansion and thus Happiness – which in itself is quite an elusive concept: what is Happiness anyway?

Well, for me it is Contentment: being perfectly at Peace with Life and Death and all they contain, accepting people, places and circumstances as they are and making clear and conscious choices on how to interact with them from a space of complete inner fulfilment, never from a space of conflict, lack or separation. This allows our reality to unfold in synch with the eternal flow of existence, which is absolutely simple.

Resist or persist – fight against or cooperate with: the basic oppositions of duality. I have tried both and fallen fully into the realisation that persistence and cooperation open all doors whilst resistance and fighting keep them closed so that there can be something to resist or fight against. Actually makes perfect sense but we only learn it through trial and error.

So why give up then?

We could call it letting go as well – it is much the same, but words can be tricky and belief systems are like massive hypnosis overlays that make us resist one form of expression as opposed to another, when in fact there is no difference between them. This is, in actual fact, where the need to give up starts.

Giving up all that we think is true in order to feel what resonates with our heart instead of obediently following the drone of mass consciousness.

Reassess – reassess it all. Does it bring Peace to your heart or does it produce Agitation and Conflict?

The Mind will jump in immediately and say: “We can’t always follow the path of Peace” but what I see from my daily experience is that it not only takes more courage to follow Peace but it actually works, resolving situations in a way we could never have fathomed if we were intent on fighting.

I keep on getting told that I cannot always choose Peace. I insist: this is my Life. This is my Choice. This is the berth of all of the Magic that manifests for me each day and I do not need my Ego to prove otherwise.

On my path to Freedom – which is, by the way, an ongoing journey with no actual finish line – I have been faced with giving up (letting go) on a constant basis.

I have had to let go of layers upon layers of beliefs about life and death, about myself and others, about Earth and the Universe, about God and the Devil (about Good and Evil – notice the similarity of the words?), about relationships at all levels, about saving the World…

I even had to let go of my dreams – all of them - and also my purpose, or mission, whatever word suits the reader’s beliefs best.

I had to give up on my preferences, hopes, ideals, values – all of it, really. Stripping myself bare. Feeling completely vulnerable, with no ground to stand on or pillars to hold onto, lost, not knowing who the heck I was and being able to come to a point of complete PEACE, complete SURRENDER, SAFE in the TRUST that only then could I truly discover it all without having to know it all. Moment to moment. WISDOM is PRESENT in each NOW… ALWAYS, ALL WAYS.

I chose the FREEDOM to BE and gave up everything to fall into it.

And you know what?

I realised this is the only way to have it all, for all we can ever possibly need comes to us in its perfect time, not one breath prior or further and we do not need to keep it or hold onto it in any way because it will always be available exactly when necessary.

By letting go, setting all of our illusionary attachments free, we give energy back to its pure state, so that it can once again bask in its field of endless potential – the void where all is born and where all perishes. This field is permanently available, but tapping into it is only possible when we are not encumbered by the “stuff” we hold onto for fear of lack, loss and separation.

So I declare: if what you really want is that thing called Happiness (also necessary to let go of in order to comprehend), then stop fighting: give up 😉

Then again, do it slowly, patiently. It doesn’t need to happen all at once. In fact it can’t. We would burst for the sheer intensity of it, because for each overlay we let go of a new level of energy – a new vibration – is activated in our physical body, our DNA is changed and new strands are activated. That’s why awareness is gradual, giving up is a paced process and each one can choose how far to go.

Wanting to do it all right now flares up our Defense Mechanisms, switching on Survival Mode and intensifying Fear’s noise. The so vastly acclaimed “moving out of our Comfort Zone” can thus create a new illusionary Comfort Zone in Defensiveness – the Fighter Syndrome (my way of calling it) -which though seeming to be Courageous, is totally analytic and strategy driven, coldly checking for booby traps, therefore not fed by the simplicity of Trust. Instead of bringing us right through the fire of Fear out into the other side: Love – the Serene Tranquility of knowing that All is Well in All of Creation – the Fighter Syndrome keeps us alert, adrenaline driven, always ready for the next battle, unable to enjoy stillness.

Paradise is somewhere beyond the realm of Emotions. It is a place where Feeling (as opposed to Emotion) rules thought – In-Tuition and Reasoning as allies, where the first guides the latter and not the other way round.

See how many mass beliefs are in the way?

My invitation is: give them up and discover what lies beyond them. You will not be disappointed.

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