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BOOK/ COURSE The Flow of Abundance 9

The Dynamics if Abuse in Daily Living

Be it physical, psychic or psychological abuse, we have all heard of it as well as experienced it personally. But the energy abuse that is behind all of the others is seldom mentioned.
James Redfield already referred to energy abuse in his famous book The Celestine Prophecy, by giving us a precious overview of how the game of energy abuse happens in an argument, for example. When someone argues by raising their voice, it is linear that one wants to “win”, to have power over the other by proving he/she is right. What isn’t so linear is that by shouting at someone, badmouthing him/her, putting the person down and trying to prove one’s righteousness through verbal violence, what is happening is pure and simple “energy feeding”.  Finally one of the interlocutors will end up feeling strong and victorious, full of energy, while the other will feel depleted and worn out. What just took place was an “energy transfusion”, nothing more, nothing less than that.  
It’s very simple. Our body, as well as all of our physical reality, is made up of energy: atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons… energy. The food we eat is energy, as well as everything that moves and gives substance to energy. It goes then without saying that, if we don’t know how to generate vital energy for ourselves, we will have to find it elsewhere. The most available place are the humans who surround us.
From the time of our birth, we learn with our parents and with everyone we interact with. And one of the things we learn are the best ways to “steal” energy from each other. We do it unconsciously, automatically.
One of the best and simplest ways to participate in the great game of “energy stealing” is the victim strategy. It may seem shocking, at first glance, but let’s take a closer look. Have you ever felt very tired after having met that friend who is always complaining about everything? Have you ever felt exhausted after a day working with the public, trying to satisfy all of the client’s demands and complaints? Have you ever felt completely depleted after entering a place that was filled with sad and pitiful people? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the weight of responsibility, having to carry the whole family’s burdens on your own shoulders?
Yes. Day to day living is filled with examples of “energy abuse”. Some are more obvious, then again others are much more subtle. And though we have all felt it ourselves, we have also done it numerous times. Actually, we spend most of our lives performing this imbalanced energy exchange, always “stealing” from each other. And when we feed other people’s victimhood all we are doing is perpetuating the game, hard as it may seem to admit – because apparently all we are doing is helping. The truth is mostly we do it in order to feel valued, somehow. That’s how the game works.
There are, nonetheless, ways of stopping the abusive dynamics. Imagine that each human being discovered how to generate their own energy, and that all of their exchanges with others were creative energy exchanges, where the giving and receiving is in total balance. Imagine each person became responsible for their own “dramas” and for creating their own solutions – accepting other people’s suggestions, of course – but not demanding attention, help, love, etc. This way each one could discover that all one needs is already there, within oneself, and that the Universe is an infinite source of vital energy, and thus each person could love unconditionally, truly love, without being a burden or obligation to anyone else. In such a world there would be no need for power battles, since each one would recognise one’s own power as well as other people’s power. There would be no financial imbalances, nor poverty, nor hunger, nor lack of anything, because in fact all lack is born from the compulsive need for there to be victims and abusers in the world’s social fabric.
Well, it doesn’t matter much what the rest of the world is choosing, but what each one of us chooses for oneself makes all the difference – first of all in our own lives, and secondly all around us, one step at a time, one breath at a time. Each one of us that puts a stop to the dynamics of abuse in our own daily lives, not entering that game of “stealing” each other’s energy, or letting it be “stolen” – each one of us who puts an end to this, creates a new template, a new possibility for everyone else. A door of awareness is opened wide and anyone who thereof wishes to walk through it can do so of his/her own volition. A real life example that it is possible to release that game is also made available as well as how it can be done.
That is how abundance starts to flow in your life.
This is a very ample theme, but I leave it open here, so that you can observe it yourself and see how it exists in your life and to what extent you are available to admit it and eventually let go of it.
How does one let go? Simple. Start loving yourself and respecting yourself for real. Nourish your body, be tender to yourself, celebrate yourself in gratitude. Treat your Temple with the reverence it deserves. Switch off the constant need for outer distractions, the need for outer love, the need for outer attention and LOVE YOURSELF! Literally fall in love with yourself. Breathe. Live. Be. What do you choose? What do you want for you… just for you?
When you are finally loving yourself like this, you shall know how to love others as well, with Compassion, unconditionally.
I also choose to refer here that this game of energy abuse has its roots in the imbalance between the masculine and feminine energy within each one of us, irrespective of us being man or woman. I shall not delve deeply into this issue here though I do underline that it is the primal source of imbalance.
I invite you to feel how your inner masculine and feminine are. What comes to you from both parts and how do they relate with one another, inside of you (or do they relate at all)?
We have created a Meditation/Conscious Breath CD which is accompanied by the sound of Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, amongst other musical and sound instruments, with the exact aim of bringing the inner feminine and masculine back into balance and back together. The CD is called Symbiosis. Please visit our facebook page to obtain more information about us: The digital version of this CD is available at ReamaHara is the name of our Meditative Concerts group.

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Introspection Exercises:

Please answer these questions with complete honesty. After all it is just you looking at yourself J
In what situations do you see yourself as a victim, or as being abused?

In what situations do you see yourself as an abuser?

Now please invert things. See the victim as an abuser and the abuser as a victim. Please note down how you feel that inside of you.

How do you feel your Masculine?

How do you feel your Feminine?

How do they relate to each other?

What do you choose for you?

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