sábado, 21 de maio de 2016

The Flow of Abundance Book/Course - Introduction


I have noticed from my own experience, as well as from that of millions of people around the world, that, amongst many others, there are three main challenges to abundance in common daily life:

1 -TIME (which is related to SPACE  and the BODY as well)
2 -MONEY (which is also related to WORK)
3 -THE PASSION FOR LIFE (which is related to everything, of course! J)

I have chosen in my own life to use these challenges in a creative way, having them serve me instead of fighting against them. In the process I have come to discover myself as someone I had never allowed the space to get to know:

I discovered that the problem is not in time itself, or in money itself, or in passion itself, but in the way I see it, feel it and live it.

So I started to make changes and to feel and observe my world and everything has just changed, in a seemingly magical way.

It didn’t happen from one day to the next. It is a continuous process which becomes clearer and more evident as you proceed step by step and open yourself up to new possibilities. It is something that is totally free from expectations because in fact what happens is much richer than what your limited expectations could expect.

The mind can’t even conceive how everything is transformed as you change and move on – that’s why I say that it’s somewhat magical. The amazing thing is that you’re the one doing the magic, you’re the Sage in your own life.

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