quinta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2014

The Kingdom of Knowledge / O reino do Conhecimento

The Kingdom of Knowledge

In a world ruled by knowledge there are two main frames of mind that generate extreme anxiety:
I will never know enough - and you keep on seeking more and more.
I will never know too much - and you keep on seeking more and more. 

What if, instead of that one accepts this:
I will always know what is necessary at each given moment.

Information is permanently available and it finds it way into your reality when you need to know it – if you are focused. When you don’t, the only thing it does is create noise, dispersion, distraction and anxiety.


O Reino do Conhecimento

Num mundo gerido pelo conhecimento há duas atitudes principais que geram extrema ansiedade:
Nunca saberei o suficiente – e continuas sempre em busca de mais e mais.
Nunca saberei demasiado – e continuas sempre em busca de mais e mais.

E se, em vez disto, aceitarmos isto:
Saberei sempre o que é necessário a cada momento.

A informação está permanentemente disponível e encontra o seu caminho para a tua realidade quando precisas de sabê-la – se estiveres focado/a. Quando não precisas de sabê-a a única coisa que faz é criar ruído, dispersão, distração e ansiedade.

quarta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2014

An Alien

An Alien

On our path of awakening invariably there are times when we either feel like an alien or are seen as an alien by others. Simply because breaking the mould of mass consciousness means doing things differently, behaving differently, thinking differently… being different, yet being authentic. But then again, aren’t we all different, irrespective of trying to fit into a pre-established frame or deciding to break the mould?
So when placed before the choice between seeming an alien to most, or feeling at home with who I AM, my choice is definitely: “it doesn’t matter what I seem. What matters is who I AM”. Then again, since there are as many worlds as humans, more than enough worlds will be in synch with mine and we can have a celebration of worlds with much joy and champagne. As to the worlds which don’t combine, does it matter?

So love, please be who you are! You’re a precious jewel in an immense treasure chest and without the one you are, the treasure is indeed less than it can be ;)