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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 6 Part I

Day 4 - 10th May 2017 (Day 3 of WEF)

A Whirlwind of Inspiration

... Fast forward...

It is the 18th June today, one month after my last day in India.

I am sitting on the beach in Portugal, Baleal, looking back at day 4 in India, day 3 of WEF, realising that when I decided to write this series of blog posts I had no idea there would be so much to say.

When I was at WEF I had no time to write on a daily basis. I was there fully and wholeheartedly, committed to honouring the experience in all of its profuse abundance. And I did.

Now that I’m back, each day that passes I realise the magnitude of it more and more.

I’ve been meaning to get in touch with all of the people who gave me cards, but it has been impracticeable. I will though, in due course.

Nevertheless, I have kept contact with many, one of which has even already come over to Portugal for a few days.

I suppose that’s where I will start day 3 of WEF.


I finally meet Masingita Masunga today. She is as enchanting as in her videos. Her eyes sparkle like twinkling stars and her smile shows a joyful heart.

She has the small graceful body of a teenager, full of inspired enthusiasm. If one were to judge strength of character by size, Masingita would be in direct opposition of that principle, in the same way that she has defied conventional beliefs about what a person with cerebral palsy is capable of or not.

Her motto is “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”, and her life story is irrefutable proof of this wisdom.

Cheryl Collins was the first one to mention Masingita, when we communicated by e-mail and I am glad she highlighted her because she is definitely one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Throughout WEF, Masingita and I keep on bumping into each other and the connection is sealed.
Fast forward to the last day of WEF, Masingita offers me one of her inspiring DVDs and gives me the rest for me to distribute as I see fil, which I do with much honour and respect.

My roommate Phionah Musumba, me, Masingita and Cheryl Collins

She asks me how far my place is from Madrid, because she will be going there right after WEF. It’s about 600 km. She decides then and there that she will be coming over to visit me and will be available to speak wherever I arrange.

And that is how Masingita Masunga came to Linda’s School, the language school I work for and where I develop the collaborative projects I have come here to share.

It was arranged with very short notice so not many people came, but it was well worth organising anyway, because the genuine wisdom Masingita shares, her candid voice and sweetly powerful Presence, will forever stay with all of those who attended.

It is in such moments that great change comes from inspiring the few who will somehow reach the many, and that each life blessed by the motivation to make the impossible possible and live in honour of the unique gifts and skills each one of us has – using them to the full extent of our capacities – creates the template for massive awakening, one by one, coming back to unified consciousness.

Back to Cheryl Collins, founder of Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide -  a platform of cooperation aimed at 
“Building Cultural Relationships and Networking Bridges Globally” and serving as a conduit for connecting Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide. Its platform is interaction, producing a greater understanding of diversity of cultures, communications, business opportunities, ideas, through participation in forum tours, conferences around the globe, thereby allowing ideas and information to possibly assist in the global economic recovery.
We spoke on Skype around three weeks before the Conference. Both of us were feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information we had to sort out pertaining WEF. It was all so huge! Nevertheless, I shared with Cheryl that we were also feeling the people who were going to attend the event, the event organizers and the whole crackling energy that picks up in the final days preceding such a massive enterprise. I felt the best thing to do was to just breathe, release everyone else’s feelings and thoughts of overwhelm and let ourselves gradually fall into synch with the consciousness we chose to connect with. I chose, as I have said before, to connect with the energy and consciousness of enlightenment, the pure wisdom of India and of an event like this, to connect with the inspiration, with the love and unity.

Having done so, I gradually felt at ease and fully prepared for the experience. Now that I’m here it is just a flow, like everything else in my life.

Whenever I find myself starting to “effort”, I stop, step back and reassess my position. 

I choose. 

Invariably I choose Ease, Grace and Simplicity – living in cooperation and flow, rather than fighting and resisting. And I trust this completely. That’s why it is easy to readjust, letting go of what is slowing me down, of any burdens that might have built up inadvertently, recalibrating my “compass” to sail the ocean of Essence, filled with infinite potentials that I can choose, create and manifest, let go of and choose again. be continued

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