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The Power of Consious Choice - Mother India's Magic 6 Part III

Day 4 - 10th May 2017 (day 3 of WEF) - Part III

A Whirlwind of Inspiration

It is while I am walking past the lounge café downstairs, in this flow that takes me where I need to be, that I come across Jeanette Falotico who happens to not be feeling very well. She is even considering not doing her Session - The Art of Living Lost

I ask her if she would like to come outside and do a little bit of Conscious Breath with me so that she can release the tension she is feeling and that's how we find ourselves out in the garden, Jeanette sharing her feeling, me listening and understanding, breathing with her and both of us transforming what seemed to be a dead end into a golden opportunity.

When I first met Jeanette I knew full well she would sooner or later come to the conclusion that she was no longer lost because when one is awake one cannot remain lost. And realising this would surely be a blow. How does one deal with letting go of such a cherished belief?

Well, simply by letting go of it and embracing a new level of consciousness.

 I myself was lost, until I found out that I had got lost just so I could find myself - just so I could come back Home again. This is the metaphor of living on Earth under the veils of illusion, only to realise that Who We Truly are lies somewhere beyond those veils, it is the permanent Isness that patiently awaits us Home. It is that sense that something is missing, that makes us seek and seek and that leads us to find the greatest treasure there is: the precious realisation that Presence is always within us, that Home has always been right here and that there is nothing lacking in us, nothing to be sought or to aspire to that we aren't already.

It is like getting lost in a forest whilst leaving pearls of wisdom on the way so that we can track ourselves back when we get tired of being lost, when we've had enough of that experience. So in fact, being lost is absolutely precious. May we be thankful to this part of us for it is the one that leads us where we have always wanted to be. 


Jeanette's session is in just 5 minutes and we step into the room right on time. As the session begins Jeanette gets into her zone state and it is clear that this was a moment meant to be. So much wisdom, shared with ease and simplicity. I am blessed and honoured to be here.

Jeanette playfully calls me her "life saver" but in fact the only thing I did was allow myself to be in the right place at the right time and feel what my heart beckoned me to do in the same way as Jeanette allowed herself to be boldly honest with herself and had the courage to live up to who she truly is: a stable Master who is no longer lost. Thank you Jeanette, it is a joy to have yet another extremely wise Soul Sister in my life. 

Ula is on the far left, right next to me and Jeanette is on my other side, in the middle

At the end of Jeanette's session I engage in conversation with Ula Collins, founder of Avanti Pilates, her own unique blend of Pilates. Somehow I end up showing her my book "Are you a Professional Worrier", which she promptly admits to being, so she buys it without a second thought. Ula shares a little bit about her current issues, related to her marriage and her self worth and after this we keep on running into each other throughout the day. 

Little did we know at this time, what would come to pass further on... but I will leave that for another post, on the exact day it happened. 

On this particular day I attend many sessions that interest me and a few just because I was passing by this or that room and decide to go in.

This is what happens in one of the session I attend, which I no longer remember the name of but know it was super interesting. Anyway, I notice Anna Aberg (my business coach to be) is showing the three ladies sitting at the front table Getrude's photo - they are also from Zimbabwe! I walk to them at the end of the session and tell them about Getrude Matshe's quest to help the children of the Maziviza district through creating schools, a feeding programme and overall better life and education conditions. At my language school we have chosen to sponsor her Africa Alive Education Foundation through our Collaborative Project Art in Motion, which involved a Fund Raising Auction of Paintings created by our students and local community as well as a fund raising concert which included only youngsters, both as performers and as organizers - Art in Motion Finds a Voice. 

I explain to these ladies that we are sponsoring the transportation of a container with 65000 books and 200 computers which needs to be taken from New Zealand to Zimbabwe and then to the district of Maziviza. The container is then to be refurbished to provide a health care facility. 

One of the ladies' brothers refurbishes containers! Another is part of the Rotary Club and is willing to sponsor Getrude's project and one even happens to be the sister-in-law of Getrude's ex-husband's brother. The world is a big sea of oneness indeed, and when we allow ourselves to receive, its waves roll onto our beach. By keeping our doors wide open, understanding that giving and receiving are all just one circle, these simple instants of magic happen. 

Actually I must repeat that if it weren't for Getrude I would not even be here in New Delhi, for it was her that put my name forward and encouraged me to come. Thank you Getrude, for your ongoing inspiration and precious heart, you are an exquisite gem stone that colours this Earth with passionate beauty, living up to the example that anything is possible. 

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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 6 Part II

Day 4 - 10th May 2017 (day 3 of WEF) - Part II

A Whirlwind of Inspiration

By now Iman has changed her mind about the Golden Triangle experience and is trying to convince me to go up to McLeod Ganj, where the Dalai Lama lives. Her argumentation is that it is way too hot for her in Rajasthan and that she had an experience at the Taj Mahal around 10 years ago that she hated.

I choose to honour her experience but to not make it mine, and I do not adopt her feelings or choices either.

I tell her I will consider this. 

Pedro, who has been to India, tells me McLeod Ganj is beautiful and cooler, but Shimla is too, both places are up towards the Himalayan mountains. However it requires a journey of around 12 hours to get there and another 12 back. I am definitely not going for this option.

Also Iman wants to leave on Saturday. I want to stay at the Conference until the very end. I enjoy the crescendo that builds up in the final stages of an Event like this and anyhow, this is what I came for in the first place.

Iman eventually tries to contact me while she is booking the trip to McLeod Ganj, but synchronicity would have it that I am not reachable at that time. That very peacefully settles the issue. I am definitely going to explore the Golden Triangle and we will meet up at Mahiema’s place on Thursday anyway.

I start feeling very grateful that I will have these 5 days to myself right after 6 days of a very busy and inspiring Conference with so many beautiful people!

Yesterday I started to look for bus or train tickets to Jaipur, to see prices and timetables, but it didn’t work out.

I start looking for options for my trip to Agra and Jaipur, focusing especially on booking the bus or train back from Jaipur on the 18th, because the best places end fast around here. It is a country with over 1 billon people!

I find a good timetable for the bus but the payment doesn't go through. I try several times to no avail. I try the train but I need to send them my scanned passoport and a few extra bureaucratic requirements which are not practical at all. I try through several sites but the requirements are the same. I finally let go and decide to sleep over it. I know full well that when something isn't flowing the best thing to do is let go and allow the path of least resistance to become clear.

After all my choice for this whole journey was: simplicity… and being open to receive all the gifts this journey has in store for me.

I engage in conversation with Lynn who happens to also want to go to Agra on Sunday, as well as Michelle, her roommate. We try and book a bus ticket, and you know what? It doesn’t work. So there is a simpler path for sure.

Suddenly Anu shows up. She is leaving today. She helps us out by calling a guy that does day trips to Agra. It is far too expensive. Then she also calls one of the agencies I had got the number from the Portuguese Embassy: Travel Pals India. I ask for them to send me a quote not only to Agra but also to Jaipur and back to Delhi.

Michelle has also found a solution. A girl she met has given her the number of a driver who took her to Agra for a great price. He happens to be available so we take that option and book for Sunday at 3 am – so that we can see the sunrise reflecting on the Taj. Settled.

A few hours later I get the quote from the agency. An irrefusable offer which includes hotels in Agra and Jaipur, train fare from Agra to Jaipur and back to Delhi, a guide and a driver in Jaipur, picking me up directly on the platform at the train station and dropping me off there on the day I leave, with visits to the main sites in Jaipur. 

I wonder about the need to have someone pick me up on the train platform. When I get there I realise why. The train station is enormous, there are hoards of people everywhere, even at 10 pm and there are zillions of hustlers wanting to carry my luggage, to take me here and there, to sell something! It becomes clear that having chosen to experience a fluid and simple journey, with all that I deserve, having someone to guide me out of the station is a blessing.

Did I tell you that both hotels have a swimming-pool? Just like this one where I am right now! Luxury in this scorching heat.

I obviously decide to take the agency’s offer. It is about 100€ over the amount I had intended to spend but it is also way beyond what I was envisioning. The ease, the comfort! Jaideep, the agency’s representative, is even coming directly to Novotel to bring me the travel and hotel vouchers!

When we accept to receive, allowing our Essence to bring us the best combination according to our circumstances, there is only one thing to expect: much more that we could possibly have imagined.

Was kindly left in the room at Novotel by the Hotel staff :)

I meet Claire Lyell (http://www.wef.org.in/claire-lyell/) , founder of Culture Pearl, a coaching business specialised in cultivating talent . We somehow engage in a conversation about education and I find myself inviting her to please talk to my students via Skype. 

I make it a point of inviting inspiring people to share with my teenager students, bringing them practical wisdom and learning experiences they can use to create the lives they truly want to live. Thank you Claire, for connecting and sharing.

Today Luiza Plama is also here. She is the Chairperson for ALL Portugal and arrived late last night. Carla and I waited for her to arrive and welcomed her at the hotel reception because she is the only other Portuguese person here so far.

Luiza is a powerful influencer, mother of 6 daughters and a harbinger of change in areas such as sustainability, equity and charity. She lives under the impression that she would like to do much more than she already does to help improve the lives of those who can’t do it for themselves, but feels one lifetime is not enough.

I, on the other hand, believe that if we are capable of keeping our balance, living with a peaceful heart, joyfully transparent, sharing our love with each smile, our wisdom even in silence, and being a clear example of coherence, walking our talk with an open heart and an unpolluted mind, we are doing what needs to be done, which is never too little or too much, when seen from the perspective of the Essence. 

All humans are entitled to their own experiences, irrespective of what we judge them to be. This is Compassion.

Since I choose to connect with people soul to soul and Luiza has a huge heart, we connect at that deep level that sees no difference. Beautiful.

We have both been invited to dinner at the Portuguese Ambassador’s residence tomorrow. When we mention this in front of Carla, she pleads for me to ask Sofia Batalha, the Portuguese Consul who kindly connected with me before coming to India and picked me up at the airport, sent me the agency’s contact and has been ever so helpful in so many ways.

It feels a bit awkward to me, especially because I did not ask to go, I was invited to go. I try to change the subject but it doesn’t work. I eventually give in and send Sofia an e-mail saying I am passing on Carla’s request, leaving it clear that I am just the messenger. She asks whether Carla has a Portuguese passport, which she does, and believe it or not they say yes.


I was supposed to have a lunch round table under the theme The Power of Conscious Choice today but apparently the lunch round tables have not been happening because the plenary sessions have been running late and no one has bothered to find another solution for these round tables.

Well, whatever! I decide to just go with the flow and keep on embracing and enjoying the whole experience :)

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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 6 Part I

Day 4 - 10th May 2017 (Day 3 of WEF)

A Whirlwind of Inspiration

... Fast forward...

It is the 18th June today, one month after my last day in India.

I am sitting on the beach in Portugal, Baleal, looking back at day 4 in India, day 3 of WEF, realising that when I decided to write this series of blog posts I had no idea there would be so much to say.

When I was at WEF I had no time to write on a daily basis. I was there fully and wholeheartedly, committed to honouring the experience in all of its profuse abundance. And I did.

Now that I’m back, each day that passes I realise the magnitude of it more and more.

I’ve been meaning to get in touch with all of the people who gave me cards, but it has been impracticeable. I will though, in due course.

Nevertheless, I have kept contact with many, one of which has even already come over to Portugal for a few days.

I suppose that’s where I will start day 3 of WEF.


I finally meet Masingita Masunga today. She is as enchanting as in her videos. Her eyes sparkle like twinkling stars and her smile shows a joyful heart.

She has the small graceful body of a teenager, full of inspired enthusiasm. If one were to judge strength of character by size, Masingita would be in direct opposition of that principle, in the same way that she has defied conventional beliefs about what a person with cerebral palsy is capable of or not.

Her motto is “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”, and her life story is irrefutable proof of this wisdom.

Cheryl Collins was the first one to mention Masingita, when we communicated by e-mail and I am glad she highlighted her because she is definitely one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Throughout WEF, Masingita and I keep on bumping into each other and the connection is sealed.
Fast forward to the last day of WEF, Masingita offers me one of her inspiring DVDs and gives me the rest for me to distribute as I see fil, which I do with much honour and respect.

My roommate Phionah Musumba, me, Masingita and Cheryl Collins

She asks me how far my place is from Madrid, because she will be going there right after WEF. It’s about 600 km. She decides then and there that she will be coming over to visit me and will be available to speak wherever I arrange.

And that is how Masingita Masunga came to Linda’s School, the language school I work for and where I develop the collaborative projects I have come here to share.

It was arranged with very short notice so not many people came, but it was well worth organising anyway, because the genuine wisdom Masingita shares, her candid voice and sweetly powerful Presence, will forever stay with all of those who attended.

It is in such moments that great change comes from inspiring the few who will somehow reach the many, and that each life blessed by the motivation to make the impossible possible and live in honour of the unique gifts and skills each one of us has – using them to the full extent of our capacities – creates the template for massive awakening, one by one, coming back to unified consciousness.

Back to Cheryl Collins, founder of Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide -  a platform of cooperation aimed at 
“Building Cultural Relationships and Networking Bridges Globally” and serving as a conduit for connecting Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide. Its platform is interaction, producing a greater understanding of diversity of cultures, communications, business opportunities, ideas, through participation in forum tours, conferences around the globe, thereby allowing ideas and information to possibly assist in the global economic recovery.
We spoke on Skype around three weeks before the Conference. Both of us were feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information we had to sort out pertaining WEF. It was all so huge! Nevertheless, I shared with Cheryl that we were also feeling the people who were going to attend the event, the event organizers and the whole crackling energy that picks up in the final days preceding such a massive enterprise. I felt the best thing to do was to just breathe, release everyone else’s feelings and thoughts of overwhelm and let ourselves gradually fall into synch with the consciousness we chose to connect with. I chose, as I have said before, to connect with the energy and consciousness of enlightenment, the pure wisdom of India and of an event like this, to connect with the inspiration, with the love and unity.

Having done so, I gradually felt at ease and fully prepared for the experience. Now that I’m here it is just a flow, like everything else in my life.

Whenever I find myself starting to “effort”, I stop, step back and reassess my position. 

I choose. 

Invariably I choose Ease, Grace and Simplicity – living in cooperation and flow, rather than fighting and resisting. And I trust this completely. That’s why it is easy to readjust, letting go of what is slowing me down, of any burdens that might have built up inadvertently, recalibrating my “compass” to sail the ocean of Essence, filled with infinite potentials that I can choose, create and manifest, let go of and choose again.

...to be continued

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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 5 Part III

Day 3 (9th May 2017) - Day 2 of WEF

Intensely Powerful... continued

I have another session this afternoon in which I am a panelist – Building Youth for the Future.  This time the combination is terribly awkward:

Once again we make do with what we’ve got. You can view it here

We try to connect the topics but it is not feasible. 

One good thing is that each theme is interesting in itself. The other good thing is that the room is full and that we all get to hear about things we would possible have not chosen.

I am on the same panel as Sindu Shreebavan, a beautiful educator from Singapore who works in the field of innovation, inpiring youth to believe in their creative power and implement their natural entreprenreuship. One more of those strong connections, especially because we both work in the field of education and innovation and have a lot to share. Her project is called As many Minds and she is hosting the International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum in Singapore on the 2nd of September for youngsters and educators from around the world to attend and connect. 

Jeanette Falotico is another inspiring woman I finally meet today. She has brought her 16 year old daughter along and they are also at the Driving Youth for the Future session. We had connected online alredy before coming. Her project is called The Art of Living Lost and she shares how experiencing loss can in turn make us feel lost, but when we embrace that experience with joy, open to the opportunities of growth it brings, we find ourselves in the smallest beauties of life, appreciating all that comes our way in full gratitude.

We have a long conversation about relationships. She suddenly became a widower and was faced with having to rebuild all of her life concepts with three children to bring up. I, in turn, have been through divorce more than once and have rebuilt my life several times, until I eventually found myself, discovering the unique love affair that begins when our inner Masculine and Feminine consciousness unite and merge, reshaping our entire world.

As Jeanette overcame her loss and discovered herself and also found this love within her, she decided she was ready to start a new relationship and made a list with all of the qualities she would like the man she would share her life with to have.

Having come to a point where I felt completely at ease with being alone, enjoying my own company and living in full passion, I also at some point asked myself whether I chose to stay like this, which would be perfectly fine, or whether I would allow someone to come into my life whom I could share this blissful freedom, this complete love and everlasting passion with. I chose to share it and just like Jeanette, I made my list and clearly chose the man I would enjoy sharing this love with, so that we could expand further as individuals and as a balanced merge as well.

Her man came into her life and mine too and for both it was about two years ago. What a lovely co-incidence! There are always reasons why we meet people, connections that are unknown to us but that start appearing like a sting of precious pearls as we get to know each other. And we do indeed have much in common. The amazing thing is that it does not matter which country we are from, which background we have, what language we speak: these connections trascend all physical boundaries.

When we are in love inside, life brings us love from the four corners of the world and the love affair with our Essence finds other Essences to magically share this love with. So it is pretty obvious that our kindred spirits – the men whom we deeply connect to in absolute harmony, just had to walk into our lives, in the very same way that it happens with all of these like-minded Soul Sisters.

One day I will tell you the full story of the loving relationship I have with Pedro. We will both tell it in a book called “Loving you is Bliss”, but for now I would only like to leave the message that there is no rush to find real love – discover yourself deeply and honestly, allow love to flourish and expand with you, for you, inside, choose whether you want to stay in this bliss with no partner or whether you want a partner to share it with, choose your partner and be bold about your choice, do not refrain from choosing absolutely everything you dream of in a partner. And then let your choice fly out into the Universe and find the perfect match, without expectation, need or lack. Rest assured it will happen and Trust this. Go about your life in complete joy, love and gratitude, honouring each precious moment, each precious breath. 

Just Be.

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The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 5 - Part II

Day 3 - 9th May 2017 (Day 2 of WEF)

Intensely Powerful... continued

(see 7th June post for the 1st part) 

That’s when I find out they’ve changed things for today.

There were not many people around yesterday, because a lot of people are not coming for the full 6 days and start arriving today and tomorrow, so the organisation figured that if they joined several sessions in one, reducing the number of rooms, there would be more audience for all. The principle is wise. The practice is a little different.

Firstly, I was the lead speaker for my theme “The Power of Concious Choice” and there were only two panelists (Jessica Sanchez and one more speaker) which gave the three of us enough time to develop the subject properly. Now we have three sessions in one, seven speakers in total, one of which does not show up. This allows us all less that 10 minutes each, other than the fact that the themes are a somewhat awkwardly related. Here are the themes and list of speakers:

Topics : Sustainability and Inclusiveness through south-south cooperation for scaling innovations, The Power of Conscious Choice Unlock Your Inner Confidence & Show Up As The Authentic YouSpeakers : Dr. Jessica Sanchez, Lynda Dyer, Pallavi Shrivastava, Regina Robinson, Tania Castilho, Vikkie Anand, Zine Nkukwan

On the other hand we get to listen to speakers we would not have had the opportunity to listen to because we would be having our sessions at the same time, with the added bonus that we get each other’s public.

We all adapt well to this new change and it is a blessing to share the forefront with such inspiring, powerful women. Cick here to view the full version of the Session

Just a sidenote to say that a change like this would not have been possible in Europe. We are much more fixed in our organising principles and some things are simply not feasible. It would be utter disaster and everyone would be complaining and badmouthing the organisation. Here, though, it seems to pull through with not much ado, though of course it does have its downsides, as I have mentioned previously: much less time for each speaker, themes that are not clearly interrelated, all of which leading to some confusion.

Then again I choose to make the most of each situation and expand its strengths rather than empower its weaknesses, so I will repeat that the final result is a positive one, including the fact that it is a real life practice of resilience and adaptability to life’s constant change, and as I say in my bio, I am a Changeologist: a conscious explorer of the “science” of change.

After my session I can’t remember how but I find myself being congratulated by Camille Candice, the founder of Wellology. She introduces herself as a Wellologist, which she coined to describe what she does: help people feel good about themselves not only physically, she has a personal training business, but also emotionally – she is a very clear and wise coach. 

We connect profoundly. I realise that this will happen repeatedly and frequently – this tingling sensation in my heart, a bubbling joy that invades my whole body, a shiver of delight – an ongling sense of meeting family I had not seen for a while, having nevertheless been connected all along, so much so that we instantly understand each other.

Flawless communication – which is what happens when hearts speak together. For me this is the most precious takeaway from the whole WEF experience. It is not something we can say happens on daily basis back home for we interact with many different kinds of people. Yet here, people have gathered for the same inspirational purpose. 

The theme of the conference is “Creating, Innovating, Understanding and Driving the Future”, there are 36 theme verticals within this major theme and a stream of other sub-themes within the 36 verticals. Can you picture the unspeakable abundance in that? So many confident, balanced, inspiring, loving and caring free spirits in the same place all at once? And so many others seeking this for themselves as well, with their hearts open to listen and embrace change towards fulfilment, success not only in their professional lives, but also at the deepest levels? So many women and men not afraid to boldly express the full extent of their wisdom, creating boundless potentials for a better world for ALL? About 1600 speakers and delegates creating this kind of vibration, this template of consciousness – I can only say THANK YOU for being a part of my reality <3

I ask Camille whether she would be interested in having a look at my book “Are you a Professional Worrier”, which she actually buys. The thing is she has many clients who can benenfit from this awareness, as well as my clients can benefit from her Wellology principles so it can be a very good synergy. What strikes me most about her is her joy, wisdom and health. She is already 60 but looks 40 and has overcome cancer, not only surviving but thriving. Perfect for my series of interviews J

Somehow Anna Aberg and I cross paths as well. She had been sitting in the audience and congratulates me for my clarity. Anna is a Swedish digital nomad and coaches women on how to develop a successful online business, creating Extended Freedom – this is the name of her one year program. 

Here is Anna (in red) sitting next to Maria Appelqvist (creator of the Orgasmic Breath program)

I have been looking for someone to coach me in this. I have found many many options online, mostly American successful entrepreneurs advertising the ease with which one can generate millions online in no time. But I have not found the one that really makes sense to me, that is really walking his or her talk in all aspects and that I would look up to as the example I want to follow. So when I came to WEF one of my choices was to find that person, because I already felt that she was there so all that was needed was for us to cross paths. As we talk and share, it becomes clear to me that Anna is that person. She is the real deal and I came here to meet her. The brilliant thing is that she came here to meet me too because she also enjoys my wisdom and there is a beautiful creative exchange between us.

Sometime in the afternoon she invites me to record a Facebook life video (click to view) where I share about how I have used writing to learn how discern between the drone of my Mind and the voice of my Essence – my heart. This happens because Anna also advises her clients to explore their issues and to listen to themselves more clearly through writing.

Her one year Extended Freedom course starts at the end of June and I know I am on it. I not only have na online language learning and coaching platform online called Interactive Focus Academy that I now must market but I also have chosen to expand my InPassion Coaching business worldwide online.

At lunch time I find myself speaking to a Meena Baluja who happens to be a teacher trainer, founder and director of Hand in Hand Workshops for teachers. A pleasure to meet interact with such a wise woman, considering I am also a teacher. I come to the conclusion that education is going the same way worldwide and that there are many avantgarde projects here in India, where learning through collaboration is being implemented and the XXIst century skills are steadily gaining ground. 

Just for those of you who are not acquainted with this kind of language, the XXIst century skills are, amongst others, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Effective Communication, Problem Solving Skills, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Cooperation and so on.

By now I have attended some very inspiring sessions, but just as well I didn’t spend too much time poring over the program before coming. Most of the few sessions I had planned to attend for sure have not been the ones I have finally been to. Somehow I get caught up in meaningful conversations and get invited to other sessions which turn out to be every bit as productive as the others would surely have been, in all sorts of senses. One way or another I repeatedly come to the conclusion that there is no better place to be than right here, right now.

Ah and the photos! So many photo shots everywhere! One more reason to smile, had there not been enough reasons to do so already. 

Later on I come across Iman again, who is now sitting with Mahiema Anand, also a flim producer and coach whose project is named Zonsta Creation

She is a lovely, calm, free spirit and once again we connect. She has been to Portugal more than once and has stayed at Mooji’s Ashram in Alentejo (na area towards the south of Portugal). 

Mooji is a very wise enlightened master from the Caribbean who has settled in Portugal. I love reading and listening to him because he speaks in such simple terms, that the truth in his sharing is unmistakable.

Iman has decided to do the Golden Triangle with me because she wants to be in my company. What an honour! Mahiema says we must go to an Indian house before leaving fr our countries and invites us for dinner at her place on Thursday the 18th, the day we come back. I am leaving at 2 am on the 19th so she will get me na Uber taxi to the airport from there, and Iman will stay over to catch her plane the following day in the afternoon. It all seems to be settled.

(to be continued...)

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The Power of Conscious Choice - Portugal at its Best

I interrupt the Mother India's Magic series to share some of Portugal's special magic with you.

Last weekend Pedro and I had decided we wanted to go to the beach and in doing so we both chose the weather to be excellent for a good afternoon on the beach.

When Saturday came, the day dawned chilly, as it usually does in this area of Portugal - Caldas da Rainha, which is near the West coast. It was a little bit cloudy and windy and the temperature was not exactly inviting when it comes to lying half naked on the beach. But we had made our choice.

We went for lunch at some friends' place, an interesting family with a set of 13 year old twin girls. I engaded in some inspiring conversations with them, when I found out that for the last 4 years they have been developing their own entrepreneurial skills, creating necklaces, bracelets, crochet flowers, woolen scarves and what not to generate their own pocket money to pay for their surfing classes and not only.

 At the moment they are very enthused about learning how to create unique swimsuits. They love sewing and other handcrafts related to fashion and have created their own brand name: Twiins (Instagram: twiins_pulseiras). They do some fairs during their holidays and are looking into getting their business online. And I, of course, was fascinated with their resourcefulness and encouraged them fully to broaden their scope of potential clients and to always have the courage to go after their dreams, focusing on expanding a few items at a time, rather than many.

At the end of a delicious lunch, blessed by some exquisite Portuguese wine (which I apologise for not knowing the name of but that I can guarantee was amongst the best I have ever tasted), one of the young girls brings two pouches and says they would like to offer me a necklace and a bracelet "so please can you choose the ones you prefer". I was delighted! Such a sweet gift! Here are some pics of their creations - the 100% Portuguese wool and cotton scarves, knitted and hand sewn by them, and the bracelet and necklace I chose. Thank you Carolina and Francisca! You are sure going places in your lives! Congratulations to the parents as well, for bringing these girls up in such a way that they believe in themselves and know that anything is possible.


Scarves, bracelet and necklace with joy and gratitude :)

The afternoon turned out to be sunny but not warm and was still quite windy. Nevertheless, we stuck to our choice of going to spend a perfect afternoon at the beach and headed for Baleal, about 20 km from Caldas da Rainha. As we approached the sea, instead of it getting colder, the temperature rose two degrees! And when we parked the car and got out of the car it was hot, sunny and inviting and the sea was serenely beckoning us to dive into it! The surprising thing is that considering the weather in Caldas, the usual consequence is for it to be even worse by the sea, but much on the contrary, it was better.

It was already 5 pm when we arrived and we stayed on until almost 8 pm, under the warm sun, appreciating this magic manifestation of our conscious choice in deep gratitude and overflowing joy.

Life is such a fulfilling experience when we allow ourselves to celebrate it and accept its abundant gifts.

quarta-feira, 7 de junho de 2017

The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 5 - Part I

Day 3 - 9th May 2017 (Day 2 of WEF)

Intensely Powerful

I wake up at 6 am and go down for a swim and a workout at the gym. Did the same yesterday morning. It’s such a privilege! The warm water sparkles invitingly and it feels good to soak in India now that the temperature is bearable. The heat is such that there is a sort of permanent haze and the sky seems not to be as blue as back home. Nonetheless it feels good to lie under its infinite expanse.

The gym has everything I need and it brings solace to my body who is missing our morning walks in the pristine fresh air back home.

I don’t think I mentioned that one of the recommendations to everyone coming to India is “do not drink tap water”. A challenge for me because I do so very naturally. But I manage not to. There are complimentary bottles of water everywhere so it is quite easy to respect this norm.

Breakfast is beyond description. I could not have imagined that people ate such a variety of dishes for breakfast, though considering there are people from over 100 coutries here, it is maybe natural that they cater for all tastes and customs. There is so much food that one feels nourished just by admiring it! J I have to thank the staff over and over again, they are doing such a brilliant job and taking excellent care of us! It’s like we’re a huge royal family. Thank you.

I haven’t been speaking much about the sessions I attended but let me reassure you that they were all extremely inspiring and you can view most of them on WEF TV. I have chosen to focus more on the real life practice of the Power of Conscious Choice, and though the sessions were an integral part of the whole experience, they mostly served as a chatalyst for deeper connections in-between sessions.

Then again, it was all so intense that it is hard to pinpoint all of the relevant parts and I know I will probably forget to mention many important and interesting connections I established at WEF so if you were there and are reading this and I met you today and did not mention you, please forgive me. You are in my heart as much as everyone else, in your own special and unique way. But wait for Part II first ;) Still got many lovely Soul Sisters to acknowledge today.

Carla finds me. She has a lady to introduce: Iman Kamel. She is a film maker born in Cairo but with no particular place she calls home – that’s why her company is called Nomad’s Home Film Production. The reason why Carla wants us to meet is so that we can eventually travel together for the 5 extra days we have both apparently taken off.

Let me explain:  when I was booking my flight to New Delhi I was about to click the button for a flight returning Sunday the 14th, the day right after the Conference ends but it dawned upon me that since I had never been to India and was travelling such a long distance it seemed quite silly not to take a few extra days off and visit at least the Golden Triangle (New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur). So I boldly chose to arrive back home on the 19th – the day of the Fundraising Concert I have been organising together with a Commitee of highschool students. I figured that the whole point being really for them to take responsibility, to understand accountability, develop problem solving skills and resourcefulness, leadership, cooperation and self-confidence amongst other soft skills, this was just the perfect opportunity for them to take over with little or no interference on my part.

Also I knew that although being away for 2 weeks right in the middle of 3rd Term might seem pretty impossible for any teacher, I would find a very simple and appropriate way of getting my classes sorted out and leaving everything well prepared and taken care of in my absence. After all my Conscious Choice for my life is absolute absence of Drama. Ease, flow and simplicity, in balance and harmony, respecting myself and in doing so respecting life and all that it contains, with boundless love and joyful fulfilment, gracefully dancing to exitence’s tune in complete gratitude. Summarising: living in complete and total surrender to my Essence. 

 And that’s how I booked my flight. Nevertheless, I only booked the Hotel up until Satuday the 13th and chose not to plan the 5 extra days beforehand because I knew I would be meeting other people with similar intentions and that we could enhance each other's experiences. Only afterwards did I notice that it was a very balanced choice: 6 days of immersion in India - what one would call leisure - and 6 days of WEF - could be considered work, but I find it hard to it define that way because belief systems around work usually conceptualise it as somehow entailing effort. I do not see work in that way though, so I might as well call it by its name. You know, as I feel it, for me work, play and passion are all one.

Back to how Iman came into the picture.

At first Iman mentions she’d like to visit Agra and Jaipur, maybe. But then again she’s been there over 10 years ago and hated it, other than it is a bit too hot for her. But she feels she would much appreciate travelling with me so she’s a bit indecisive.  I, on the other hand, don’t mind the heat so much. We do get very high temperatures in Portugal in summer. And being so close to these places, it seems like a wasted opportunity not to go and behold them.

Anyhow, I’ve got to go now. I have a session in about 10 minutes.

terça-feira, 6 de junho de 2017

The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 4 Part II

8th May 2017 - Day 1 of WEF

Part II

Now back to Carla, her video camera and the heart to heart connection that clicked between us in such a precious way. Thank you Carla, for making me feel at home at my first WEF Conference experience.

The day moves on in a crescendo of heartfelt connections. There is an underlying feeling of connectedness here, Soul Sisters gathering to share their unique inspiration, their gifts, strengths, transparence, wisdom, love and joy. An energy that opens up every heart and that leads to deep transformation, for some in a more revolutionary way, for others it is a click of knowingness, for others a discovery of wisdom, freedom, you name it. There is definitely a peaceful Presence that leads to Trust. Dr Harbeen Arora sure has created something extra-ordinary here – together with the “superhero” team she has gathered. She is the example of total surrender to God within her, serving life’s grandest purpose: the complete fulfilment and realisation of ALL. I would also like to leave a special thank you to Dr Harbeen Arora's husband, Dr Vinay Rai. It is usually said that behind a great man there is always a great woman. In this case we can say the opposite. In any case it means one and the same thing: we are ALL ONE. 

Congratulations to the Presenters who did such a great job

In the opening session Dr Harbeen (please click to view) says something like this: "when you see a sister shine, do not envy her, help her shine even more and celebrate it with her". Such an important message in today's competitive environment. Another amazing thing here is exactly that the is no competitiveness but rather honour and respect for everyone's achievements and the will to enhance each other further and further. 

I have a session today: "Intuition and Belief System" and am on the same panel as Michelle Araújo, a Brazilian  psychotherapist and tarot practitioner (http://www.dejavutarot.co.uk/) who now lives in London. Maybe it’s the fact that she is fun to be with, maybe it’s her honesty and wisdom, whatever it is, we connect. She invites me to stay at her place whenever I come to London and I am happy to accept. I also offer her my hospitality in Portugal, as will happen repeatedly throughout these days.

Michelle receiving her Award for Iconic Women Creating a Better World for ALL

Brenda Cuby (http://www.bctrainingsolutions.com/) , whom I had recommended for the WEF Conference arrives today. I am so happy she made it! Brenda works in Corporate Coaching and her unique approach generates accountability in her clients, thus leading to successful outcomes. She is based in Gibraltar - a little piece if England right beside me :) We met when I decided to go and checkout Gibraltar, which is an offshore, and its business potentials. I temporarily rented a virtual office there and when I decided to go and see it for myself, the owner said Brenda and I just had to meet because we had a lot in common through our work. She happened to be there, we met and since then have established a good affiliation potential between both of our businesses, which I am sure will flourish in ways we cannot imagine right now. So here we are in New Delhi.

You know what’s amazing about an event with about 1600 people? It’s the fact that we naturally keep on bumping into the people we are somehow related to, acquainted or connected to, even in the midst of so many people! 

It is in this special way that I find myself speaking to this lady whom I am sure I know. It suddenly dawns on her that I am Tania – the reason why she is here! We didn’t know each other before personally but I had posted some info about the WEF on facebook, saying that whoever wanted to be a speaker there could contact me so that I could recommend them. Somehow Lynn Hope Thomas (Lynn Thomas – the Hope is her wise addition) comes across my post, though she is no tone of my friends and says “yes, I want to be there”. And that’s that. We love meeting each other face to face! Once again that connection. And do you know what? She is Michelle Araújo’s roommate!!! Lynn is a turnaround specialist who provides solutions for change, both in the corporate world and in private life. She is the author of Breaking Thorugh Loss: One Powerful Story, One ScientificMethod.

And to think that they actually captured us meeting in this fortuitous way on camera :)

Anu Krishna is also in the audience. Once again that click. She comes up to me at the end to congratulate. She is Personal Transformation Coach and Creative Writer from Bombay and now living in Bangalore, founder of Word Weave and we have so much in common! I ask her if she would like to participate in the interview series and she gladly accepts. We record it on my phone but somehow it is not stored. Possibly the second attempt will be better especially because Carla had the video camera which she might not mind to lend for this purpose.

Anu is the first and only Soul Sister at WEF New Delhi who offers to share Shakti Bandhan with me through the tying of a symbolic bond. Precious! Thank you Anu <3 Nevertheless I add that Shakti Bandhan happened all the time, throughout the entire event with everyone I connected with.

Here is a short explanation of Shakti Bandhan (from All Ladies League Site):

"Let’s ALL celebrate the spirit of sisterhood and our own Divine Feminine:

Oct 5th is “World Sisterhood Day,” or “Shakti Bandhan” as we’d say in India. ‘Shakti’ means the divine feminine force of creation and ‘Bandhan’ means bond. Shakti Bandhan thus signifies connecting with our own innate divine feminine power and also offering this empowering bond of connection in sisterhood to amplify every woman’s power, internally and externally.
Our inclusive vision of global sisterhood is that no woman should ever feel alone and should always have a supportive soulsister to reach out to.

Types of Shakti flowing in ALL:

We have it ALL to feel empowered & extend the empowered feeling to another.
  • We already have innate in ourselves various creative powers.
  • Like: dedication, perseverance, faith, will, helpfulness…and so on.
  • We empower and can be empowered through these forces or Shaktis.
  • Example: when we offer empathy, we empower another; when we receive encouragement, we get empowered by another; when we reciprocate love and care, both get empowered.

Celebrating Shakti Bandhan on 5 October, or before, or after, or anytime:

  • Is an occasion to remind ourselves that we are empowered already and can also give the gift of the empowerment to another by standing with them in sisterhood (and brotherhood).
  • Is an opportunity for women to honor their own unique womanhood and make visible the sacred importance of sisterhood.
  • Is a time to awaken the seamlessness of sisterhood across socio-economic-cultural-generational et al boundaries and unite in spirit and soul as One world of women.

How to Celebrate:

Celebrating Shakti Bandhan is about women tying a simple thread to women and soulsisters in their lives to honor their bond of supporting, protecting and nurturing each other in a myriad different ways.
You need a simple thread! – could be a string, ribbon, bangle, bracelet made of beads, totems, or anything you like – with a heart full of love to reach out to the wonderful women in your lives who have always been there for you and for whom you’d want to be there.
Expand the circle. Include more. Inspire more. Uplift more. Any way you’d like."

The day is long and love keeps me awake. So many beautiful people have crossed my path and it just the first day!

When I finally go to bed after midnight my roommate PhionahMusumba (founder of Malkia Foundation) whom I had met very briefly this morning when she came to leave her bags in the room, is now already sleeping.

I feel comfortable with her, though we had never even spoken before and apart from the fact that she browses the net on her mobile at all hours in the night and snores a little, I am quite happy with us sharing the room. I am sure we have much to learn from each other and I welcome the opportunity to make yet another good friend. 

Note: Just a footnote about Carla's magic video camera :) I had 5 sessions at WEF, four of which are recorded and available on the WEF TV channel. Nevertheless one isn't, and do you know which one it is? Today's session "Intuition and Belief System" which happens to be the only one Carla recorded, on the very day we met :) I'll post it online... eventually ;) Anyhow, just wanted to reinforce the point that nothing is ever missing. 

segunda-feira, 5 de junho de 2017

The Power of Conscious Choice - Mother India's Magic 4 - Part I

Day 2 - 8th May 2017 - WEF (www.wef.org.in) begins

Part I

Note: the videos of most of the sessions at Annual WEF New Delhi 8th to 13th May are here: http://weftv.org/ and the photos are here: http://www.wef.org.in/wef2017-pictures/

By now I am fairly acquaited with the layout of the rooms and main plenary room so it's easy to get around. Before being here it seemed so huge and overwhelming but now that I'm here it is quite simple to manage. "The map is not the territory" and we can never know how something is until we are living the experience. That's why I refrain from creating expectations and imagining outcomes. It is a waste of my Now moment.

Right after the first session I choose to be at (Beyond Stereotypes: deconstructing the mind of a true entrepreneur - Hari Thalapalli, Rashmi Chopra, Sagareeka BhatiaShabnam Singhal)

I meet CarlaHorta (CarlaH Hairstudio – www.carlah.nl). She is so brilliant. A blessing to meet. She immediately offers me a small lucky pair of bone china Dutch slippers for me to carry with me for good luck.

 She tells me that she has lived in 15 countries and was born in Angola. Her mother and brother live in Portugal and she lives in the Netherlands. She has a hair salon where she has clients from  93 countries and has a project in India where she teaches youngsters her trade during 10 days a year, always in different regions. She then offers a kit to each student which she pays for herself and they are ready to start their own hair salon. I invite her to be part of my interview series: " What makes people thrive? - How to live an insanely abundant life". She not only accepts but has a video camera!!!! So we record it in a quiet place and she offers her camera, which is just what I need, for further interviews that I will be undertaking here.

I had not really dwelt upon how I would be recording this series of interviews – my mobile maybe, the tablet I brought along, but apparently my reality had something much better in store: an actual video camera!

I’ll make a pause here to tell you a bit about how I have come to realize that abundance comes in all forms and mostly money is the least part of it.

This happens when we open up to life’s constant flow so that it can pass through us, not holding on to things for fear of not having enough, not retaining today to prevent lack tomorrow.

My inner wisdom has taught me that there is always more than enough, that nothing is ever missing and that when we let go, we open up space for constant abundance. The way my Essence taught me this was by showing me this image:

·         there was me standing in the middle of nowhere, not knowing what was to come next and learning to let go of what was there before. As I stepped forward, firm ground materialised and as I took my foot off to step again, it disappeared. Nothing behind, nothing in front but the permanent trust that the Now Moment is always purely complete, even when I don’t know it beforehand. My Essence taught me to choose for me and live step by step, trusting that reality manifests in perfect synch with those  choices of mine, not having to know how, just choosing and going forth.

At first it felt pretty unsafe and awkward, but with practise I came to realise the freedom in this, the lightness, the ease and above all the absolute simplicity.

Having said this, let’s go back to this love affair with India.

I do not own a tablet. I don’t need one either. I would not use it on a daily basis if I had one because I use my PC, which I chose not to bring with me to India in order to travel as light as possible. Explaining further, I believe that if we all consume less and share more, the Earth will be able to rebalance and be a much more energy efficient place, freer and freer from the weight of our abuse of its generous resources.

So I obseved that having a tablet for these two weeks in India would be practical. On one hand I love to write and would not be wasting paper, let alone not having to carry loads of pages around. On the other hand I love to read and had several PDF books I had been meaning to take a look at but hand’t had time to do so lately. Reading PDF’s on my mobile would be rather small and the tablet would fulfill that funcion as well. I didn’t intend to buy one just to use for two weeks so I started asking friends if they had a tablet they would not be using for the next two weeks and whether they would feel comfortable lending it me. After a few inquiries a friend promptly said “of course, I will lend you mine”. I must say it was a much better one than I had first imagined! Huge screen, memory and resolution. Just perfect.

I needed a backpack because I had decided to travel as light as possible. My daughter lent me hers. I needed a pair or two of super comfortable sandals. My buddy Joana received two bags full from a client of hers, just when I was about to shop around for a pair! She then lent me two pairs for my journey J

I needed a few extra blouses. My mum had some perfect ones for this purpose as well as some light trousers and a beautiful bracelet and earrings.

Another friend lent me two scarves which had actually been given to her by a friend who had brought them from India!

There were yet more trinkets being lent to me from here and there which I didn’t bring along. I was spoilt for choice.

This is what I call energy efficiency: an efficient use of the resources available, irrespective of how they manifest. Everything and everyone in our reality is connected and the more we open up to this, the more it all flows effortlessly. In the same way that things, opportunities, circumstances, people flow our way, so do we have a magic touch in other people’s realities. 

To be continued...