segunda-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2012

Não importa NADA :)

A todas as minhas queridas amigas (e já agora amigos, ainda que não se aplique a cena das cuequinhas, acho eu!hehe):
Hoje pouco importa a cor das cuecas que escolham usar, e muito menos se são novas ou não, pouco importa se comem 12 passas, uma ou nenhuma, se dão um passo com o pé esquerdo ou com o direito... etc... etc... etc... Para que os vossos sonhos se realizem nada disso importa NADA! O que importa é que olhem para a vossa realidade, vejam claramente o que querem que lá continue e escolham verdadeiramente o que querem para vós mesmas (os)! Não se ponham a escolher para a família toda! Cada um tem o direito de escolher por si, e apenas isso. E já agora esqueçam também essa história das resoluções para o Novo Ano! Cada dia que começa é um dia de resoluções novas, não importa se é dia 1 de Janeiro ou outro dia qualquer. O hábito de fazer escolhas conscientes dia a dia é algo que pode acompanhar-nos sempre. Assim fica bem mais fácil manteres-te fiel e confiante em relação às tuas escolhas. E já agora sê coerente em relação ao que pensas, dizes e fazes. O que conta mesmo é o exemplo que dás, é seres aquilo em acreditas. E pronto :) Respeita-te e lembra-te que a escolha de ser feliz é uma escolha profunda e que te levará numa grande viagem de mudança consciente, sempre criando e recriando o teu mundo de dentro para fora.
Cada um de nós que faz escolhas conscientes e coerentes para si mesmo cria um mundo melhor para todos.
Abraços e pó de estrela para a magia do dia-a-dia! :)

sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2012

Between the Old and the New - PART II

Between the Old and the NEW – PART II

The 21st of December 2012 has come and gone, and just as I felt, we are still here. Well, at least those of us who have stayed on Earth.
What has changed? For me it is the feeling of living in the New Energy – tangible, real, here. And the first few days of feeling this so intensely have been as amazing as they have been scary to me – absolutely nothing to hold on to! No maps! No paths! No rules! No plans! It has been so for some years, yes, but now it is just that. Well, for me it is. And for those who have leapt into the New Energy mode.
What is this New Energy thing I am talking about?
Old Energy. New Energy. Isn’t it all just energy? Yes and no.
Up to now we have been living on the same recycled energy going back and forth amongst us, in the quest for HOME. The question “who am I?” has motivated all of the eras of evolution on Earth so far. It is that very question and the consequent search for its answer in the world of form through the universal law of Action and Reaction, in other words Cause and Effect – or more colloquially “what goes around, comes around”, that has been the prime generator of energy. Energy used and reused in many ways, in a landscape where all possible results were already drawn out, where there was a map, so to speak.
And why was there a map? Because we were searching for a place in the Universe: HOME. We were searching everywhere, elsewhere, within everyone else and thus creating mass consciousness. Mass consciousness as a whole, as humanity, and myriad nucleus of mass consciousness for any given culture or human system, with fixed thought forms (beliefs, patterns, habits, values…), leading to fixed reality landscapes, allowing for very little variations within the fixed grid.
Along the way, throughout all of these eras, proportionately few have found HOME, not being yet enough to achieve critical mass – i.e. sufficient momentum to motivate a real change and shift gears towards truly new potentials for mass consciousness.
Nevertheless, the few became more and more and in due course, to make a long story short, critical mass has been achieved and we are now really and truly at the brink of a New Era of mankind, the likes of which has not yet been experienced. 5 years ago actually. The shift into the New Energy happened 5 years ago. But now is when we are experiencing the full force of it.
Those who have found HOME, now know that it had been there all along, within themselves, not somewhere out there or within someone who might know the answer.
The answers have been there all along. The wisdom, the love, the joy, the freedom, the abundance, everything we have ever sought for has always been there in the same place, in the spark of our Essence, waiting to be rooted in the physical body and spread on Earth. This knowingness has ceased the search for those who have found HOME. It has therefore ceased the need to remove energy from anyone else or to have anyone else remove it from us for lack of whatever. This, in turn, has made it possible to ascend to new levels of consciousness, totally void of old patterns, void of paths, maps or pre-destination.
New Energy is birthed in each new breath, when one’s Divinity is Present in one’s Humanity, accepting one’s responsibility and capacity as a creator being, letting one’s inner GPS lead each step of a way that is not yet drawn or known.
It works more or less like this:
Picture yourself in a vast space. There is nothing around you, nothing behind or before you. No path you have come from, no path drawn out to follow. Just a vast NOW moment where past experience does not determine your next choice because once it has been experienced it disappears into the vastness it came from, moment to moment.
You take a step forward. Surprisingly you step onto firm ground. But there seemed to be nothing there. And there wasn’t. It is you creating the path as you step, and step. As you step forward the path appears for each step. But when you look back you realize there are no marks. The vastness is clear. So you can step anywhere all around you, and the path will always be new. No chance of going down the same old beaten track. There is no beaten track. You have resolved and integrated you issues. You have gone through your dark night of the soul. You have come through that seemingly never ending tunnel of strife and struggle. The air is crisp and clear in the New Energy. And everything is utterly simple. So simple it scares most people back into the tunnel.
The New Energy is unexpected, it has no plan or agenda. It just brings to you, the sovereign Master of your reality, the direct result of your creatorship – your conscious choices. You choose. You trust. You receive your creation. It is that simple.
To live fully in the New Energy you will have had to make clear choices about what you want and don’t want in your reality. You will have had to let go of all drama games. Of all beliefs in lack and victimness. Of all beliefs in limitation. You will have had to integrate your no’s to LIFE and excuses not to BE all that you ARE.
This means living a very different life to that of mass consciousness. It means being totally compassionate about everyone else’s dramas, respecting that each one has their own agenda. It means releasing judgment about the wrongs and the rights of the rest of the world. It means being the example that it is possible to live in a whole new way, creating a very new type of reality. It means not bothering about what others think of your normality, and when they question you about not living in the “real world”, holding your ground and knowing that all is well in all of creation. It means total self-respect towards  everything that is part of your reality. It means stopping using your energy feeling sorry for everyone and rather using it creatively, showing in practice how there are new possibilities of life beyond suffering. It means not letting yourself get caught up in stress, rush, worry and all other energy wasters – once again, total self-respect.
This is how you create a new template for human consciousness and though it seems selfish, it is nothing but SELF-ish, leading and moving energy towards the full integration of the I AM, the Higher Self in human reality.
The other interesting perk is that you stop feeding mass consciousness’ beliefs in drama, lack and so forth and the more of us who do that, the easier it gets to live in harmony, the less dense it all is and the faster it becomes to achieve our grandest potentials as a whole – Humanity.
Now that the New Energy is more real than ever, it does require a great deal of Presence, of being aware of who you ARE, of Trust in your choices, in your Isness.
Neverthess, if you are living it, it is because you have come through a long/or not so long process, which has required great courage and determination to break free from pre-programming, your own and everyone else’s. So don’t back down now!
New Energy is simple, instant, unexpected, 100% foolproof – which means you can’t go wrong! – nonprogrammable, pure and transparent, not bound by any rules of conventions, unique and cannot be reproduced.
BE, CHOOSE, ACCEPT, RECEIVE… The giving part is in simply BEing! J

PS – If you feel you have one foot in the old and one in the new, make up your mind! You can’t hold onto both sides forever! It’ll hurt like crazy! Either you stay in the old or leap into the new. And that’s that.

quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2012



Nesta época de bem vinda MUDANÇA:
21 – Nascimento do Inverno
Tempo de Recolhimento e Introspeção
25 – Natal
Nascimento da Consciência do Amor da Essência em TI
1 – Ano Novo
Nascimento do Novo Ano pelo calendário Ocidental
Que tal aproveitar estas datas de uma forma nova desta vez?
·         Primeiro, olhando para dentro e percebendo o que não queres mais na tua realidade e o que realmente queres que ela seja (A TUA REALIDADE).
·         Segundo, unificando a tua intenção no plano físico com a paixão divina que habita em ti, criando assim algo inteira e verdadeiramente novo.
·         Terceiro, materializando todas as tuas Novas Escolhas, na tua Nova Realidade, no Novo Ano que entra para que o vivas em plena consciência de que és de facto capaz de SER o SER Extra-Ordinário que sempre foste, mas que se calhar às vezes fingiste não ser, por não saberes que o eras J
Queres contribuir para um mundo melhor? Então experimenta sair da pré-programação da Consciência de Massas, com todas as suas crenças e limitações, e criar novos potenciais de Realidade… Mostra como o mundo pode ser, criando no teu mundo uma nova forma de viver. Sê o exemplo do que queres ver e um mundo melhor podes ter e SER.

quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012

Between the OLD and the NEW - Part 1

Between the OLD and the NEW – Part 1

Much has been said about the upcoming 21st of December 2012, so I choose to share with you how I see and feel it.
Yes, the World is going to end in 2012. For some. Fortunately. It is going to end in a very real way. Because their lives shall never be the same. Because something fundamental will have changed within them. Because they will be aware of their full potential. Because they will have clearly chosen to be who they truly are. Because they will be living a whole new life. Because they will have created a whole new reality. Because they will no longer be afraid to show that it is possible to detach from mass consciousness and still live in the world, amongst everyone else.
For others it shall be the moment of awakening to the fact that they are tired of their old way of living. Because they will have suffered enough. Because they will have decided to change. Because they will be seeing some very true examples of new ways of life that they feel they would like to try out. Because they will have enough courage to release their fear of the unknown and take a step towards it.
Yet, for others nothing shall end. Everything shall remain exactly the same. The same routines. The same faces. The same places. The same old never ending circle of senseless conversations and aspirations. The same dramas. The same habits. The same. All the same. And they will be disappointed, maybe, questioning themselves where the drama of the end of the world has gone. Feeling frustrated that it’s all the same old rat race and nothing has changed!
I feel it like never before. A strong, very very strong surging wave of Essence flooding the Earth with a whole new range of potentials, which bring forth the most magical possibilities. Possibilities none of us has ever even fathomed, even in our wildest dreams! I feel it in my heart. I feel in my whole body. It is a tingling sensation of aliveness, of excitement, of sheer JOY because the time has finally come. The time I have been waiting for for sooooo long. I feel it in my breath, so firm and present. I feel it in my thoughts, so quiet… waiting. I feel it in my gut, a fire burning with creative passion. I feel it around me, as if it is a shimmering cloud that accompanies me wherever I go. I feel it in the air. I feel it in the ground. I feel it in the water and in the sun. I feel it. I feel it so intensely at times it seems like I’m going to burst with the force of this that I feel and that’s why I know the end of the world as we know it is finally upon us. But it is not the end of the physical world. No. It is the end of tons and tons of old ways and habits, of old vices and beliefs that have choked our systems to the point that we have come to believe that that was the only way. And this that I feel is nothing but my Essence, your Essence, the Essence of all that IS being absorbed into the Earth, into each one who chooses to integrate Human and Divine as ONE. The living, walking, talking proof that it is finally possible to BE all that we are right HERE, right NOW!
And people feel it all over the world. Some feel it in very imbalanced ways, which are probably most appropriate for them, which is perfect as it is. No better, no worse than it should be. People feel it and can’t figure it out.
So what do you choose to do with this grand new opportunity to embrace your True Self and live a truly NEW LIFE… or not?

quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2012



Psssst psssst, how many times have you felt grateful today? Really and simply grateful... Funny that the word in English is similar to GREAT - FULL - full o the grandness that encompasses all things :) Words can be seen in such amazing ways. By the way: THANK YOU for being here on Earth right now, it does make all the difference. Use the opportunity wisely and remember to SMILE!!! :)

Temer o melhor? :)

Temer o melhor? :)

Hoje (2/12/2012) tive o prazer de ir ao cinema com os miúdos no âmbito das sessões gratuitas que o Torres Shopping está a promover aos Domingos de manhã. O filme foi o Happy Feet 2, que ainda não tinha visto. A dado momento uma camarão audacioso diz "é uma perda de tempo temer o melhor" querendo dizer que ou se teme o pior ou não vale a pena temer! hehe Ora eu acrescento que é uma perda de tempo temer e ponto
 final. Mal começas a emprestar a tua atenção ao temor e a equacionar o pior seja do que for, crias esse potencial. Então se vais criar potenciais porque não páras de temer e simplesmente focas a tua atenção no melhor... ou até em coisa nenhuma! ;) para dares espaço ao silêncio e descobrires as novas possibilidades que emanam desse silêncio? Respira, cala o temor e experimenta! Resulta! A sério ;)

quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2012

Spiritual Awakening - the Soulution

Spiritual Awakening  - the Soulution

I see people fighting for survival. Others fighting each other for recognition of their cause. Others fighting to be seen… to be heard… Others fighting to save their fellow humans, nature, the whole world. Others fighting against what some are fighting for. Some fighting famine. Some fighting disease. Some fighting for rights that seem wrong to others. Fighting. I see it everywhere as a means to an end.
Games. Drama games. Games of lack. The survival game.
I see beyond it all as well.
I used to fight. I used to be a warrior. I used to be fit for battle. I used to protect myself. I used to struggle to survive. I know the fighting game. It is filled with adrenaline and seems to have a meaningful purpose. It seems to be the way out, the way against what bothers us.
Sooner or later it becomes exhausting. It becomes boring because it is a never ending repetitive circle of trial and error. It becomes frustrating because no sooner have we arrived somewhere, than we need to be somewhere else already.
Sooner or later one hits rock bottom and questions oneself if this is the only way to get through life. “Do I have the strength to go on, or do I just give up?” – and then what? What of all the time spent, of all the hopes and dreams, what of the convictions we had? What for? Why?
That is when Spiritual Awakening has space to occur… or not.
Let’s suppose it does. You start feeling there is something within you that connects with everything and everyone everywhere. You start to question the purpose of fighting. You start understanding that there is more to reality than what seems real. You start wanting to know who you are and why you are here. You start seeing that the outer world mirrors your inner world and triggers you to react rather than act. You start to believe that there is another way to live rather than survive. You start to admit that your mind isn’t capable of figuring out all things and that there is an intangible world that is as relevant (if not more relevant because it determines the other), than the tangible one. You start to figure out that if we are all made of the same stuff, why should we fight against each other rather than cooperate? You start to discern that if life is to serve you, first you need to serve it by honouring the life within you, by respecting yourself, by being thankful for all there is, by cherishing your body – the temple of true PEACE. And as you see this in you, you see it in everyone else. As you love you for the grandness that pulses in your veins, so do you love all that is, both tangible and intangible. You start to question your worries and you start to see that there is a way for all to be balanced.
The thing is Spiritual Awakening cannot be imposed on anyone. It is only possible through free will. Some say that there is no free will in this because if we do not choose to awaken we suffer. Stop there for a while. Take a deep breath. Deep within you the eyes of Compassion will show you that all is well in all of creation, even what you judge as bad, wrong and evil. It is part of the immense array of possible experiences for any of us. It is not easy to gain perspective in the face of so much hurt and misery we see in the world, but through the eyes of Compassion you may see and accept that each one’s fate is not yours to decide. All you can do is choose for you. You can choose to awaken. You can choose to be the change. You can choose to be the example of what it is like to live in a whole new way. An enlightened way. You can share your joy. You can share your peace. You can share your love. You can share your abundance.
No. Not by imposing it all on anyone. Not by giving it away. By simply being it. When you ARE THAT YOU ARE, fully in your Presence, balanced and in harmony, you cannot but radiate those qualities. And they can be felt by whomever chooses to awaken. They can be sensed. And above all they create a different pattern – they set a new precedent which can be accessed by anyone who makes the choice to awaken.
The solution for famine does not reside in fighting for human rights. It resides in awakening. Do you know that it is possible to live without food or drink? This is only possible for those who are spiritually awake, though. It is done by establishing a deep and harmonious connection between body, mind and spirit and reeducating the physical body to obtain its nutrients and liquids from other forms of energy beyond food and drink. There are thousands of people already doing this on Earth right now. Recently an Indian yogi who had not eaten for 80 years was kept in a laboratory for over two weeks in order to be studied and tested, in the hope of finding a way around famine. The studies were inconclusive as to how he did it, but concluded that he was actually doing it.( - about breatharianism or living solely from breath - this program is shown in 3 parts, the other two are easily accessible on YouTube)
Anyway, not eating is not a requirement for enlightenment, though for those of you who are very concerned with the environment and are advocates of vegetarianism, or veganism for example, you could stop eating altogether if you chose to discover how this is done. This is just a way to live, like all the others. A choice.
The solution for poverty does not reside in fighting against the economic system. It consists on spiritual awakening. Once you discover abundance within you, infinite supplies become available outside. Money is just energy. Always remember that. Do you allow it in your life or is there any amount of beliefs you have that stop you from having it? All in all it is your perfect creation. Also being an advocate for the poor victims of the world will be fulfilling in several ways. But it sure enough won’t end poverty.
The solution to violence does not reside in prohibition. It depends solely on finding the space within where there is no notion of violence, no need for it, nothing to prove, nothing to impose. Once an awakened human realises how precious life is, it becomes unthinkable to take each other’s lives and it becomes senseless to harm another in the same way as it is to do so to oneself.
The solution to the lack of moral values does not reside in education. It resides in connecting with the Essence within, which does not need morality in order to discern what is wrong or right. The discerning wisdom of the Essence is far beyond morality. And yes. How to access the Essence can be taught.
This leads to the issue of politics and governments. The solution to the world’s political crisis does not reside in finding yet another political system. It resides in spiritual awakening. In a world of enlightened humans, decisions are made in total respect for each other and the notion of fair and unfair does not need to be discussed. It is known.
So you see, the notion of a just, fair world, with no famine or poverty is but an uthopian dream, unless everyone chooses to awaken!
In the meantime those who do awaken can cooperate with life itself and be the example of what life can be when lived by the standards of who we truly are, rather than who we seem to be. No effort, no struggle, no fighting, no imposing, just living life to its fullest and grandest potential. Amazing how it might seem frightening to do this… whereas war and destruction seem so normal! J

segunda-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2012

Fear versus Intuition

Fear versus Intuition

Yes. Fear serves a purpose. Actually, it serves many purposes. Mostly we are taught to avoid potential dangers on fear based assumptions deriving from someone else’s previous experiences. We are taught to steer clear from pain on fear based language. And we learn fast. And it is very useful that we learn fast because in the game of survival only the fittest make the grade. So fear is not only useful, it is an essential survival skill.
Intuition, on the other hand is not fostered at all. It is associated to sorcery, psychic power or just awkwardness and is not taught as a mainstream skill, such as fear.
There are good reasons for this. Until we see through the drama filled games of mass consciousness, we have no idea we can possibly live differently so we are taught about life in automatic pilot. “This is how it’s done and that’s it”, is the sort of general teaching/learning process in standard, regular, day to day living. If intuition were sparked and nurtured and fostered and taught and developed… there would be no space for fear! This would mean that a whole lot of experiences would not be possible – the fear based ones. So it makes perfect sense that things are the way they are.
Ok. Now you suddenly realise that this is not exactly what you want and bam! A sudden moment of awareness hits you! There is another way. This is generally called spiritual awakening. It is the moment when you realise that there is more to life than meets the eye. Much more. That is when intuition comes in handy! Because when you start seeing inside out instead of the other way round it is the inner teaching of in-tuition that serve you best, rather than the outer dogmatic truths about what is possible and what isn’t. Intuition is the FEELING sense per se. The analytic mind cannot grasp how it works or understand its motivations. It cannot trace a path from A to B or determine a fixed pattern. And the reason is that intuition is spontaneous. It derives from a Source within each of us that is interconnected with the Source  of all things. It is a tool of the Source of Isness that we all have inside. It is not about why? or but.  It just is! It requires no argumentation or justification and you can use it or not and rest assured that it will not make your life hell if you don’t listen, like fear does! It is simple and original. Creative. It expands rather than contracts (like fear). It is gentle and ever so patient.
Once you awaken your feeling sensors and start leading this journey by intuition rather than fear, you discover a whole new reality. Drama/fear based situations literally disappear from your landscape, which allows you to start making choices by discerning what is best for you according to what you want in your life, rather than what you don’t want (which is the way fear works). You admit that past experiences do not have to determine your present or future opportunities. You learn that most of the time outcomes are unexpected, but always magically appropriate. You stop efforting to fight against, and start flowing to cooperate with what life is bringing to you because you know and trust your choices.
And the funny thing is that this new way of living beyond fear, in the arms of intuition requires far more courage than it did to stay still, inside the box of fear. And do you know why? Because it hasn’t been all neatly mapped out for you. There is no predictability. There is no comfort zone.
On the other hand there is tenderness, there is respect, no harshness, there is gratitude and love, there is a sparkling joy and wise innocence that marvels at each discovery of how it’s done the simple way. There is freedom to explore and discover. There is unburdened lightness. There is your bed of roses! J
The challenge is you have to make a choice. You could try and live with one foot here and the other there, but it doesn’t work. Tried it. It was a bugger! Wasted too much energy. Can you picture yourself with your legs spread wide open, one foot on one side of a gorge and the other on the other side? Can you feel how much effort that requires? Sooner or later you have to choose which leg is going to move, one way or the other. And that’s it ;)