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BOOK/COURSE The Flow of Abundance 3


One of the most interesting phrases in our modern daily vocabulary is “I don’t have time.” Time seems to run away, with us frantically running after it, without ever managing to catch up. This vain rush leaves us with a permanent sensation of incompleteness, as if we were permanently running the marathon and never arrived at the finish line, no matter how much effort we put into it, no matter how exhausted we are.
And though we know, deep within us, that there is something here which makes no sense, we continue, because we believe that there is no other way to live.
The interesting thing is that this phenomenon happens both in cosmopolitan environments, as well as in the countryside. In fact, the farmer, who supposedly leads a calm life in his/her idyllic whereabouts, generates as much stress in this rush, as the executive, stashed away somewhere in his/her office, in the midst of the big city.
This pattern probably serves as a drug. Besides being addictive, it serves as a shelter from death, which thus seems a far away prospect, and in the same elusive way as time, death is never right here.
The problem is that life is also staggering back and forth, exhausted, with no strength to bloom. Generally people live to die, one day after another, less and less time between now and death.

Similarly, and even for those who are privileged with abundant bank accounts, money never seems to be enough for all of the whims the mind manages to create. And when it is enough, there are normally other areas of great lack, even if they don’t pertain to the world of matter.
For a common European citizen, “I don’t have money” is a cliché sentence, completely embedded in the social fabric, like an impossible stain to remove. So many bills to pay all the time, and once again the marathon with no finish line in sight is the name of the game. Whenever it seems to be visible, it is like a mirage that vanishes into endless storms.
It seems like we are all drifting aimlessly in a stormy sea, shipwrecked and not knowing how to get to firm land, always trying, in that vain attempt which is Hope.
Yes, vain, that’s what I said. The thing is, Hope always puts the possibility of fulfillment somewhere in the future, in the field of endless possibilities, removing us from our sordid present, to dream of castles in the sand. True. It does keep us on track towards some possibility or other, but does it really lead us anywhere, or does it just keep us searching for something that is always yet to come?

Adding to this, we have the realization that Space seems to mingle with Time. How often do we say “I need Space”, in the same way we would say “I need Time”? Or “I don’t have Space to express myself”, in the same way we would say “I don’t have Time”? Time and Space are entwined in that inexorable continuum that confuses us.
The relationship, in other words, the likeness between lack of time, lack of space and lack of money is clear. Our lack of energy to live, which derives from all of this is also quite clear.

Is there any way to change this state, which seems real, therefore unchangeable? 

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The Flow of Abundance BOOK/ COURSE - 2

Breathing and the Senses

Yes. Breathing. Everyone breathes. If you stop you die. It is vital.
But how much of your attention is devoted to that something which keeps you alive?
Have you noticed how you breathe?
How do you breathe? Yes, that’s it, how do you breathe?
Up in your chest?
 Are your shoulders tense or relaxed?
And is your jaw tense or relaxed? In order to relax your jaw all you need to do is stop clenching your teeth.
How is your forehead? Is it smooth or tense?
 And your mouth, and your lips? Are they smooth or tense?
And your hands, are they shaking or are they relaxed?
 Are the muscles in your body tense or relaxed?
Is your belly contracted or is it floating with your breath?
Conscious breath is your greatest treasure. It is through it that you can very simply discover yourself. You can finally find silence. You can finally find balance. You can finally develop compassion, total acceptance of all of your parts. You can finally feel present in your life.


Practical Exercise:

Note: This and all of the other exercises included in this section (the body, vision, hearing, smell, taste) are available in an audio version (Portuguese only for now), so that you can dive into this experience of awakening of the senses in a more complete way, not having to open your eyes to read what follows. Please access, click on the InPassion Creations button and on the item named CDs you will find the link for the free download of this audio version (Fluxo da Abundância). Thank you.


Either sit or lie down, whatever feels more comfortable for you, keeping your belly up in either case. Relax your belly. Inhale and exhale through the nose, leaving the diaphragm relaxed and letting your belly float up and down, as you inhale and exhale. Don’t try to control your breath, let it flow softly and profoundly, at its own pace, letting the body relax by itself. As you breathe, feel your body. Each part of your body. And just stay that way, nothing else to do but breathe calmly and deeply. Feel comfortable within yourself.

We now dive directly into the awakening of the senses. Put aside at least one hour for all of these exercises and make sure that no one will distract you. Choose a place where you feel calm and comfortable. This moment is just for you.


This body which has been yours since you were born and shall be until you die is your Safe Space, your Sacred Space, your Temple. Let’s start by welcoming it in gratitude, respect and acceptance.
How do you feel your body?
How do you see it? Good, bad or more or less? Specify what you feel.
Touch your hands. Feel your skin. Feel your hair. Feel your clothes.
What do you like most to feel on your skin?
What do you like most to feel on your hands?
What don’t you like to feel on your skin, on your body?
Move in a way that makes you feel totally comfortable. Either sitting or standing up, do some movements that relax you now.




Do you usually observe the places you pass by?
Do you take more notice of the things or of the people?
Do you see well, badly or more or less?
What do you like to see?
What don’t you like to see?
And when you close your eyes, what do you see? How do you feel with your eyes closed?
Move with your eyes closed. How do you feel?



How do you hear? Well, badly or more or less?
Close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? Identify all of the sounds.
Which sounds do you like?
Which sounds don’t you like?
Listen to a text and write what you felt as you heard.
You can do the same with part of a film or a song lyrics. Write what you feel.




Do you usually pay attention to scents?
Close your eyes and identify the scents around you right now.
Which scents do you like right now?
Which scents don’t you like right now? And generally what do you like to smell and what don’t you like to smell?
Try and imagine scents that you like and smell them now and then do the same with scents you don’t like.
Identify things that don’t have a scent and give them a scent. Use your sensitivity.
Give a feeling to scents that occur to you now.
Give a feeling to scents which you remember now.
With your eyes closed, breathing through your nose, letting your belly expand and relax with each breath, let your own fragrance reveal itself to you.



Which tastes attract you the most? Feel their taste in your mouth now. What image do you associate to them?
What tastes don’t you like? Feel how they make you feel.
What does your favourite food taste like? How does it make you feel?
What does your mouth taste like right now?




How is it to feel again?
What does it feel like to be in your body again?



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The Flow of Abundance COURSE/BOOK - 1

We are all intrinsically abundant. Nevertheless, this escapes our awareness most of the time, and can manifest as wellness or distress, depending on what we are creating.

Most humans which belong to modern societies spend a great part of their lives navigating in a general state of hypnosis which dictates what’s right or wrong, what should be feared, loved, done, owned, etc. It is therefore hard to realize that we create our own “reality” – in other words, our own world (each one has their own).

In the very same way, we constantly seek abundance of what we think we need and we flee from or fight against the abundance of what we think is not good – both of which are processes of lack. But in practice, what we produce is more of what we say we don’t want… and in great quantity! …And very little of what we truly want!
In any case, we are not flowing, nor are we present in our lives.

In order for us to feel abundant and fluid we have to be in our bodies, in the NOW moment, not wondering around through our past experiences or our future expectations, or even alienated in other realms and dimensions, which are supposedly better than this one.

Keeping what we think we need out of our reach is very entertaining. That keeps us frantically striving for a faraway dream somewhere out there. On the other hand, the addiction to adrenaline is so seductive that it drags us by the collar, pushing us into constant drama, towards that which is supposedly difficult, bad, uncomfortable, etc…

We use energy in many different forms in order to materialize our lives. We are not energy – we use it. We are Consciousness, living in a body made up of energy matter and using energy to create our physical experiences. Energy is infinitely abundant, for it may always be produced at zero cost (when done efficiently), and it is completely plastic – it assumes the form we give it. But, when it is set in motion, energy always seeks resolution – in other words – it assumes any form whatsoever, be it deliberate or not. It cannot be contained indefinitely (for example anger, hurt, well kept slights, tend to explode sooner or later) and when Consciousness beings, which is what we are, use energy without being conscious of it, we disperse and waste huge amounts of energy – its use is inefficient.

Our beliefs about life and about what is possible or not, also limit the way we manage the use of energy – and thus the way we use our Time, our Space, our Money and all of our other resources. This is all about the energy we put into it – fluid and conscious or limited and unconscious?

So this is how we put a stopper on the abundant flow of what we really want to experience.

The good news is that there are solutions, many of them, but they don’t all fit here so we shall just outline the first steps.

1.       Awareness – how am I living my life and is this what I really want?
2.       Landing in my Body and in my Life – Am I Present in the Now or absent, thinking about what I did (or what others did, said…) or about what I have to do, or constantly leaving my “centre” to go outside of me to receive approval, recognition, acceptance, trying to be what I’m not, making an effort to be what others expect from me? What do I want for me?
3.       Re-inventing myself – does everything I was told or heard serve me, is it my “Law”? Or does my inner truth tell me that there is more beyond what I have come to believe to be “normal” about the way I live my life?
4.       Choosing – Do I clearly choose  what I really want or do I let life happen to me at random? This choice is not only something mental, it is a choice of feeling that this is really what I want to experience - a choice from the heart.
5.       Trusting – do I trust myself, do I trust my capabilities, or does doubt constantly waver my choices?
6.       Receiving – Do I feel I deserve to receive what I really want, or do I feel that I’m not worthy of it?
7.       Rediscovering the Passion – Is my Life tedious, or an insane rush, which I pay little real attention to? Do I love to live? What makes me or would make me love to live?
8.       Loving oneself – The Flow of Abundance starts within each one of us, that is where we either flow or are blocked. How do I treat myself? Do I give myself time, tenderness? Do I listen to what I feel? Those who do not love themselves don’t really know what Love is and therefore do not know how to Love. “Love each other as you love thyself” – I think I’ve heard or read this somewhere before.
9.        Simplify – no words needed J

Simple things that change our perspective. I invite you to try… Now. You have an entire Manual right here which is dedicated to this theme. Make the most of it.

Ah and don’t forget Gratitude. Waking up each morning, taking a deep breath and thanking the magic in everything that involves existence, smiling… simple things that warm the soul and remind us of the true Flow of Abundance.

Introspection Exercises:

1         How am I living my life and is this what I really want?
2         Am I Present in the Now or absent, thinking about what I did (or what others did, said…) or about what I have to do, or constantly leaving my “centre” to go outside of myself to receive approval, recognition, acceptance, trying to be what I’m not, making an effort to be what others expect from me? What do I want for me?
3         Does everything I was told or heard serve me, is it my “Law”, or does my inner truth tell me that there is more beyond what I have come to believe to be “normal” about the way I live my life?
4          Do I clearly choose what I really want or do I let life happen to me at random?
5         Do I trust myself, do I trust my capabilities, or does doubt constantly waver my choices?
6         Do I feel I deserve to receive what I really want, or do I feel that I’m not worthy to of it? Do I allow myself to receive?
7         Is my Life tedious, or an insane rush, which I pay little real attention to? Do I love to live? What makes me or would make me love to live?
8         How do I treat myself? Do I give myself time, tenderness? Do I listen to what I feel?

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Respiração Consciente

The Flow of Abundance Book/Course - Introduction


I have noticed from my own experience, as well as from that of millions of people around the world, that, amongst many others, there are three main challenges to abundance in common daily life:

1 -TIME (which is related to SPACE  and the BODY as well)
2 -MONEY (which is also related to WORK)
3 -THE PASSION FOR LIFE (which is related to everything, of course! J)

I have chosen in my own life to use these challenges in a creative way, having them serve me instead of fighting against them. In the process I have come to discover myself as someone I had never allowed the space to get to know:

I discovered that the problem is not in time itself, or in money itself, or in passion itself, but in the way I see it, feel it and live it.

So I started to make changes and to feel and observe my world and everything has just changed, in a seemingly magical way.

It didn’t happen from one day to the next. It is a continuous process which becomes clearer and more evident as you proceed step by step and open yourself up to new possibilities. It is something that is totally free from expectations because in fact what happens is much richer than what your limited expectations could expect.

The mind can’t even conceive how everything is transformed as you change and move on – that’s why I say that it’s somewhat magical. The amazing thing is that you’re the one doing the magic, you’re the Sage in your own life.

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The Flow of Abundance Manual 1

Starting today, I will be posting a part of my Book/Course The Flow of Abundance here on my blog, every other day or three days in-between, to give readers time to actually do the Course if they choose to :) So here it goes...

With much Love

T. C. Aeelah



In August 2008 I made a decision. It was one of the most important decisions of my life. I decided to put an end, once and for all, to my games of lack of time, stress, rushing, anxiety, fighting, worrying. I decided to finally live instead of surviving. It was a deep, genuine and heartfelt decision. It was also a truthful decision, releasing all of my excuses and argumentation.

I had tried once and again before. I coped for a few days, sometimes even weeks, but I soon returned to the same old pattern of constant agitation. Time was never enough for all of the tasks I proposed to get through daily. I was never able to be wholly in each task I was performing because the stack of activities which were still to be done was so daunting that my present was simply engulfed by it, keeping me constantly out of synch. Not even when I was on holidays could I rest effectively. Sometimes I felt so overwhelmed with the weight of the numerous responsibilities I carried, together with the permanent lack of time, that all I felt like was to simply disappear. I thought to myself that I couldn’t go on living like this, that there had to be another way, but I wasn’t fed up enough to move out of that known box of mine, however uncomfortable it may have been.

The moment finally came. I said “Enough! Enough of abusing myself and everyone else who deals with me, enough of disrespecting myself and those around me, enough of mistreating my time, my space, my world! Enough!!!”

With the strength of that impulse I started to re-invent myself, to listen to the wisdom of my Inner Voice – my In-tuition. I re-learnt Time… Space… Energy… Life. I received daily guidance, intense insights about the true dynamics of the Time/Space continuum, which brought about deep changes in me. I started to write down these life worthy perceptions, which are non-scientific for the most part, but completely practical and tangible. I found my victim patterns as well as my abusive patterns. I found my patterns of lack and smallness. I found my learnt patterns, my prejudice and my judgments. I found my limitations, my fears and my habits. My beliefs molded within mass consciousness’ cast were also there to be seen. My no’s, my boxes, my walls, my gates and chains, my dark side, my rejection, my excuses… were all available for recycling. I started throwing everything, one breath at a time, into my inner recycling system, releasing that which had been imprisoned, thawing and uncovering that which had been frozen and hidden. The natural flow of Life slowly started returning to me.

I must say that by this time I had been practicing and teaching meditation for a few years, as well as Reiki and other energy balancing techniques. Nevertheless, it was necessary to dive deeper than ever to uncover all of that which was hindering my Flow of Abundance. Conscious Breath was the simplest and most revealing treasure, leading me silently towards my TRUE SELF.

Two years and some months was the time I took to conceive the “Flow of Abundance” workshop and the first version of this manual. I did it for myself. I practiced absolutely everything I suggest. I saw the results. I reveled in the transformation. I observed myself as I danced this new dance. Somehow the moment came for me to share this wonderful discovery of Being the Passion for Life. In January 2010 the first workshop took place with a group of curious and amazing people who wanted to change their lives. Other workshops followed.

In 2011 I created the InPassion Coaching Project. I invited my dear friend Luisa Amaro/Eilhya to develop this project with me. We created a perfect partnership in all possible ways. Together we created other workshops and “The Flow of Abundance” remained in writing, to be shared with each one in their own time and at their own pace. The workshop itself is a one day event which happens a few times a year and aims to expand the manual beyond itself. We make the most of being in a group to develop exercises that cannot be done individually, maximizing interactivity and practical dynamics.

This is the new version of the Manual, and can be used by anyone who wants to unleash a new flow of abundance in their lives. It is finally ready after four years and a half in the making.

The illustrations are my tribute to Luisa Amaro/Eilhya for all of the special moments we shared, for all of the leaps we took, for all of the challenges we faced and overcame, for all of the Love, Wisdom and Joy we created and expanded. They are also a present which she gave me and which I hereby honour in full Gratitude. Thank you Eilhya. And so it is.

Use this manual to your best interest and I wish you EXCELLENT CREATIONS… Ah and have fun! Life is not a serious thing J

Here is the general program. The rest is added by you in your daily practice of Abundance. Try and do all of the exercises and answer all of the questions. Breathe and feel each discovery you make, choosing moment to moment. There is space for you to write down the answers to the many questions you are asked for the purpose of introspection. It would, however, be appropriate for you to have your own notebook to register your insights – your very own discoveries about yourself.

It is advisable to follow the sequence of the Manual, and to try not to let too much time lapse between the actual reading, the exercises and the sequence. Between one to two weeks should be enough to go through the whole Manual. After that you can always repeat the exercises for as long as you feel is appropriate for you. It is interesting, after putting all of this into practice, to redo the exercises and realise what has changed in you and in your life since the beginning of this journey of Abundance.

Afterwards, when and if you feel like it, we have other InPassion workshops for you. All of them are practical experiences and each one is about a specific area of human life: Love, Creativity, Expanded Consciousness, Integration, Reality and Conscious Choice, and of course always using Conscious Breath as a simple and natural tool. Please visit our website and our blog about the magic in daily life: Come and “play” with us!