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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic Epilogue Part II - THE END

31st July 

Epilogue - Part II

Practical Examples of the Power of Conscious Choice


The first one did not happen to me. 

Mahiema Anand, whom I’ve mentioned before, has been in Paris for her son’s graduation for the past month. She was actually going to come over to Portugal to visit. I was wondering if she would. Then I saw a post on facebook where she shared that her wallet had been pickpockted on the underground so she had been left with no cash, identification or debit/credit cards at all. However dramatic this may seem, she shared in this post that she had been blessed by finding a new family who had taken her and her son in with all the love they had to give, making them feel safe and abundant, anyway. In fact she had recently received me in her house together with Iman Kamel who slept there for a night. She did this as openheartedly as she was received in Paris and there was not a single touch of drama in her recount of this incident – just loving gratitude J What goes around definitely comes around – even our thoughts.

I used to believe that life was terribly difficult, I used to question myself why it required so much effort and why things eventually went wrong all the time, why good moments were so short and spells of hardship were so long. I used to complain a lot and lived trapped in the illusion of victimness. I did not take responsibility for my reality and always felt it was someone else’s fault, or even the circumstances themselves were to blame. I did not consider myself lucky at all and considered suicide quite often as a possible escape from all of this ever since I was a child. So if something like what happened to Mahiema had happened to me back then, when I was stuck in my own Ego’s prison, I would have felt distraught, bitterly lost and broken. Fortunately that was in my past life – not that I left my body but I did in fact die and was reborn in this very same body, no longer knowing who I was but feeling completely fulfilled in my joyful surrender to the Love of God within me.

That’s why I know that it is possible to completely reshape reality. By making clear and conscious choices we can even avoid situations like Mahiema’s, but sometimes we forget we have the power to choose the nature of our experiences. We forget to choose our day, how we want to live our journeys, how we want to communicate and be heard, how we want to listen and see, taste and feel.

I have played with conscious choice in so many circumstances that I cannot share the full expanse of what I’ve discovered here. All I can share is that it is an ongoing process of discovery. Conscious Choice is so flexible, the possibilities are infinite. I generally choose to live my day with ease, trust and simplicity. I surrender daily to my Essence, I hand over all of my thoughts, my words and deeds to my Divine, so that the Human living this life, fully grounded on this beautiful planet is but a vehicle of Unity. I learn every day, metamorphosing constantly, perceiveng, shifting and yet staying in the vast Now where Time is like a breeze. 

I often feel that life is long, very very long – there is space for eveything and no lack of anything.

Let me give a few more examples.

Last week I was reading in my room which happens to be adjacent to the neighbour’s verandah. He has two teenage girls who are usually not around but now it is summer holiday season here in Portugal. Well they’ve discovered they like to go and sit outside and talk – loud. It’s like having them in my room. They were having dinner out there with some friends and after a while they decided to go to the café but warned their dad they’d be coming back on the verandah so “please leave the chairs there”. I heard that and my first reaction was “oh no! I will have to go and ask them to please go inside because by the time they come back I'll want to be in silence, relax and go to sleep!” Then I stopped and made my choice. “I choose to enjoy the peaceful silence of my room, so that I can read and sleep comfortably and serenely.” Notice that I did not choose for them, I chose for me. Surely enough, they did not return.

One essential “rule of thumb” with conscious choices is CHOOSE FOR YOU and you only. We cannot manipulate others by choosing for them. For example I could have chosen for them not to come back on the verandah but in that case I would be choosing for them. All I required was to choose the end result of what I wanted to experience. The rest is up to life’s endless divine creativity. That's how each reality shapes itself - through choosing how we want to experience it... or the lack of choice which leads to the manifestation of anything possible in the mega soup bowl of mass consciousness. 

In the case of Mahiema for instance, she cannot choose for people to not steal her belongings but she can choose that her belongings are not touched without her consent, she can choose that she does not allow abusive behaviours in her reality and that her belongings are safe and protected from any kind of abuse. Then again, her experience was perfect for her so there is no wrong or right outcome, no correct or incorrect situation. It all fulfills something in our lives. My suggestion here is simply to illustrate how one can avoid being mugged if one chooses this. It is not an essential choice, it is a personal choice.

Another example: some months ago I had an issue with EDP – one of the electricity companies here. They claimed that I owed them an amount that I had never seen on my meter and they had never registered either. The issue was that they had changed the meter to a more modern one and had not informed me of this change and of a new number I needed to check and even when they registered the monthly consumption their own workers did not check that number. So I refused to pay this extra amount after so many months after a change I had not been informed of. The situation went back and forth and I kept on choosing balance, ease and simplicity. 

One day, on new year’s eve, I went to the ATM to withdraw money and noticed that they had taken the amount in question from my account. My first reaction was fury – how dare they touch my account without being authorised to do so? I was going to go to their office… Or maybe just call… or send them an email. This all happened in a few long seconds. Then I stopped, took a deep breath and observed. Would I give this issue my energy for the next few hours or days? Would I allow this to ruin the rest of my day? What was my choice? It was, of course, balance, a fair outcome for both sides… ease, trust and simplicity. And I let go. Completely. I enjoyed my new year’s eve, my family, my friends, my life and all that it bountifully contains. 

Two days later I told Pedro about this and he informed me that I could cancel this debit because it was unauthorised. I phoned the bank and it was done immediately. The issue, however, was still hanging. A lady I know who does electricity contracts told me that there was no way I would win against them because they always got the last say – it was David against Goliath. I did not let her perception shape my reality.

Sure enough, 2 months later I received a refund bill, acquitting me from paying the amount they had been requiring for so long. And that was the end of that. No more phone calls, emails, long hours waiting in the queue to be attended by an assistant. Just a breath and a choice. Patience and Trust.

The same thing happened with a license we asked for at our school – requesting the Ministry of Education to grant us an extension which would include other languages, not only English. I wrote the letter and included even languages we still don’t have but intend to sooner or later. Everyone kept on telling me these things take ages and require piles and piles of bureaucracy, phone calls and what not. Well I have news for them: we got the license without having to send in any other paperwork and in record time! It took only 5 months, which for Portuguese standards is a very speedy delivery. 

Cristina - our secretary and right hand wizard who always knows what to do in all situations - and I were so ecstatic when we opened the letter that we couldn’t help ourselves, we had to jump around in glee, hugging each other and laughing, celebrating as if we had won the lottery! We both read it and reread it because we could hardly believe our eyes. That’s when I told Cristina it was the result of a clear and conscious choice: when I had sent in the request I had chosen it to be simple and effortless, fair and balanced. And so it was.

One thing conscious choice does is it saves huge amounts of energy which would be otherwise wasted struggling for outcomes. I totally respect my energy. That’s why I am aware that I have to choose how I want to use it, how I want it to serve me. It is precious, sacred – it deserves my respect and gratitude.

I will share more of these experiences in my next blog posts – now no longer under the title Mother India’s Magic.

Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing your energy and your consciousness with me. I acknowledge and appreciate your existence on Earth, here and now.