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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 5 Part III

Day 3 (9th May 2017) - Day 2 of WEF

Intensely Powerful... continued

I have another session this afternoon in which I am a panelist – Building Youth for the Future.  This time the combination is terribly awkward:

Once again we make do with what we’ve got. You can view it here

We try to connect the topics but it is not feasible. 

One good thing is that each theme is interesting in itself. The other good thing is that the room is full and that we all get to hear about things we would possible have not chosen.

I am on the same panel as Sindu Shreebavan, a beautiful educator from Singapore who works in the field of innovation, inpiring youth to believe in their creative power and implement their natural entreprenreuship. One more of those strong connections, especially because we both work in the field of education and innovation and have a lot to share. Her project is called As many Minds and she is hosting the International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum in Singapore on the 2nd of September for youngsters and educators from around the world to attend and connect. 

Jeanette Falotico is another inspiring woman I finally meet today. She has brought her 16 year old daughter along and they are also at the Driving Youth for the Future session. We had connected online alredy before coming. Her project is called The Art of Living Lost and she shares how experiencing loss can in turn make us feel lost, but when we embrace that experience with joy, open to the opportunities of growth it brings, we find ourselves in the smallest beauties of life, appreciating all that comes our way in full gratitude.

We have a long conversation about relationships. She suddenly became a widower and was faced with having to rebuild all of her life concepts with three children to bring up. I, in turn, have been through divorce more than once and have rebuilt my life several times, until I eventually found myself, discovering the unique love affair that begins when our inner Masculine and Feminine consciousness unite and merge, reshaping our entire world.

As Jeanette overcame her loss and discovered herself and also found this love within her, she decided she was ready to start a new relationship and made a list with all of the qualities she would like the man she would share her life with to have.

Having come to a point where I felt completely at ease with being alone, enjoying my own company and living in full passion, I also at some point asked myself whether I chose to stay like this, which would be perfectly fine, or whether I would allow someone to come into my life whom I could share this blissful freedom, this complete love and everlasting passion with. I chose to share it and just like Jeanette, I made my list and clearly chose the man I would enjoy sharing this love with, so that we could expand further as individuals and as a balanced merge as well.

Her man came into her life and mine too and for both it was about two years ago. What a lovely co-incidence! There are always reasons why we meet people, connections that are unknown to us but that start appearing like a sting of precious pearls as we get to know each other. And we do indeed have much in common. The amazing thing is that it does not matter which country we are from, which background we have, what language we speak: these connections trascend all physical boundaries.

When we are in love inside, life brings us love from the four corners of the world and the love affair with our Essence finds other Essences to magically share this love with. So it is pretty obvious that our kindred spirits – the men whom we deeply connect to in absolute harmony, just had to walk into our lives, in the very same way that it happens with all of these like-minded Soul Sisters.

One day I will tell you the full story of the loving relationship I have with Pedro. We will both tell it in a book called “Loving you is Bliss”, but for now I would only like to leave the message that there is no rush to find real love – discover yourself deeply and honestly, allow love to flourish and expand with you, for you, inside, choose whether you want to stay in this bliss with no partner or whether you want a partner to share it with, choose your partner and be bold about your choice, do not refrain from choosing absolutely everything you dream of in a partner. And then let your choice fly out into the Universe and find the perfect match, without expectation, need or lack. Rest assured it will happen and Trust this. Go about your life in complete joy, love and gratitude, honouring each precious moment, each precious breath. 

Just Be.

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