quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2016

The Glory of Change

The Glory of Change

Blessed be the flowers,
The light of day,
The flowing darkness, moonlit with stars,
The waves that ruffle your hair.

Blessed be the sand,
Dunes rising into the unfathomable horizon.
Rivers deep with swelling streams,
Green leaves fluttering in the soft whisper of the wind.

Blessed be the creatures
That land and ocean birth,
With the sky as a witness
A silent sigh of awe.

Blessed be you and me,
All of us tethered to this twirling planet.
Some in deep slumber, others wide awake,
All creating endless realities of grace and doom.

Blessed be it all,
The ballroom filled with life’s intricate steps.
A breath, a breeze, a hurricane dance.
Volcanic, shaken, the Glory of Change.

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