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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 5 - Part I

Day 3 - 9th May 2017 (Day 2 of WEF)

Intensely Powerful

I wake up at 6 am and go down for a swim and a workout at the gym. Did the same yesterday morning. It’s such a privilege! The warm water sparkles invitingly and it feels good to soak in India now that the temperature is bearable. The heat is such that there is a sort of permanent haze and the sky seems not to be as blue as back home. Nonetheless it feels good to lie under its infinite expanse.

The gym has everything I need and it brings solace to my body who is missing our morning walks in the pristine fresh air back home.

I don’t think I mentioned that one of the recommendations to everyone coming to India is “do not drink tap water”. A challenge for me because I do so very naturally. But I manage not to. There are complimentary bottles of water everywhere so it is quite easy to respect this norm.

Breakfast is beyond description. I could not have imagined that people ate such a variety of dishes for breakfast, though considering there are people from over 100 coutries here, it is maybe natural that they cater for all tastes and customs. There is so much food that one feels nourished just by admiring it! J I have to thank the staff over and over again, they are doing such a brilliant job and taking excellent care of us! It’s like we’re a huge royal family. Thank you.

I haven’t been speaking much about the sessions I attended but let me reassure you that they were all extremely inspiring and you can view most of them on WEF TV. I have chosen to focus more on the real life practice of the Power of Conscious Choice, and though the sessions were an integral part of the whole experience, they mostly served as a chatalyst for deeper connections in-between sessions.

Then again, it was all so intense that it is hard to pinpoint all of the relevant parts and I know I will probably forget to mention many important and interesting connections I established at WEF so if you were there and are reading this and I met you today and did not mention you, please forgive me. You are in my heart as much as everyone else, in your own special and unique way. But wait for Part II first ;) Still got many lovely Soul Sisters to acknowledge today.

Carla finds me. She has a lady to introduce: Iman Kamel. She is a film maker born in Cairo but with no particular place she calls home – that’s why her company is called Nomad’s Home Film Production. The reason why Carla wants us to meet is so that we can eventually travel together for the 5 extra days we have both apparently taken off.

Let me explain:  when I was booking my flight to New Delhi I was about to click the button for a flight returning Sunday the 14th, the day right after the Conference ends but it dawned upon me that since I had never been to India and was travelling such a long distance it seemed quite silly not to take a few extra days off and visit at least the Golden Triangle (New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur). So I boldly chose to arrive back home on the 19th – the day of the Fundraising Concert I have been organising together with a Commitee of highschool students. I figured that the whole point being really for them to take responsibility, to understand accountability, develop problem solving skills and resourcefulness, leadership, cooperation and self-confidence amongst other soft skills, this was just the perfect opportunity for them to take over with little or no interference on my part.

Also I knew that although being away for 2 weeks right in the middle of 3rd Term might seem pretty impossible for any teacher, I would find a very simple and appropriate way of getting my classes sorted out and leaving everything well prepared and taken care of in my absence. After all my Conscious Choice for my life is absolute absence of Drama. Ease, flow and simplicity, in balance and harmony, respecting myself and in doing so respecting life and all that it contains, with boundless love and joyful fulfilment, gracefully dancing to exitence’s tune in complete gratitude. Summarising: living in complete and total surrender to my Essence. 

 And that’s how I booked my flight. Nevertheless, I only booked the Hotel up until Satuday the 13th and chose not to plan the 5 extra days beforehand because I knew I would be meeting other people with similar intentions and that we could enhance each other's experiences. Only afterwards did I notice that it was a very balanced choice: 6 days of immersion in India - what one would call leisure - and 6 days of WEF - could be considered work, but I find it hard to it define that way because belief systems around work usually conceptualise it as somehow entailing effort. I do not see work in that way though, so I might as well call it by its name. You know, as I feel it, for me work, play and passion are all one.

Back to how Iman came into the picture.

At first Iman mentions she’d like to visit Agra and Jaipur, maybe. But then again she’s been there over 10 years ago and hated it, other than it is a bit too hot for her. But she feels she would much appreciate travelling with me so she’s a bit indecisive.  I, on the other hand, don’t mind the heat so much. We do get very high temperatures in Portugal in summer. And being so close to these places, it seems like a wasted opportunity not to go and behold them.

Anyhow, I’ve got to go now. I have a session in about 10 minutes.

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