quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2018

Keys to Everlasting Love

Here are some keys to sustainable inner Peace, Balance, Abundant Fulfilment, Joyful Grace and everlasting Love <3

This daily Exercise was my Framework of Transformation and lead me to Peace:

1.     Breathe.
2.     Let go of all people, places and situations and fall into you, Here and Now.
3.     Stay in the Silence in your Centre, irrespective of the noise around you or in your Mind.
4.     Become Present.
5.     Observe and Feel.
6.     Accept and let go, dissolving into the immense lake of your Essence – your inner Silence.
7.     Choose for you.
8.     Give your choices complete Freedom.
9.     Allow them into your life.
10.   Trust.
11.    Surrender to Simplicity, in the pure, compassionate Love of your Essence.

Allow yourself to be loved from your Core and learn what it’s like to be a Divine Human in your own sparkling uniqueness, accepting each and every one of your unique fellow Humans.

Know that at the Core no one is broken and the Oneness inside each One is connected to the Oneness in All there is.

Respect the energy that serves you, including your time. It belongs to no one and serves all. It responds to our vibration and is shaped according to our belief systems so letting go of toxic thoughts and feelings saves everyone’s energy, leaving it available for a more sustainable world. Remember that it is not outer circumstances that define our lives, but rather our own perspective.

Complete inner fulfilment is possible and need not depend on first achieving success in the outside world. Working from within to resolve our emotional and mental issues will bring us to this state of fulfilment irrespective of outer circumstances and will lead outer reality to gradually transform as a faithful reflection of our inner balance.

Choosing life from the Heart, surrendering Mind and Ego to the service of Isness, with no Agenda but to BE, Here and Now, creates a meaningful life, free from the struggles of the Small Human Self.

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