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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 9 Part I

Day 7 - 13th May (Day 6 of WEF)

The last day of WEF 2017

Today is the day of my plenary session (click to view) on a stage which I will share with deeply inspiring women, where we will all get a few minutes to speak our heart on our common theme of: Driving the Future through Personal Example and Self Belief and where we will all be receiving an award for being an Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All

I am honoured, blessed and grateful for this gifted opportunity. In my 3 minutes I share that the world will know peace only when the war inside us ends, when the wounded Feminine and Masculine become the God and Goddess inside, removing the illusion of separation that shades our discernment. In this resides the key to health, wealth, peace, love, harmony and balance in everything and everywhere and we all have this recipe. May the two become one, gracefully dancing existence into shape, cooperating with the Isness that we Are. This is the secret to manifesting the 17 UN Sustainable Goals.

Each and every one of us is a living, breathing, shining speck of existence experiencing the nuances of light and dark. Let's all create a wave of conscious awareness, bringing forth our true selves in inner unity, reflecting this around us as the standard example of how cooperation, Peace, Unconditional Love, Joy, Grace and Gratitude does indeed shape our reality through the Power of Conscious Choices. 

Let us release the need for power and harness the Power within, spreading the opportunity for complete fulfilment with each breath we take.

This is my message and this is what I do through my InPassion Coaching project - helping people put a conscious end to drama, stopping the war inside so that they can reflect their inner balance back into their reality and thus into the world, creating harmony for ALL by embracing their True Self.

This is how powerful Conscious Choice is and it all starts with the choice to be accountable for our own reality, to take full responsibility for the way it is, accepting every single part of it, healing the past in our eternal Now moment, so that the Future can be free in its endless potential. Now is the only moment we ARE. We can then take action towards creating the reality we have always dreamt of, step by step, one breath at a time with Patience, Compassion and steadfast Determination. 

I started my day with a morning swim followed by the plenary session and from then on it just unfolded naturally. I met up with people I had felt a special connection to throughout these 6 days. I enjoyed the last day of this very intense and enlightening week with ease and flow.

Ula has decided to contact the agency I had contacted and come along with me to Agra and Jaipur and it was pretty simple. All set.

I now repeat my Conscious Choice for the remaining 5 days of my dive into the feel of India: I choose to connect with the enlightened consciousness that oozes from the ground as much as it is in the air that we breathe here; I choose to receive all the gifts life so generously bestows upon me each moment, also sharing my abundance through my Presence; I choose to enjoy my time with me, in silent love and gratitude, respecting how I feel about being alone or together each day; I choose to openly share All that I Am and to celebrate this opportunity to be here; I choose simplicity, grace, ease and flow. And so it is.

I am supposed to meet up with Lynn and Michelle and now Ula at 3am tomorrow and have decided to wait down in the lobby because it doesn't make sense to rent a room for such a short sleep. I was sharing this information with lovely Ruth Simuyemba from Zambia when she very naturally offered me the opportunity to go up to her room in Pullman Hotel to refresh myself and relax or take a nap until the hour for departure comes. I gratefully accepted her kindness and it feels so good to be loved like this. She felt so comfortable with me that she left me in her room for a few hours while she went for dinner and didn't give it a second thought. The way Soul Sisters connect is just so perfect.

Ruth is head of Human Resources for Standard Chartered Bank in Zambia and has an impressive CV, but most of all, she is exudes kindness, joy and a very strong feminine presence.

Thank you Ruth

During the day I said farewell to many Soul Sisters, one of them being Carla Horta. A blessing to meet you Carla, thank you.

Somewhere along the way I met Priya Chakraborty, who happens to write for an APP called Trip My Way. This is an APP with audio guided tours through Delhi and Rajasthan, thus avoiding the need for a guide and allowing the traveller to create his/her own experience. It is packed with cultural knowledge that is accurate and interesting. She tells me about is as I share that I will be travelling to Jaipur. Thank you Priya :) This gave an idea to use in my English class: to create a guided tour experience for my students where they listen to the audio from Trip My Way and I show them photos as it goes along. A good way of practicing listening skills and travelling at the same time, without leaving our classroom!

Priya is on the right hand corner. At the top, Carol Honlon

Carol Hanlon is from Australia and she has a huge curriculum in business. Her main area of expertise is textile and footwear and she is committed helping women entrepreneurs jumpstart their businesses worldwide. Loved meeting her and learning from her vast knowledge and experience, even me not being in textile because business expertise is transversal to all areas and what she shared is extremely rich for any entrepreneur. She created Belmont Business Enterprise Centre, a non profit community based organisation to assist people in the growth and development of small business. You can visit the website and find anything you need in order to thrive right there. Thank you Carol.

To be continued... 

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