quinta-feira, 15 de junho de 2017

The Power of Conscious Choice - Portugal at its Best

I interrupt the Mother India's Magic series to share some of Portugal's special magic with you.

Last weekend Pedro and I had decided we wanted to go to the beach and in doing so we both chose the weather to be excellent for a good afternoon on the beach.

When Saturday came, the day dawned chilly, as it usually does in this area of Portugal - Caldas da Rainha, which is near the West coast. It was a little bit cloudy and windy and the temperature was not exactly inviting when it comes to lying half naked on the beach. But we had made our choice.

We went for lunch at some friends' place, an interesting family with a set of 13 year old twin girls. I engaded in some inspiring conversations with them, when I found out that for the last 4 years they have been developing their own entrepreneurial skills, creating necklaces, bracelets, crochet flowers, woolen scarves and what not to generate their own pocket money to pay for their surfing classes and not only.

 At the moment they are very enthused about learning how to create unique swimsuits. They love sewing and other handcrafts related to fashion and have created their own brand name: Twiins (Instagram: twiins_pulseiras). They do some fairs during their holidays and are looking into getting their business online. And I, of course, was fascinated with their resourcefulness and encouraged them fully to broaden their scope of potential clients and to always have the courage to go after their dreams, focusing on expanding a few items at a time, rather than many.

At the end of a delicious lunch, blessed by some exquisite Portuguese wine (which I apologise for not knowing the name of but that I can guarantee was amongst the best I have ever tasted), one of the young girls brings two pouches and says they would like to offer me a necklace and a bracelet "so please can you choose the ones you prefer". I was delighted! Such a sweet gift! Here are some pics of their creations - the 100% Portuguese wool and cotton scarves, knitted and hand sewn by them, and the bracelet and necklace I chose. Thank you Carolina and Francisca! You are sure going places in your lives! Congratulations to the parents as well, for bringing these girls up in such a way that they believe in themselves and know that anything is possible.


Scarves, bracelet and necklace with joy and gratitude :)

The afternoon turned out to be sunny but not warm and was still quite windy. Nevertheless, we stuck to our choice of going to spend a perfect afternoon at the beach and headed for Baleal, about 20 km from Caldas da Rainha. As we approached the sea, instead of it getting colder, the temperature rose two degrees! And when we parked the car and got out of the car it was hot, sunny and inviting and the sea was serenely beckoning us to dive into it! The surprising thing is that considering the weather in Caldas, the usual consequence is for it to be even worse by the sea, but much on the contrary, it was better.

It was already 5 pm when we arrived and we stayed on until almost 8 pm, under the warm sun, appreciating this magic manifestation of our conscious choice in deep gratitude and overflowing joy.

Life is such a fulfilling experience when we allow ourselves to celebrate it and accept its abundant gifts.

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