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The Power of Consious Choice - Mother India's Magic 6 Part III

Day 4 - 10th May 2017 (day 3 of WEF) - Part III

A Whirlwind of Inspiration

It is while I am walking past the lounge café downstairs, in this flow that takes me where I need to be, that I come across Jeanette Falotico who happens to not be feeling very well. She is even considering not doing her Session - The Art of Living Lost

I ask her if she would like to come outside and do a little bit of Conscious Breath with me so that she can release the tension she is feeling and that's how we find ourselves out in the garden, Jeanette sharing her feeling, me listening and understanding, breathing with her and both of us transforming what seemed to be a dead end into a golden opportunity.

When I first met Jeanette I knew full well she would sooner or later come to the conclusion that she was no longer lost because when one is awake one cannot remain lost. And realising this would surely be a blow. How does one deal with letting go of such a cherished belief?

Well, simply by letting go of it and embracing a new level of consciousness.

 I myself was lost, until I found out that I had got lost just so I could find myself - just so I could come back Home again. This is the metaphor of living on Earth under the veils of illusion, only to realise that Who We Truly are lies somewhere beyond those veils, it is the permanent Isness that patiently awaits us Home. It is that sense that something is missing, that makes us seek and seek and that leads us to find the greatest treasure there is: the precious realisation that Presence is always within us, that Home has always been right here and that there is nothing lacking in us, nothing to be sought or to aspire to that we aren't already.

It is like getting lost in a forest whilst leaving pearls of wisdom on the way so that we can track ourselves back when we get tired of being lost, when we've had enough of that experience. So in fact, being lost is absolutely precious. May we be thankful to this part of us for it is the one that leads us where we have always wanted to be. 


Jeanette's session is in just 5 minutes and we step into the room right on time. As the session begins Jeanette gets into her zone state and it is clear that this was a moment meant to be. So much wisdom, shared with ease and simplicity. I am blessed and honoured to be here.

Jeanette playfully calls me her "life saver" but in fact the only thing I did was allow myself to be in the right place at the right time and feel what my heart beckoned me to do in the same way as Jeanette allowed herself to be boldly honest with herself and had the courage to live up to who she truly is: a stable Master who is no longer lost. Thank you Jeanette, it is a joy to have yet another extremely wise Soul Sister in my life. 

Ula is on the far left, right next to me and Jeanette is on my other side, in the middle

At the end of Jeanette's session I engage in conversation with Ula Collins, founder of Avanti Pilates, her own unique blend of Pilates. Somehow I end up showing her my book "Are you a Professional Worrier", which she promptly admits to being, so she buys it without a second thought. Ula shares a little bit about her current issues, related to her marriage and her self worth and after this we keep on running into each other throughout the day. 

Little did we know at this time, what would come to pass further on... but I will leave that for another post, on the exact day it happened. 

On this particular day I attend many sessions that interest me and a few just because I was passing by this or that room and decide to go in.

This is what happens in one of the session I attend, which I no longer remember the name of but know it was super interesting. Anyway, I notice Anna Aberg (my business coach to be) is showing the three ladies sitting at the front table Getrude's photo - they are also from Zimbabwe! I walk to them at the end of the session and tell them about Getrude Matshe's quest to help the children of the Maziviza district through creating schools, a feeding programme and overall better life and education conditions. At my language school we have chosen to sponsor her Africa Alive Education Foundation through our Collaborative Project Art in Motion, which involved a Fund Raising Auction of Paintings created by our students and local community as well as a fund raising concert which included only youngsters, both as performers and as organizers - Art in Motion Finds a Voice. 

I explain to these ladies that we are sponsoring the transportation of a container with 65000 books and 200 computers which needs to be taken from New Zealand to Zimbabwe and then to the district of Maziviza. The container is then to be refurbished to provide a health care facility. 

One of the ladies' brothers refurbishes containers! Another is part of the Rotary Club and is willing to sponsor Getrude's project and one even happens to be the sister-in-law of Getrude's ex-husband's brother. The world is a big sea of oneness indeed, and when we allow ourselves to receive, its waves roll onto our beach. By keeping our doors wide open, understanding that giving and receiving are all just one circle, these simple instants of magic happen. 

Actually I must repeat that if it weren't for Getrude I would not even be here in New Delhi, for it was her that put my name forward and encouraged me to come. Thank you Getrude, for your ongoing inspiration and precious heart, you are an exquisite gem stone that colours this Earth with passionate beauty, living up to the example that anything is possible. 

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