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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 4 Part II

8th May 2017 - Day 1 of WEF

Part II

Now back to Carla, her video camera and the heart to heart connection that clicked between us in such a precious way. Thank you Carla, for making me feel at home at my first WEF Conference experience.

The day moves on in a crescendo of heartfelt connections. There is an underlying feeling of connectedness here, Soul Sisters gathering to share their unique inspiration, their gifts, strengths, transparence, wisdom, love and joy. An energy that opens up every heart and that leads to deep transformation, for some in a more revolutionary way, for others it is a click of knowingness, for others a discovery of wisdom, freedom, you name it. There is definitely a peaceful Presence that leads to Trust. Dr Harbeen Arora sure has created something extra-ordinary here – together with the “superhero” team she has gathered. She is the example of total surrender to God within her, serving life’s grandest purpose: the complete fulfilment and realisation of ALL. I would also like to leave a special thank you to Dr Harbeen Arora's husband, Dr Vinay Rai. It is usually said that behind a great man there is always a great woman. In this case we can say the opposite. In any case it means one and the same thing: we are ALL ONE. 

Congratulations to the Presenters who did such a great job

In the opening session Dr Harbeen (please click to view) says something like this: "when you see a sister shine, do not envy her, help her shine even more and celebrate it with her". Such an important message in today's competitive environment. Another amazing thing here is exactly that the is no competitiveness but rather honour and respect for everyone's achievements and the will to enhance each other further and further. 

I have a session today: "Intuition and Belief System" and am on the same panel as Michelle Araújo, a Brazilian  psychotherapist and tarot practitioner (http://www.dejavutarot.co.uk/) who now lives in London. Maybe it’s the fact that she is fun to be with, maybe it’s her honesty and wisdom, whatever it is, we connect. She invites me to stay at her place whenever I come to London and I am happy to accept. I also offer her my hospitality in Portugal, as will happen repeatedly throughout these days.

Michelle receiving her Award for Iconic Women Creating a Better World for ALL

Brenda Cuby (http://www.bctrainingsolutions.com/) , whom I had recommended for the WEF Conference arrives today. I am so happy she made it! Brenda works in Corporate Coaching and her unique approach generates accountability in her clients, thus leading to successful outcomes. She is based in Gibraltar - a little piece if England right beside me :) We met when I decided to go and checkout Gibraltar, which is an offshore, and its business potentials. I temporarily rented a virtual office there and when I decided to go and see it for myself, the owner said Brenda and I just had to meet because we had a lot in common through our work. She happened to be there, we met and since then have established a good affiliation potential between both of our businesses, which I am sure will flourish in ways we cannot imagine right now. So here we are in New Delhi.

You know what’s amazing about an event with about 1600 people? It’s the fact that we naturally keep on bumping into the people we are somehow related to, acquainted or connected to, even in the midst of so many people! 

It is in this special way that I find myself speaking to this lady whom I am sure I know. It suddenly dawns on her that I am Tania – the reason why she is here! We didn’t know each other before personally but I had posted some info about the WEF on facebook, saying that whoever wanted to be a speaker there could contact me so that I could recommend them. Somehow Lynn Hope Thomas (Lynn Thomas – the Hope is her wise addition) comes across my post, though she is no tone of my friends and says “yes, I want to be there”. And that’s that. We love meeting each other face to face! Once again that connection. And do you know what? She is Michelle Araújo’s roommate!!! Lynn is a turnaround specialist who provides solutions for change, both in the corporate world and in private life. She is the author of Breaking Thorugh Loss: One Powerful Story, One ScientificMethod.

And to think that they actually captured us meeting in this fortuitous way on camera :)

Anu Krishna is also in the audience. Once again that click. She comes up to me at the end to congratulate. She is Personal Transformation Coach and Creative Writer from Bombay and now living in Bangalore, founder of Word Weave and we have so much in common! I ask her if she would like to participate in the interview series and she gladly accepts. We record it on my phone but somehow it is not stored. Possibly the second attempt will be better especially because Carla had the video camera which she might not mind to lend for this purpose.

Anu is the first and only Soul Sister at WEF New Delhi who offers to share Shakti Bandhan with me through the tying of a symbolic bond. Precious! Thank you Anu <3 Nevertheless I add that Shakti Bandhan happened all the time, throughout the entire event with everyone I connected with.

Here is a short explanation of Shakti Bandhan (from All Ladies League Site):

"Let’s ALL celebrate the spirit of sisterhood and our own Divine Feminine:

Oct 5th is “World Sisterhood Day,” or “Shakti Bandhan” as we’d say in India. ‘Shakti’ means the divine feminine force of creation and ‘Bandhan’ means bond. Shakti Bandhan thus signifies connecting with our own innate divine feminine power and also offering this empowering bond of connection in sisterhood to amplify every woman’s power, internally and externally.
Our inclusive vision of global sisterhood is that no woman should ever feel alone and should always have a supportive soulsister to reach out to.

Types of Shakti flowing in ALL:

We have it ALL to feel empowered & extend the empowered feeling to another.
  • We already have innate in ourselves various creative powers.
  • Like: dedication, perseverance, faith, will, helpfulness…and so on.
  • We empower and can be empowered through these forces or Shaktis.
  • Example: when we offer empathy, we empower another; when we receive encouragement, we get empowered by another; when we reciprocate love and care, both get empowered.

Celebrating Shakti Bandhan on 5 October, or before, or after, or anytime:

  • Is an occasion to remind ourselves that we are empowered already and can also give the gift of the empowerment to another by standing with them in sisterhood (and brotherhood).
  • Is an opportunity for women to honor their own unique womanhood and make visible the sacred importance of sisterhood.
  • Is a time to awaken the seamlessness of sisterhood across socio-economic-cultural-generational et al boundaries and unite in spirit and soul as One world of women.

How to Celebrate:

Celebrating Shakti Bandhan is about women tying a simple thread to women and soulsisters in their lives to honor their bond of supporting, protecting and nurturing each other in a myriad different ways.
You need a simple thread! – could be a string, ribbon, bangle, bracelet made of beads, totems, or anything you like – with a heart full of love to reach out to the wonderful women in your lives who have always been there for you and for whom you’d want to be there.
Expand the circle. Include more. Inspire more. Uplift more. Any way you’d like."

The day is long and love keeps me awake. So many beautiful people have crossed my path and it just the first day!

When I finally go to bed after midnight my roommate PhionahMusumba (founder of Malkia Foundation) whom I had met very briefly this morning when she came to leave her bags in the room, is now already sleeping.

I feel comfortable with her, though we had never even spoken before and apart from the fact that she browses the net on her mobile at all hours in the night and snores a little, I am quite happy with us sharing the room. I am sure we have much to learn from each other and I welcome the opportunity to make yet another good friend. 

Note: Just a footnote about Carla's magic video camera :) I had 5 sessions at WEF, four of which are recorded and available on the WEF TV channel. Nevertheless one isn't, and do you know which one it is? Today's session "Intuition and Belief System" which happens to be the only one Carla recorded, on the very day we met :) I'll post it online... eventually ;) Anyhow, just wanted to reinforce the point that nothing is ever missing. 

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