sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2016

Magic instants

It’s at moments like these that you feel thankfully graced by every little synchronicity that comes your way. So I’ve decided to create a series of short stories describing simple magic moments that make my day.

Here’s one of them.

A few days ago I decided to take my washing to the laundry shop in order to use one of their 20 kg machines and get more washing done at once. I got there, waited for 10 minutes until there was a free machine, put my laundry in it and then left. I had decided beforehand to go to the supermarket and on a few other errands while the machine did its job.

So off I went. About 40 minutes later I went back to the laundry shop. As soon as I stepped inside the shop, the machine where I had my washing stopped and I smiled. The people who were there looked at the machine and at me several times, utterly perplexed with the absolute synchronicity of my arrival. It clearly seemed like a magic spell J

It happens to me every day though. So much so that my daughter, quite the skeptical one, told me the other day “you know mum, I suppose I’m going to have to follow your example more often and really believe in these things you say about how life is magical and so on because it’s so evident, I see you do it so often that there’s no way I can keep on doubting. Thanks for being the way you are mum”.

And so it is that when you lead by example everything is possible J

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