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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 4 - Part I

Day 2 - 8th May 2017 - WEF ( begins

Part I

Note: the videos of most of the sessions at Annual WEF New Delhi 8th to 13th May are here: and the photos are here:

By now I am fairly acquaited with the layout of the rooms and main plenary room so it's easy to get around. Before being here it seemed so huge and overwhelming but now that I'm here it is quite simple to manage. "The map is not the territory" and we can never know how something is until we are living the experience. That's why I refrain from creating expectations and imagining outcomes. It is a waste of my Now moment.

Right after the first session I choose to be at (Beyond Stereotypes: deconstructing the mind of a true entrepreneur - Hari Thalapalli, Rashmi Chopra, Sagareeka BhatiaShabnam Singhal)

I meet CarlaHorta (CarlaH Hairstudio – She is so brilliant. A blessing to meet. She immediately offers me a small lucky pair of bone china Dutch slippers for me to carry with me for good luck.

 She tells me that she has lived in 15 countries and was born in Angola. Her mother and brother live in Portugal and she lives in the Netherlands. She has a hair salon where she has clients from  93 countries and has a project in India where she teaches youngsters her trade during 10 days a year, always in different regions. She then offers a kit to each student which she pays for herself and they are ready to start their own hair salon. I invite her to be part of my interview series: " What makes people thrive? - How to live an insanely abundant life". She not only accepts but has a video camera!!!! So we record it in a quiet place and she offers her camera, which is just what I need, for further interviews that I will be undertaking here.

I had not really dwelt upon how I would be recording this series of interviews – my mobile maybe, the tablet I brought along, but apparently my reality had something much better in store: an actual video camera!

I’ll make a pause here to tell you a bit about how I have come to realize that abundance comes in all forms and mostly money is the least part of it.

This happens when we open up to life’s constant flow so that it can pass through us, not holding on to things for fear of not having enough, not retaining today to prevent lack tomorrow.

My inner wisdom has taught me that there is always more than enough, that nothing is ever missing and that when we let go, we open up space for constant abundance. The way my Essence taught me this was by showing me this image:

·         there was me standing in the middle of nowhere, not knowing what was to come next and learning to let go of what was there before. As I stepped forward, firm ground materialised and as I took my foot off to step again, it disappeared. Nothing behind, nothing in front but the permanent trust that the Now Moment is always purely complete, even when I don’t know it beforehand. My Essence taught me to choose for me and live step by step, trusting that reality manifests in perfect synch with those  choices of mine, not having to know how, just choosing and going forth.

At first it felt pretty unsafe and awkward, but with practise I came to realise the freedom in this, the lightness, the ease and above all the absolute simplicity.

Having said this, let’s go back to this love affair with India.

I do not own a tablet. I don’t need one either. I would not use it on a daily basis if I had one because I use my PC, which I chose not to bring with me to India in order to travel as light as possible. Explaining further, I believe that if we all consume less and share more, the Earth will be able to rebalance and be a much more energy efficient place, freer and freer from the weight of our abuse of its generous resources.

So I obseved that having a tablet for these two weeks in India would be practical. On one hand I love to write and would not be wasting paper, let alone not having to carry loads of pages around. On the other hand I love to read and had several PDF books I had been meaning to take a look at but hand’t had time to do so lately. Reading PDF’s on my mobile would be rather small and the tablet would fulfill that funcion as well. I didn’t intend to buy one just to use for two weeks so I started asking friends if they had a tablet they would not be using for the next two weeks and whether they would feel comfortable lending it me. After a few inquiries a friend promptly said “of course, I will lend you mine”. I must say it was a much better one than I had first imagined! Huge screen, memory and resolution. Just perfect.

I needed a backpack because I had decided to travel as light as possible. My daughter lent me hers. I needed a pair or two of super comfortable sandals. My buddy Joana received two bags full from a client of hers, just when I was about to shop around for a pair! She then lent me two pairs for my journey J

I needed a few extra blouses. My mum had some perfect ones for this purpose as well as some light trousers and a beautiful bracelet and earrings.

Another friend lent me two scarves which had actually been given to her by a friend who had brought them from India!

There were yet more trinkets being lent to me from here and there which I didn’t bring along. I was spoilt for choice.

This is what I call energy efficiency: an efficient use of the resources available, irrespective of how they manifest. Everything and everyone in our reality is connected and the more we open up to this, the more it all flows effortlessly. In the same way that things, opportunities, circumstances, people flow our way, so do we have a magic touch in other people’s realities. 

To be continued... 

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