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Women Dream Weavers Event's Backstage - Introduction

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The Women Dream Weavers Event (WEFx (Women Economic Forum) Tomar – Portugal) weekend, on the 24th and 25th March 2018 started like this for me: 

And ended like this:

Heaven and Earth literally came together to colour this Event with the rainbows and flowers that all that came have been nurturing in their own personal gardens and which they opened for everyone to visit throughout these two days, allowing others to freely pick the glow that may serve them on their Journey of Life. All of those who shared and gave uncompromisingly, received, beyond the shadow of any doubt, much more than they could have expected, and their personal gardens have now certainly been planted with new bulbs, seeds and roots that will give them much more colour, spreading the sweet but intense scent of Love throughout many more gardens, showered by the rain of Inspiration, Courage, Resilience, Determination and above all Grateful and Loving Trust. In the certaintanty that All is Possible they will now make many more rainbows shine over the cloudy skies where the sun smiles, integrating ALL into this Huge gift of Being Human.

I want to begin by saying that what motivated me to delve on this path is not the praise of Women above Men, but the honour of the Feminine Glow, stimulating and fostering Feminine Leadership, not so that it can superimpose over Masculine one, but so that a New Order may be born, one that is neither Matriarchal, neither Patriarchal and thus has not yet been named. I fully believe that Balance is not only possible, but that it is the path of Peace, Love and Harmony and that for this to become visible Women have to stop being Victims and Men Abusers and vice-versa. These stereotypes must perish and that is possible from the inside out, when each one of us allows ourselves to dissolve our inner wars and assume our Full Potential. No one has to be below or above anyone and hierarchies should serve the sole purpose of an orderly simplicity, where all can flow, knowing their function, purpose and way, in mutual respect. When the tapestry of Life is weaved with Love, there are no stitches that are more or less important than others, for without one of its stitches, lovingly weaved, the Tapestry would not be the Masterpiece it Is. And it comprises ALL, so that each one can choose which stitches to weave, how, where, when and with whom - even when it seems that this cannot be done.

I believe that whilst we are still Fighting, there will be battles to be held and dramas to be lived and that it is therefore essential for each one of us to raise a white flag within, calling truce to our inner wars between Feminine and Masculine - always and invariably, first within ourselves.

One way of doing this is by allowing our Glow to be seen, without letting our self-sabotage (the War between Feminine and Masculine within), that tells us that we are not good, capable, valuable, valid and deserving enough, to stop us from opening our hearts and letting all of our treasures spill out, sharing them with the rest of the World, understanding that we are actually all cells of the same organism - Humanity on Earth, all with the same Divine spark, infinitely loving and abundant, shining somewhere underneath our layers of beliefs in incapacity and impossibility.

Only when we allow ourselves the vulnerability of opening up the doors of our hearts in order to see, recognise and finally show our glow, can we understand that it is infinite and that the more we share it the more it glows and grows, for a spark that shines unconditionally cannot fade - it only knows how to shine. Moreover, a flame that is shared and joined with numerous others, becomes an unextinguishable blaze. A flame never extinguishes another, it can only enhance it.

This is the invitation of the Women Dream Weavers Projects, or should I say Movement, which is part of the All Ladies League created by Dr Harbeen Arora in India for the whole world. Let us shine intensely, supporting Feminine Leadership, for the time has come for the Feminine to rise and finally assume Her true value. May this value be recognised and respected by all, Women and Men, for a more balanced, peaceful healthy and sane World. 

And now about the actual Event, for which I would like to say I am overflowing with Gratitude, I will share in my next post 😊

Note: for more information about the All Ladies League and the Women Economic Forum please visit the website. Thank you. 

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