segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2017

Magic Days

There comes a time in the path of awareness that the scales definitely tip towards an endless succession of magical days. They can be magic just because you feel intensely passionate, aware, or even silent and serene or they can be filled with simple situations that might otherwise have been complex, sweet people that are a pleasure to be with, loving gestures that come out of nowhere just to bless your day in the same way you do this to others without even noticing it, just because you’re Present.

Though this is absolutely true, whilst living amongst human beings, going about chores and activities which involve others, sharing your time and attention with family, friends and co-workers, there will always be some days that seem not so magical… though in the end they actually come to be since the speed of resolution is at full throttle and the power of conscious choice works its way through anything, as well as the fact that awareness puts things under new light, stilling the mind with the heart’s balancing smoothness.

All of this to say that it does pay off to do what needs to be done in order to clean up the emotional bank of obsolete memories and to finally surrender to Isness, instead of trying to hold onto our stubborn human notion of how to deal with life. Though in a constantly new way, the Essence of who we Are, God within us, always knows what to do (or to do nothing at all), lest we be capable of letting go of control.

We have come here to eventually remember that we are God also. The sooner we let ourselves Be this, the more magical the whole of existence becomes.

Then again… it is never too late or early since time is inexistent. 

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