domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

Honour / Honra

Honour / Honra

Life is such a priceless gift that it deserves to be fully honoured. Thus do you deserve to be honoured in equal measure for the Life within You.
How do you choose to honour LIFE/YOU today?

HAPPY SUNday / FELIZ Domingo ;) :

A Vida é uma dádiva de valor inestimável. Merece, pois, toda a honra assim como tu mereces toda a honra pela Vida que há em ti. Pela Vida que ÉS.

Como esolhes tu honrar-TE/A VIDA hoje?

sábado, 29 de junho de 2013

The Power of Conscious Choice and Crime Control

The Power of Conscious Choice and Crime Control ;)

I know many of the people who will probably read this text are well aware of the power of conscious choice. But then again there are many others who still doubt it can be quite so simple. So I decided to share a little episode.
I have completely changed my reality through the power of conscious choice. By recognizing my creatorship and the dynamics of manifestation, I have witnessed firsthand how profound changes come about in our lives when we stop sleep walking and start choosing.
It can be hard at times, because mass consciousness has a huge power over our repetitive behaviours and sometimes our heart tells us to go in the opposite direction but our mind says it can’t possibly be because everyone else is doing it the other way round.
It doesn’t seem to be working though! Well, depending on what it is that we really want, of course. The point is mostly people don’t know what they really want because they haven’t stopped to question themselves whether they want to keep on going the way everyone else is going, or if they would  rather do it a new way.
One of my clear choices has been to release all drama and fear driven experiences from my reality. I have come to the conclusion they only waste my energy and serve no productive purpose other than entertainment. I have so far discovered other much more pleasant forms of entertainment though, so it is a forgone conclusion for me that drama no longer serves a meaningful purpose in my current life.
And I am not the only one. Fortunately I relate mostly to friends who have made this choice as well. This means that when we are together we experience a completely different reality than most around us.
All of this to introduce the reason why I decided to share these lines with you.
Yesterday I was driving home at about 8.30pm when I received a message from a friend of mine saying she was at the river bathing with her kids and it was fabulous. It was still about 30 degrees centigrade and I decided on the spur of the moment to go and enjoy this magnificent evening at the river with my son and our friends.
It was marvelous. The river embraced us as the mother’s womb embraces her child. It is such a soothing tenderness, the way this sweet water envelops the body. A soft caress of flowing love. We had a lot of fun.
Serene joy.
We left. We were heading to our friends’ house for an unexpected candlelit dinner all together.
A couple of passersby stopped their car next to mine and asked me if I had all my belongings in the car. I said I had. They asked if I had checked. I looked around. Yes, I had. Well, all the cars that were parked there had been broken into and the wallets and other valuables had been stolen. They had been looking for their documents because there were many strewn along the ground, but hadn’t found theirs and were now headed to the police to report the robbery. It was all so foreign to me. I wished them well.
When we arrived at our friends’ house I told them what those people had been talking about. These two friends also had had their cars in the same place, as well as mine, and none of our cars had been broken into. Everyone else’s cars had been broken into, but not ours! And we had visible laptop computers, wallets, bags – the lot. We smiled at each other, just knowing how obvious it is that nothing had been stolen from our cars simply because our choice in life is complete absence of drama. And also because we have chosen not to allow ourselves to be abused. So in the same way that nothing can be stolen from inside of us, because we are Present and not living in fear or separation, nothing can be stolen from our reality either. It is so simple.
Also we are no longer into the “energy stealing” business either. What I mean is we no longer need to steal energy from each other and no longer allow others to do so with us. This, of course, reflects in our reality, since our outer world is always a direct reflection and consequence of our inner world. And it reflects in all forms.
Now imagine many more people come to make this choice to release drama and stop energy feeding once and for all. What would be of thieves? Actually if the utopian reality where everyone had made these choices came to be, there would be no thieves because they would no longer need to steal, they would be capable and conscious creators.
Anyway, though I know it is no use dwelling on sand castles, I also know that conscious choice is an effortless way of eliminating all sorts of drama and abuse from our lives and creating a life the likes of which most people only dream of. It can be a reality though.
So that’s how instead of spending our energy looking for stolen belongings and proffering declarations to the police, we enjoyed a lovely meal around a large candlelit table in the garden right beside the river which had just played with us.
How much do you respect and cherish your energy to the point that you don’t allow it to be wasted or stolen? To the point you use it to consciously create the best life you can possibly dream of and by doing so you create an Earth worth living in for all?

Walk your talk. Lead by example. Be the standard of all of your most hearfelt wishes. This is the New Earth J

sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013



Gratidão. Caminho ligeira pelo passeio, feliz por estar viva. Sorriso no rosto, quase bailando, sem pensamento algum, caminho ligeira, feliz por caminhar. Simplesmente.
Passo à porta de uma mercearia com fruta deliciosa à porta, mas não me detenho. Caminho inspirando o ar fragrante.

Eis que o dono da loja me toca no ombro e me oferece 3 cerejas, grandes e reluzentes. “São para o caminho”, diz ele. E eu agradeço, rindo, alegre com este presente inesperado.

Mmmmmm, que deliciosas estas cerejas. Doces e ensolaradas. Sinto a árvore, a terra, as mãos que as colheram, a água que as nutriu, o sol que as convidou, a brisa que as embalou e preencho-me com a ternura destas inesperadas cerejas.

Gratidão é o que sinto. Imensa gratidão. Dou-me em Alegria à Vida e recebo… cerejas ;)… como se fossem rubis. Para mim são preciosas. Como a vida que me abraça.

Giro. As cerejas andam a brincar comigo. Há dias uma amiga trouxe-me o que ela chamava de uma caixinha de cerejas… Trazia uns 5 kg!!!! Partilhei, partilhei, partilhei e saboreei muitas muitas doces e suculentas cerejas. Preciosas cerejas que me encantam. Abundância.


terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

What matters... / O que importa...

What  matters…

I say this many times “it’s not about what you eat, it’s about who you ARE”. It is so simple.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, a meat eater, a raw foodist, a breatharian… whatever. None of that is going to determine who you are. In other words, that’s not going to lead you directly to enlightenment. And it does not determine the respect you have for life either.
It’s rather the other way round. You change what you eat as you become who you are. And it doesn’t happen from exclusion or denial. It happens through what you feel is appropriate at any given moment. Food, no food, whatever food it is, when eaten (or not eaten) with conscious appreciation and gratitude has a positive effect on your overall health and well- being. In this case, there are no forbidden foods. There is simply what feels right in the Now moment. As actually nothing comes from denial, in any area.
Needless to say that, yes, food choices (both in quality and quantity) do tend to improve as you become who you ARE because all in all it is about LOVE. It is about loving yourself so much, so entirely that you would do nothing to disrespect or harm yourself, your body, you… But then again, this doesn’t fit into any known patterns or categories for allowed and forbidden foods.
So my suggestion for the day is: jump out of the box and eat what you ARE instead of Being what you eat. Hehehe, sounds strange ;)
By the way, this goes in the exact same line as “when you love yourself entirely, you love the whole world!”, which I share many times as well J This is another subject, though, but it can be applied to the food you eat as well... Love it as you love you and all shall be fabulously fine… if and when you love YOU beyond measure. This is respect for life. As you love and respect you, you treat all life with love and respect. Out of all boxes.
If you have food addictions, it is not by abstaining from them that you shall release the addictions. It is by loving yourself so much that you realize these addictions do not serve you - you serve them! In which case you determine whether it is time for you to assume your own power of conscious choice, or whether these “jokers” are going to keep on pulling your leg and pushing you around at will. Addictions are like separate entities, in the sense that they have so much power over you that you lose all of your free will. But then again, they are yours, they are parts of you so who’s going to be more stubborn? Your clear and conscious choice to finally love and respect yourself entirely, or your addictions? In fact this goes for any addiction, no matter what it may be (food, alcohol, drugs, sex, knowledge, games, internet, collections, studying, exercise/sports… etc… etc… etc), even those that are less obvious but control you in some way that goes beyond your will to choose and pulls you irresistibly towards the same behaviours time and again, without you being able to do anything about it, even when you have already realized they don’t serve your best interests.
So, you see? It’s all about LOVE <3 In other words:  BEING WHO YOU ARE.

Fun and Hugs and Laughter


 *O almoço delicioso da nossa Festa de Verão 23/6/2013  Delicious lunch at our Summer Party on the 23rd June 2013 - Obrigada Joana Ferreira for the creative inspiration and pure passion you put into this menu ;)

O que importa…

Digo isto muitas vezes “não se trata do que comes, trata-se de quem ÉS”, e é tão simples!
Não importa se és vegan, vegetariano/a, comedor/a de carne, crudívoro/a, respiratoriano/a… seja o que for. Nada disso irá determinar quem és. Por outras palavras, não vai levar-te direto à iluminação. E também não determina o respeito que tens pela vida.
É mais ao contrário. Mudas o que comes à medida que te tornas quem ÉS. E isso não acontece por via da exclusão ou negação. Acontece através do que sentes que é apropriado a dado momento. Seja que comida for, quando ingerida (ou não ingerida) com apreço consciente e gratidão, tem um efeito positivo no teu estado de saúde e bem-estar geral. Neste caso, não há comidas proibidas. Há simplesmente o que sentes que é “certo” no momento do Agora. Na verdade nada evolui pela exclusão, mesmo noutras áreas da vida.
É escusado dizer que, sim, as escolhas alimentares (quer em qualidade, quer em quantidade), tendem a melhorar à medida que te tornas quem ÉS porque no fundo trata-se de AMOR. Trata-se de te amares tanto, tão completamente que não farias nada para te desrespeitares ou magoares… Mas no entanto nada disto se encaixa em quaisquer padrões conhecidos de comidas permitidas e/ou proibidas.
Por isso a minha sugestão para o dia é: salta para fora da caixa e come o que ÉS em vez de Seres o que comes… Hehehe, soa algo estranho ;)
Ah, e já agora, isto segue a mesma linha desta minha frequente afirmação: “quando te amas completamente, amas o mundo inteiro!” J Trata-se de um outro assunto, é certo, mas pode muito bem aplicar-se à comida também… Ama-a como te amas a ti e tudo ficará fabulosamente maravilhoso… se e quando te amares sem medida. Isto é respeito pela vida. Conforme te amas e respeitas, tratas tudo na vida com amor e respeito. Fora de todas as caixas.
Se porventura tens algum vício relacionado com a comida, não é por te negares algo que largarás esse/s vício/s.  Será por te amares tanto que percebes que estes vícios não te servem a ti, quem os serve a eles és tu! Neste caso de te amares profundamente, poderás então determinar se chegou a hora de assumires o teu próprio poder de escolha consciente, ou se estes “brincalhões” vão continuar a andar às voltas contigo, empurrando-te para trás e para a frente. Os vícios são como entidades separadas de ti, no sentido em que têm tanto poder sobre ti que perdes todo o teu livre arbítrio. Por outro lado, são partes tuas, fazem parte de ti, por isso quem vai ser mais teimoso? A tua escolha clara e consciente de te amares completamente ou os teus vícios? De facto isto ocorre com todo o tipo de vícios, não importa quais sejam (comida, álcool, drogas, sexo, conhecimento, jogos, internet, coleções, estudo, exercício/desporto, etc… etc… etc…) mesmo os vícios menos óbvios mas que te controlam de alguma forma que vai para lá da tua vontade consciente para escolher e te puxam irresistivelmente em direção aos mesmos comportamentos uma e outra vez, sem que possas fazer nada em relação a isso, mesmo quando já percebeste que não servem os teus melhores interesses.
Por isso vês? Trata-se de AMOR <3 Por outras palavras: SER QUEM ÉS.

Alegria, Abraços e Risos


quinta-feira, 20 de junho de 2013

About 100% TRUST

About 100% TRUST

It’s not the first time I share this link. Today I happened to share it with my English students for the purpose of discussion and as I watched it yet again I felt like sharing it further just because it makes a whole lot of senseJ

The definition of courage (word derived from the latin cuore- heart), not as being brave to fight in a battle, but as having the “guts” to go out of your cocoon and express your heart, express who you are fearlessly is an absolutely perfect example of authenticity, which is in itself totally vulnerable.
Nevertheless, when one realizes there is nothing to lose, that in fact nothing of true value can be taken from us because there is nothing to take when we are giving ourselves entirely to life and receiving entirely from it, then we feel free to be vulnerable.

And as Brené Brown concluded from her study, people who live wholeheartedly, which means courageously, and surrender to vulnerability, are those for whom “letting go of who they thought they were in order to discover who they are” is not a problem, but the solution in itself.

So what about living a completely wholehearted day today J?

In his book “The Alchemist” there is a passage where the author, Paulo Coelho, says that our hearts talk to us all the time, but most of the time people don’t listen to their hearts and so they talk less and less, until they just whisper softly, in order not to disturb our numbness. As we numb the heart’s voice, we numb feelings, we numb life.

That’s why the awakening process (spiritual awakening) can be painful at times, both physically and emotionally. As we switch off the numbness and turn on the feeling, it all comes flooding in – the pain and the gain ;) There is no way to walk past the pain than to feel it, integrate it, dissolve it and choose again. This in turn leads to the gain: joy, love, peace, balance, fulfillment, completeness in all possible senses.

On the other hand, one can live in a numbed state only until the time comes to awaken. For some the time has not yet come, for others the time is long overdue!

The time is NOW! So if you feel it is time to awaken fully, not just a few bits and pieces here and there, what are you waiting for? You have everything going for you, the energy on Earth right now is amazingly subtle, the density is falling apart day by day and you are missing out on the show until you surrender to this gigantic CELEBRATION! There is nothing to wait for anymore, nothing to run from, nowhere to hide! It is time for authenticity, for fulfillment, for completeness and boy am I grateful for being here NOW! J

If you can allow yourself, throw away doubt, fall back into trust 100% and join the party! It is a heck of a joy ride.

Trust what? TRUST YOU! Your ESSENCE, your TRUE SELF, the GOD within you, your ISNESS, what some call your HIGHER SELF, your I AM… The full, complete Isness of who you truly are, which is in turn connected to the ISNESS in all beings, on Earth and beyond –to the ISNESS in everything, everywhere – to the Ultimate Truth.

Suppose that’s enough to guarantee 100% TRUST, don’t you think?

It would be quite silly to have such a golden opportunity at your doorstep and pass up on it, leaving it for later… Later when? Sooner or later, later will catch up on you and I bet it’ll be some time sooner than later.

But then again, us humans, we do tend to be a bit silly at times, let alone downright stubborn! Alas, the moment of NOW is always here, waiting patiently for us to let go of who knows what keeps us strapped into the straightjacket of drama, addiction, victimness, lack… moaning, groaning and just a little bit of joy sometimes, just a little bit of pretending to love other times and trudging along, believing struggle leads to somewhere which will one day be worth your while. Funnily enough, that day never arrives. Not until you surrender to BEING who you truly ARE.

So, for the sake of experience I wish you lots of fun on the rollercoaster of survival’s dramatic ups and down. There are other ways of having fun though, and ISNESS sure is way more intense than anything anyone has ever experienced otherwise.

Hugs, Kisses and a LOVE YOU whisper :*

By the way, here is the link:

quarta-feira, 19 de junho de 2013

Uma partilha sobre o AMOR

Uma partilha sobre o AMOR

O meu tema predileto.

Seguem umas linhas sobre o AMOR da Alma.

Na verdade não há outro Amor. Tudo o resto não é Amor, são ideias sobre o Amor. Talvez por isso se lhe resista tanto. É que quando se permite que este Amor flua, toda a ilusão desaparece junto com uma série de brincadeiras de dualidade que brincam às escondidas com a Separação.

Quando vemos o outro como responsável pelo nosso estado de desamor vivemos a ilusão da separação de nós mesmos, pois o outro apenas serve de reflexo, espelhando o que ocorre em nós. Ao permitirmo-nos cair no Amor em nós vamos percebendo que tudo na nossa realidade tem a ver connosco e vamos escolhendo com cada vez mais consciência o que realmente serve esse propósito de Amor ao invés de alimentar o que serve o propósito da Separação.

Quando nos entregamos ao Amor da Alma, não há outra forma de amar senão incondicionalmente. E mais ainda, não há outra forma de amar senão a partir da Alma. E quando duas almas se encontram e escolhem fundir-se em Amor, meus amigos, não há teimosia humana que resista. A qualidade desse amor é de tal ordem perfeita, na sua pureza, na sua simplicidade, no seu esplendor natural, no seu respeito e amplitude, na sua liberdade, na sua paixão, que tudo o resto que se possa ter vivido e chamado de amor empalidece perante esse brilho.

Este Amor mete medo ao humano. O humano tem medo de se perder. Mas na verdade este perder-se é a única forma de se encontrar. Ao perder-se no amor, encontra-se a si mesmo, ao seu Eu Real. E é grandioso o seu Eu Real.

O que é espantoso é que mesmo que não se tenha caído nessa entrega total ao Amor da nossa Alma em nós, quando surge no nosso caminho alguém com quem se estabelece uma ligação de Amor de Alma, esse é também um caminho para o Amor da nossa própria Alma, porque a nível da Essência tudo é Um.

Por isso digo, repito, sublinho e subscrevo: se tiveres o privilégio de te cruzares com um Amor assim na tua Vida, não fujas da sua intensidade. A Alma é mesmo assim: INTENSA J Permite-te Amar plenamente, permite-te receber Amor plenamente e chegarás à tua própria PLENITUDE.

Com Amor


Mais sobre o Amor em "Não Apenas mais um Livro sobre o Amor - O LIVRO sobre O AMOR" disponível por encomenda - ( 

terça-feira, 11 de junho de 2013

Open the door ;) / Abre a porta ;)

Inspiration of the day: Open the door ;) / Inspiração do dia: Abre a porta ;)

What if today you realized you are the lock and the key and lived entirely from this perspective? No lock to search for, no key to find – bringing them back together within you with utter ease and simplicity.
Open the doors and let the air in for nothing of true value can be taken from you – especially your True SELF J
Open the doors and let the air in for nothing that you have thought, said or done can corrupt the pure Essence of who you truly are.
Wish you FUN Being… the lock and the key.


E se hoje te apercebesses que és a fechadura e a chave e as tuas vivências se nutrissem dessa perspetiva? Sem fechadura para procurar, sem chave para encontrar – reunindo-os de novo em ti com simples facilidade.
Abre as portas e deixa entrar o ar pois nada que tenha real valor te pode ser retirado – especialmente quem Realmente ÉS.
Abre as portas e deixa entrar o ar pois nada que tenhas pensado, dito ou feito pode corromper a pura Essência de quem realmente és.
Desejo-te muita diversão nesta brincadeira de SER… a fechadura e a chave.

sexta-feira, 7 de junho de 2013



Today was one of those days when it seems like the whole Universe has conspired to shower me with gifts of all kinds. One of those days that inspired me to create this blog about the magic in everyday life.
It is the 6/6/2013 – numerologically 6/6/6 – a total, unconditional LOVE vibration. And so it is J

A week ago I recall having assured my children that this year we would finally go to Disneyland. They have been wishing to go for a long time. Dreaming about it. Creating it. And I have too.

Well this week, all of a sudden my mother went to a Travel Agent’s to see about some holiday destinations and came across the Disney brochure. She decided to offer the three of us (my son, daughter and me) a fabulous birthday present: the Disneyland experience. And herself as well ;)

So she came up to me and told me to look into different offers to Disneyland for the four of us to go! I was ecstatic. A mere week has passed since I expressed we were going and here it is. I must confess I had no clue how we were going. All I knew was we were going.

Today we went to the Agency. The dates we were intending to book were all full. Amazingly enough we happened to stumble across the best availability: the actual weekend of my birthday! So not only is it my birthday present, it is also going to be received at that very time! We are all going to rejoice this gift we are each receiving on one of the birth dates.

This is what I call magic J

Later on a friend of mine calls me saying she has loads of eggs to give me, I am invited to lunch tomorrow, I am offered dinner tomorrow and also arrange to go to a huge party with my friends during the weekend.
Other than that I receive a full petrol tank and dinner today as well.

Last but not least at all, during the entire day I have shared so much love and have felt so much gratitude that I can only say THANK YOU Life, THANK YOU Essence, THANK YOU All that IS!

quinta-feira, 6 de junho de 2013

Soul Song / Balada da Alma: Beauty / Beleza

Soul Song - Beauty
If you knew you are an Angel
Would you behold the sheer beauty of all things?

Or would you settle with just half of your wings?

In "Soul Songs - The Melody Within" by T. C. Aeelah (available upon order:

Balada da Alma: BELEZA

Se soubesses que és um Anjo
Apreciarias a pura beleza de todas as coisas?
Ou ficarias apenas com metade das tuas asas?

Em "Baladas da Alma - A Melodia de Ser", T. C. Aeelah (disponível por encomenda:

quarta-feira, 5 de junho de 2013

Unlimited Sky

Unlimited Sky

When I behold the warm beauty of the twilit sky
As the nature around me glows its exquisite scents
I feel such a tender embrace
That a million blessings shower my steps
And I know there is no other time to wait for
No other place to wish for
Because in this absolute moment of Now

It is all Here already.