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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 5 - Part II

Day 3 - 9th May 2017 (Day 2 of WEF)

Intensely Powerful... continued

(see 7th June post for the 1st part) 

That’s when I find out they’ve changed things for today.

There were not many people around yesterday, because a lot of people are not coming for the full 6 days and start arriving today and tomorrow, so the organisation figured that if they joined several sessions in one, reducing the number of rooms, there would be more audience for all. The principle is wise. The practice is a little different.

Firstly, I was the lead speaker for my theme “The Power of Concious Choice” and there were only two panelists (Jessica Sanchez and one more speaker) which gave the three of us enough time to develop the subject properly. Now we have three sessions in one, seven speakers in total, one of which does not show up. This allows us all less that 10 minutes each, other than the fact that the themes are a somewhat awkwardly related. Here are the themes and list of speakers:

Topics : Sustainability and Inclusiveness through south-south cooperation for scaling innovations, The Power of Conscious Choice Unlock Your Inner Confidence & Show Up As The Authentic YouSpeakers : Dr. Jessica Sanchez, Lynda Dyer, Pallavi Shrivastava, Regina Robinson, Tania Castilho, Vikkie Anand, Zine Nkukwan

On the other hand we get to listen to speakers we would not have had the opportunity to listen to because we would be having our sessions at the same time, with the added bonus that we get each other’s public.

We all adapt well to this new change and it is a blessing to share the forefront with such inspiring, powerful women. Cick here to view the full version of the Session

Just a sidenote to say that a change like this would not have been possible in Europe. We are much more fixed in our organising principles and some things are simply not feasible. It would be utter disaster and everyone would be complaining and badmouthing the organisation. Here, though, it seems to pull through with not much ado, though of course it does have its downsides, as I have mentioned previously: much less time for each speaker, themes that are not clearly interrelated, all of which leading to some confusion.

Then again I choose to make the most of each situation and expand its strengths rather than empower its weaknesses, so I will repeat that the final result is a positive one, including the fact that it is a real life practice of resilience and adaptability to life’s constant change, and as I say in my bio, I am a Changeologist: a conscious explorer of the “science” of change.

After my session I can’t remember how but I find myself being congratulated by Camille Candice, the founder of Wellology. She introduces herself as a Wellologist, which she coined to describe what she does: help people feel good about themselves not only physically, she has a personal training business, but also emotionally – she is a very clear and wise coach. 

We connect profoundly. I realise that this will happen repeatedly and frequently – this tingling sensation in my heart, a bubbling joy that invades my whole body, a shiver of delight – an ongling sense of meeting family I had not seen for a while, having nevertheless been connected all along, so much so that we instantly understand each other.

Flawless communication – which is what happens when hearts speak together. For me this is the most precious takeaway from the whole WEF experience. It is not something we can say happens on daily basis back home for we interact with many different kinds of people. Yet here, people have gathered for the same inspirational purpose. 

The theme of the conference is “Creating, Innovating, Understanding and Driving the Future”, there are 36 theme verticals within this major theme and a stream of other sub-themes within the 36 verticals. Can you picture the unspeakable abundance in that? So many confident, balanced, inspiring, loving and caring free spirits in the same place all at once? And so many others seeking this for themselves as well, with their hearts open to listen and embrace change towards fulfilment, success not only in their professional lives, but also at the deepest levels? So many women and men not afraid to boldly express the full extent of their wisdom, creating boundless potentials for a better world for ALL? About 1600 speakers and delegates creating this kind of vibration, this template of consciousness – I can only say THANK YOU for being a part of my reality <3

I ask Camille whether she would be interested in having a look at my book “Are you a Professional Worrier”, which she actually buys. The thing is she has many clients who can benenfit from this awareness, as well as my clients can benefit from her Wellology principles so it can be a very good synergy. What strikes me most about her is her joy, wisdom and health. She is already 60 but looks 40 and has overcome cancer, not only surviving but thriving. Perfect for my series of interviews J

Somehow Anna Aberg and I cross paths as well. She had been sitting in the audience and congratulates me for my clarity. Anna is a Swedish digital nomad and coaches women on how to develop a successful online business, creating Extended Freedom – this is the name of her one year program. 

Here is Anna (in red) sitting next to Maria Appelqvist (creator of the Orgasmic Breath program)

I have been looking for someone to coach me in this. I have found many many options online, mostly American successful entrepreneurs advertising the ease with which one can generate millions online in no time. But I have not found the one that really makes sense to me, that is really walking his or her talk in all aspects and that I would look up to as the example I want to follow. So when I came to WEF one of my choices was to find that person, because I already felt that she was there so all that was needed was for us to cross paths. As we talk and share, it becomes clear to me that Anna is that person. She is the real deal and I came here to meet her. The brilliant thing is that she came here to meet me too because she also enjoys my wisdom and there is a beautiful creative exchange between us.

Sometime in the afternoon she invites me to record a Facebook life video (click to view) where I share about how I have used writing to learn how discern between the drone of my Mind and the voice of my Essence – my heart. This happens because Anna also advises her clients to explore their issues and to listen to themselves more clearly through writing.

Her one year Extended Freedom course starts at the end of June and I know I am on it. I not only have na online language learning and coaching platform online called Interactive Focus Academy that I now must market but I also have chosen to expand my InPassion Coaching business worldwide online.

At lunch time I find myself speaking to a Meena Baluja who happens to be a teacher trainer, founder and director of Hand in Hand Workshops for teachers. A pleasure to meet interact with such a wise woman, considering I am also a teacher. I come to the conclusion that education is going the same way worldwide and that there are many avantgarde projects here in India, where learning through collaboration is being implemented and the XXIst century skills are steadily gaining ground. 

Just for those of you who are not acquainted with this kind of language, the XXIst century skills are, amongst others, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Effective Communication, Problem Solving Skills, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Cooperation and so on.

By now I have attended some very inspiring sessions, but just as well I didn’t spend too much time poring over the program before coming. Most of the few sessions I had planned to attend for sure have not been the ones I have finally been to. Somehow I get caught up in meaningful conversations and get invited to other sessions which turn out to be every bit as productive as the others would surely have been, in all sorts of senses. One way or another I repeatedly come to the conclusion that there is no better place to be than right here, right now.

Ah and the photos! So many photo shots everywhere! One more reason to smile, had there not been enough reasons to do so already. 

Later on I come across Iman again, who is now sitting with Mahiema Anand, also a flim producer and coach whose project is named Zonsta Creation

She is a lovely, calm, free spirit and once again we connect. She has been to Portugal more than once and has stayed at Mooji’s Ashram in Alentejo (na area towards the south of Portugal). 

Mooji is a very wise enlightened master from the Caribbean who has settled in Portugal. I love reading and listening to him because he speaks in such simple terms, that the truth in his sharing is unmistakable.

Iman has decided to do the Golden Triangle with me because she wants to be in my company. What an honour! Mahiema says we must go to an Indian house before leaving fr our countries and invites us for dinner at her place on Thursday the 18th, the day we come back. I am leaving at 2 am on the 19th so she will get me na Uber taxi to the airport from there, and Iman will stay over to catch her plane the following day in the afternoon. It all seems to be settled.

(to be continued...)

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