domingo, 4 de dezembro de 2016

Magic Instants 2 - Golden Mystery

This morning I had the privilege of walking down a golden carpet of autumn leaves while strolling through the park. I was so bemused by this abundant festival of yellow leaves falling from the trees and dancing at my feet that I commented with my son "I wish I had brought my camera with me, this is soooo beautiful".

Later on I was returning from the station, this time by car and with my camera when I remembered to pass by the park again, even though it was dark, to take the photo I had so much wanted. As I drove down the street there were no parking spaces but since I had to go up to the roundabout to turn back down I went past the parking area again and just when I was arriving exactly in front of the place I had intended to photograph, a car comes out and... there was my space :)

This is the result...... I suppose it's even more beautiful than it was in the morning <3 Life is a golden mystery :)

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